Friday Five

What a week. Our officiant cancelled on us on Sunday…only to quickly find a wonderful replacement for us. I woke up to her email that morning, and you’d think that something that starts with, “Please try not be too alarmed to hear that I have some disappointing news to share with you,” from the person legitimizing your marriage would send me into a blind panic, but honestly? I was out of effs to give at that point. And plus, her backup is a fantastic and warm woman who immediately put us at ease. Crisis averted. Now we’re just tying up loose ends like getting place cards printed (“Wait, how many chicken dishes are at Table 4?” “Table 2.” “Table 4.” “What?” “CHICKENS. TABLE FOUR.”), wrapping presents for our bridal party, and generally trying not to let the stress get to us. One week from tomorrow! Holy crap, time flies.

Keeping with the theme of time as an elusive speed-demon, I’ve also officially been back from Paris longer than the amount of time I was in Paris, and that, my friends, is BONKERS. But if you thought that just because I’ve been home eight weeks that means I’m out of photos of my favorite place on earth, you are mistaken.

1. The metro station at Place de la Concorde:

I am a confident public transit commuter regardless of the city, but the metro in Paris has to be the easiest system to navigate. The trains come quickly, switching lines is a breeze, and the majority of the stations are photogenic (think: the iconic pale green, wrought iron archways and Art Nouveau font). I was walking around Place de la Concorde one night and loved the way the light was hitting the stone banister.

2. Evening light in the Jardin des Tuileries:
Jardin des Tuileries

Not pictured: the fearless rat I watched run to that trash can, crawl in, fish something out, and scamper away again. Paris!

3. A little wine bar next to Pont Neuf:
Rue Dauphine

I only went to one bar by myself while I was in Paris, and it ended with a man in sunglasses asking to buy me a glass of Rosé, so needless to say it was a one-time deal. I went back to drinking wine on my terrace out of a juice glass, instead of at bars, but this charming little spot on Rue Dauphine was extremely tempting.

4. More temptation in Place de Furstenberg:
Rue de Furstenberg

Behold my restraint: I stumbled accidentally on a petit patisserie that specialized in cream puffs…and I didn’t buy any! Behold my regret: massive. I’ve heard they are delicious. Place de Furstenberg is a hidden gem in Saint-Germain, and I sat for a bit just people watching, drooling over les choux in the window.

5. But really, the sunsets:
Avenue de l'Opera

Because they were so beautiful, and so consistent, that you’d think I’d’ve become immune to them by the end of my trip, but non. C’est impossible.

24 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Look at you – cool as a cucumber. The wedding is going to be great. And the marriage is going to be wonderful. And you’ll look stunning. Can I squeal in excitement / anticipation for you? I’m not much of a squealer but I feel like the anticipation for your wedding has been BUILDING

    1. Haha, go right ahead! It certainly has been a long time coming. I can’t believe the last 18 months have flown by as quickly as they have! Nuts. xo

    1. No stress here! Stress is bad for my complexion, so I am doing my best to not let it get to me ;) xo

  2. So excited for you!! And wow, that metro photo…lovely.

    And in case throwing a wedding hasn’t quelled your desire to spend money on the interwebs, Gilt has a bunch of La Roche Posay and Vichy stuff discounted right now. Saw ’em, thought of you, figured you can probably never have enough French beauty products. At least that’s my philosophy in life.

    1. Thanks, Lila!! You evil temptress, you! I did look at the sale and was sooo tempted to stock up. But I figure I’ll be in Europe in a few weeks, hopefully Greek pharmacies have some of the same inventory as in France? A long shot, I know, but I’m hoping! xo

  3. Que un semaine pour ton mariage !! Courage Erin! Surtout ne te laisse pas envahir par le stress !
    N’oublie pas l’essentiel, toi et Jamal pour l’éternité! Le reste ce des banalités ! C’est le prochaine samedi? Je serais dans un baptême et c’est moi la marraine !
    Je suis contente de savoir que j’ai ma maison Place de Fürstenberg. Eh oui, c’est chez moi, puis que tu m’appelle “mon choux” ;) xo

    1. Oui, cette semaine, cette samedi! C’est bizarre, non? Le temps ont passés trop rapide, haha. Bon chance au baptême! J’aime bien ta maison at Place de Furstenberg. C’est incroyable! ;) xo

  4. i am so excited for you both! i can’t believe it is so soon. we will see pictures, yes? i certainly hope so. though i might have to do some behind the scenes operations and have lauren text me one or two. when do you leave for your honeymoon, right after? exciting!! xoxo

    1. Of course I’ll share photos. And details of the day. I’ve been DYING to show you guys the invitations and everything my friend Herbie designed. I’m just excited to see everything come together finally, you know? All this planning and spending and sweating…it has to pay off, doesn’t it?

      We don’t leave for Greece until about two weeks after the wedding. We used miles to book the flights, and they were significantly cheaper if we waited. Plus, I can’t imagine flying out the day after! That means I’ll have to have everything packed!! Too much to deal with :) xo

  5. Ugh! I remember having a few melt downs before my wedding over last minute changes but I didn’t realize until after how stressful a wedding really is. You know if we lived closer- my husband has his marry and burry card.

    1. Accck, I don’t think I could handle any last minute snafus or changes, haha. We’re in the home stretch now! Super stressful, even though I vowed to be an anti-bride :) xo

  6. I have to stay away from your blog. with a certain someone asking me to come to Paris on a pretty much daily basis, I really can’t keep looking at your gorgeous pics :(

    good luck with your last wedding preparations xoxo

  7. oh no – you’re telling me that you didn’t get any cream puffs?! that is a true crisis compared to your new officiant. i’m glad everything worked out, and i cannot believe how soon it all is… i guess when i was getting married and writing updates, this must have been how other felt – is it really almost here!?

    1. It really is almost here!! And the day after the wedding, I can eat all the cream puffs I want :) And I fully plan on it! Oh the calories I will consume…haha. xo

  8. Less than a week now, duckie! And you asked about Cal’s speech? We’ve decided he’ll give it as a toast. It’s only six minutes, 45 seconds long. ;)

    1. Hahah, I’ll be sure to tell the DJ not to let anyone aside from the bridal party use the microphone ;) xo

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