Friday Five

If you’re in Philadelphia tonight, be on the lookout for a group of 20something ladies galavanting around town, ostensibly loud and tipsy and definitely well-dressed: it’s my Bachelorette Party this evening! I don’t know any of the details, as my bridesmaids and friends have been frustratingly silent on specifics; I was told to be ready at 6pm, but not where I’m going or what I’m doing or whether or not there will be penis-shaped decorations involved. I’m pretty uninterested in all the usual fanfare that comes with being a bride, but this one of those necessary rites of passage and I know that being surrounded by my best friends for the epitome of a Girl’s Night I’m guaranteed to have a good time. I trust them! Except when they make jokes about wearing matching bedazzled Juicy Couture sweatsuits and buying a game called “Pin the Junk on the Hunk.” I’ve threatened ex-communication if one of them even comes at me with a sash that says “BRIDE 2 BE” on it. Hashtag pray for me.

For my first Friday Five since before I left for Paris, I decided to round-up five miscellaneous happy photographs from the trip that didn’t really fit with any other posts. On y va!

1. A rainbow over Montmartre:
Rainbow over Montmartre

Not that I mind the rain (what’s the quote from “Midnight in Paris?”, she asks as if she doesn’t have the entire movie memorized: “Actually, Paris is most beautiful in the rain.” And it’s SO TRUE) but a rainbow at the end of the storm, and right over my apartment, isn’t half bad, either.

2. A bright pink couch & birdie in a Saint-Germain shop window:
Pink Couch & Petit Oiseau

Because we know how much I love birds in Saint-Germain shop windows.

3. This interesting makeup-removal moment:
What price, beauty?

Maybe I’m weird for taking my makeup off one night in May and upon seeing the cotton round immediately running to take a photo instead of, you know, finishing washing my face, but this was really neat looking. And it reminds me that I have to write a post on my favorite French pharmacy products, including the amazing makeup remover that made this moment happen. One dab, and everything comes off.

4. An intricate (and delicious!) stack of baguettes at Les Philosophes:
Baguettes, Les Philosophes

Because BREAD, that’s why. What I wouldn’t give for some alone time with that pile of baguettes…

5. A lazy cat in the Montmartre cemetery:
Montmartre cemetery

I know Père Lachaise cemetery in the 19eme gets the most tourist traffic, being home to Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Édith Piaf, and Frédéric Chopin’s graves, but the Montmartre cemetery has its own charms, too. For a cemetery. It’s eerily quiet in there, despite being bisected by Rue Caulaincourt overhead, and feels like it goes on forever. And there are cats! I spent a long morning walking around and exploring, but this was the only photo I captured. There were a few tombstones with Jewish stars on them, with birth dates in the 1910s and 20s, and deaths in the 70s and 80s. Which means that, as French Jews, they lived through WWII. There was something very powerful about seeing that. There was another, that I meant to write down to look up later but didn’t, where a mother died the same day as her young son in the military in the late 1800s. Suicide from grief? Eerie coincidence? I wish I knew the story there. Next time I visit, I’ll go back and find out.

What are you guys up to this weekend? Saturday we’re participating in our third annual scavenger hunt organized by one of Jamal’s best friends (and groomsman!), and Sunday my mom is throwing me an un-bridal bridal shower. No gifts, no hats made out of bows and ribbons, nada. I did mention I’m anti-bride, right? Have a good one, kiddos!

24 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. oh, don’t get your juicy couture sweat suit in a bunch. you’ll survive, I promise. I’m practicing my best “BFF sing along to pop music while getting ready for a night out a la 90s rom com and/or current face wash commercial” moves.

    see you in…7 hours!!!!!

    you put your life in my tiny hands when you made me your MOH.

    1. YOUR TINY HANDS! Girl, you hit a homerun this weekend with all the activities. And while I may not ever believe a word that comes out of your mouth again (“I have to feed a cat!” “I have to return a $45 tank top!!”) I will be forever grateful for everything you did to make this weekend happen. My mom accurately said “She went into Paper Source and bought the entire store.” xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

      PS. My hands are twice your size and one day your own bridal festivities will be in mine. Muahahaha

  2. more magnificent photos. so personal. no need for huge, amazing, and tourist-loved buildings, in view. these are things, which moved you! again thank you for sharing…

    gentle hugs,

    1. Thank you, Tessa! They didn’t fit in any larger themed-post, but I knew I had to share them somehow. xo

  3. i’ve been wondering when there would be some news, about the lovely event in your near future… :-)

    i haven’t been reading here for long. but i do know that you are more interested in being a wife, than in the process of being a bride.

