Le Consulat, Montmartre

Vins propriete

Chairs, Saint-Germain

Table for one, s’il vous plaît.

Of all the endless charms Paris has on display on every unassuming corner, the omnipresent rattan bistro chairs might be my favorite. They come in a variety of colors, will leave a waffle-weave imprint on the backs of your thighs in the warmer months, and creak just so when you sit in them. They are as iconically Parisian as La Tour itself, but unlike the monument, no one rushes you out of your seat at the café. You’re almost always guaranteed to find an outdoor seat, due in no small part to the sheer number of brasseries that dot the city. And don’t be put off by les fumeurs puffing away like chimneys; I hate smelling like cigarette smoke, but never once noticed it lingering on my clothes or hair while I was there. Either French cigarettes aren’t pumped up with as many harsh additives as they are here, or I was so in love with Paris I went nose-blind.

But anyway, chairs! Or les chaises, en Français.

18 thoughts on “Chairs

  1. The problem over here is that we have a particularly shit chain of faux-french restaurants called Cafe Rouge. They have those same chairs and it’s put me off them!

    1. We have them here at several French-y restaurants, and at Parc they are authentic and imported from France! None of the restaurants here are a chain, so they don’t bother me too much! xo

  2. Those chairs are quintessentially Parisian. I often see cafés and bistros use the chairs for that specific aesthetic look , but I only picture Paris (maybe that’s the point). Plus, I know the food would never measure up. Wonderful photos, as always.

    1. They go so far in helping to “set the scene” in cafés that fancy themselves as Parisian, don’t they? I really want one for the house, haha. But you’re right, the food is always better in France. I don’t know how they do it.

      Yes I do: BUTTER! xo

    1. I REALLY want to make “Yes to that extra croissant” a poster and hang it in my house. Or a shirt and wear it all the time. xo

  3. I love your continuing posts from Paris. did I mention that I just met a guy from there :) of course this couldn’t happen while I was actually there. no, I had to all the way to Asia to meet a nice Frenchman… xoxo

  4. J’aime ta sensibilité! Il y a des choses que seulement toi tu peux voir, un post sur las chaises parisiennes….J’adore!!

    1. Haha, c’est moi! Les Parisiens doivent penser que je suis fou, et c’est vrai! J’adore les chaises, tu sais :) xo

  5. Nose- blind, that´s a splendid expression! And talking about chairs, what about those green ones that make life so easy when you visit a park? I really love them very much as well.

    1. Oh, those green metal chairs in the parks! I do love those, too. My favorite thing about them is that the ones in the Jardin de Luxembourg are a different, paler shade of olive green than the ones in the Tuileries. Just in case you needed help identifying which park you’re in ;) xo

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