Door Details

Door Detail

Door Detail

Door Detail

Door Detail

I have a thing for Parisian doors. Some are solid wood, one story tall and painted vibrant colors, and others are smaller and have glass panes protected by intricate iron designs. I kept my eyes peeled on all my daily walks, becoming fascinated by the level of detail given to something as pedestrian as a door. It all goes back to the grand architectural efforts under Haussmann; every building needed a door, but they didn’t just slap any old door on there. Thought and care went into every detail, and there was a real desire to make things beautiful, not just useful.

Today marks three weeks since I’ve been back. Oh the tears of unbearable sadness!

22 thoughts on “Door Details

  1. wouldn’t you just love to be able to give Haussmann, a big hug?!? for leaving all this beauty. what vision! even if he wasn’t a practical businessman. he was an artist and when are they expected, to be practical, hu???? ,-)

    mmmmm, is there any post, which gives some details on the “when,” of the next “big thing” coming, in your life??? a “nana” loves to know these things….


    1. I think such female-led displays of affection would have been scandalous back then ;) But yes, a big ole hug and kiss for making Paris what it is today.

      I am overdue on a wedding post! I know, I know. Thank you for reminding me! xo

  2. so beautiful, and really these are the details i like. while it’s lovely to have details in the gables or some such thing, i love beautiful details in something that one might actually use/see/touch on a daily basis. i would love to have a door like any of these to open and close, i don’t think i’d ever get tired of it.

    1. I wonder if people that were born and raised in Paris learn to ignore or take for granted the little details that silly tourists like me find so amazing. I was photographing a door once when it suddenly opened and a young couple walked out, looking back and trying to figure out what on earth I could possibly find so photogenic. I slunk away in shame. xo

    1. Oh, church doors get me every time too. Churches in general. The scale and detail of all of the old European churches is dazzling, especially when you consider what tools they had available to them to build 500+ years ago! xo

  3. All the doors are beautiful and the designs are so intricate. I especially love the second photo, the design is cameo-esque and I love anything resembling a cameo. Sadly, beautifully designed doors with purpose and artistic flair are dwindling in favor of lifeless glass doors. Not that glass is ugly or boring, but no one has ever stopped to admire a redundant modern glass door.

    1. Maybe it’s because a few years ago there were flash mobs in Philly (not the fun kinds with dancing. “Flash mobs” here mean hundreds of angry people running down streets and smashing everything in their wake) where a bunch of storefronts and glass doors were broken, but I wouldn’t feel safe with a glass door on my house. Give me detailed iron grates on top of the glass any day. Especially if it looks like any of these :) xo

  4. Gorgeous doors, gorgeous pictures ;) xo
    Ne soit pas triste, Paris ne pas bougĂ©, il t’attends !

  5. Yeah, the Parisians do doors (which I almost typed as “doo doors”) right, no question. And how lovely that you had the luxury to have weeks and weeks there to really spend the time and pay attention to all those gorgeous details. Stunning.

    1. I am grateful for those eight weeks for plenty of reasons, but a big one is that I was able to soak it all in gradually, organically, without having to scramble to fit everything in. These are details I wouldn’t have gotten (and didn’t get) on shorter trips. Thanks, lovey. xo

  6. Yeah me too, I love it! Such beautiful ones you’ve captured. How does it feel being back? I saw the pictures from your bachelorette party. Looked like you were spoiled! Paris i hot and pretty calm now. I love it when the parisians are away on vacay ;)

    1. It’s weird, it almost feels like I never left, and that Paris was a dream. Well, it was a dream in many ways. I miss you so much!! How are things with your crazy landlady?? xo

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