    which is very refreshing! in this day of continuous magazine coverage of flashy-million-dollar-weddings, etc. each trying to out-do the last one. etc. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

    happy fun weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

    gentle hugs,

    1. Ha, yes, unfortunately for my impending nuptials, Paris sort of overshadowed things around here recently! But fear not, there are lots of details to share before the big day! It’s true, though, that I’m more excited about the next 50 years rather than one 5-hour party at the beginning. It’s sad that that puts me in the minority, though! xo

  4. fantastic selection of pics… AND OMG HAVE FUN TONIGHT!!!!! I’d not only ex-communicate my friends for inappropriate bachelorette party behaviour, I’d never ever talk to them for even thinking of making me do something like that…. but that’s me. you go and enjoy and tell us all about it xoxo

    1. Haha I survived!! And it was really, really fun! I kept joking all weekend that the reason I was so sore was “from all the dancing” and that “I’m such a dancer now.” ;) xo

  5. J’espère que t’auras un super fête de bachelorette ! Je suis invitée à une mariage pour samedi dans un vrai château dan le minervois ! Il sera très chic mais la météo est un peu froid!
    Ici, le nom qui donne à ta fête est un peu bizarre “enterrement de jaune fille”, j’ai déteste cette expression ! Bon fête et attention au mojitos ! xo

    1. Oui, j’ai eu un super fête! Nous avons l’appel “la fête bachelorette” et je sais que il n’est pas correctement français, mais il a rime :) Haha, “enterrement de jaune fille.” C’est bizarre! Tu es allée a la mariage? J’espere pour la froid! Il fait trop chaud ici pour moi. xoxo

  6. that make-up is amazing! it looks like a sketch. every bachelorette party that i have attended has somehow ended up at a gay strip club. and of course someone always brings something penis-shaped, last time it was hair barrettes – which was actually better than the one before that where it was straws. so yes i will #prayforyou ! it will be so much fun, they always are. so have fun! i can’t wait to hear all about it. xoxo

    1. Ha, I got a kick out of that, too! It happens every night now, but not as pretty as that time, somehow. I think Paris had something to do with it ;)
      I was really, super duper dreading the penis-straws or penis-sashes. But the only thing they made me wear was a strand of pearls! I have good friends, I must say!! xo

  7. Summer weekends are great for wondering around the city. Not crowded not dead; a beer here, a coffee there – and time to read. People watching Rittenhouse Sq, or checking on the growing life in Washington. Sq. ( which also is great place to watch wedding parties being photographed).

    1. I love how much quieter summer weekends are in the city, it’s a definitely noticeable change! I haven’t spent much time in Washington Square but every time I have, there have been wedding parties, haha. You have to admit, it makes a beautiful backdrop. xo

  8. So intrigued to hear how the party went and if you donned a bright pink Juicy tracksuit! Laughed out loud at your make-up removal pic. How bizarre is that? It’s like you took your eyelashes off! Patiently waiting your French pharmacy products post now!

    1. No Juicy tracksuits here! Classy dress all around, thank my lucky stars :) And I will reveal the magical makeup remover soon! It really did look like I’d plucked all my eyelashes out! xo

  9. long live the anti-bride! a girl after my own heart!!! that make-up remover is really something: great shot!
    hope you had a fab bachelorette’s & made many happy memories!

    1. Teehee, the anti-bride! I might be anti-wedding, but I would replay this whole weekend over again if I could. Lots of fun times with my amazing friends and family. xo

  10. Congratulations on your Bachelorette party and impending nuptials.

    That awesome French makeup remover wouldn’t happen to be Bioderma micellar solution, would it? If it is, I share your love for it. It’s interesting to see what is written on tombstones and wondering what lives the deceased led.

    1. Thanks, Hillary! A little under eight weeks to go, ack!

      It isn’t Bioderma! I used Bioderma for over a year though, since our March 2013 trip to Paris, but recently switched to wearing waterproof mascara and the Bioderma just couldn’t do a thing for me. I was using a Clinique waterproof makeup remover before I left for Paris this time around, but when they lost my luggage I went out in search of an alternative and stumbled accidentally upon the holy grail of waterproof makeup removers. I’ll reveal all on Friday ;) xoxo

  11. BREAD! Okay sorry, that’s really all I can think about these days. To the extent that last week I had a dream that I was dating a baker. I hope you had an awesome shenanigan-filled bachelorette party!

    1. BREAD indeed! There were baguettes at my Bachelorette, in case you doubted my incredible friends :) xo

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