The Light!

Rue de Rivoli

Place Dauphine

The Seine

Pont du Carrousel

Quai Voltaire

A random assortment of photos all taken around 8pm on different days, mostly along the Seine, to show off my favorite thing about this city: that light.

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June 16, 2014 / art / photo / Travel / LEAVE A COMMENT / 21


  • It’s beautimous! I’m going to guess that you’re not ready to leave…

    • You would be correct in that assumption :) xo

      • You should read The Bookseller by Mark Pryor – I read those novels and then look at your pics, it’s perfect

  • gorgeous evening light….

    what a wonderful job you do, of capturing it….

    wonderful. you are an excellent photographer. thank you for sharing…


    • Thank you thank you thank you, as always, for your beautiful words. xo

  • La Ville Lumière, but in the early evening!

    • Isn’t it crazy that 8pm is considered early? With the first day of summer approaching this weekend, it’s been staying light until well after 10pm. xo

  • i do believe it’s true that paris has the most beautiful light of any city in the world. xo

    • It really, truly does. xo

  • C’est juste pour ça qu’on l’appelle la ville lumière! Très belles photos! :)

    • Merci beaucoup, Eva!! xo

  • stunning :)

    • Merci! xo

  • Lordy, the third picture is especially gorgeous!

    • Gah, thank you!! xo

  • These are lovely. I particularly like the third one from the top. I think these are my second favourite of the series (Your night time ones are my most favourite.) Really beautiful.

    • Wow, thank you Stephi! The third seems to be a winner amongst you guys :) Thanks so much! xo

  • These shots are so dreamy!

    • Thank you, Gloria! That’s so sweet. xo

  • Oh wow, what beautiful photos! The evening light is spectacular around this time of year, I just love it xxx
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    • Isn’t it something? Every night of the last two months I swear it can’t get any prettier, and then it does!! xo