Peonies on Rue Cler

Peonies on Rue Cler

Peonies on Rue Cler

Peonies on Rue Cler

Peonies, Rue Cler

Rule #7 dictated that I should “Buy fresh flowers for your apartment, a fresh baked croissant on your morning walk, and a glass of rosé at any café you stumble upon. Parisians understand how to live a really beautiful, decadent life. Take note.” While I haven’t been stopping and having a glass of rosé too frequently, and I’ve calmed down a bit on the croissants (we’re at one or two a week, now), I have been taking the first part very seriously; I’ve bought myself peonies every week that I’ve been here. On Saturday mornings (and one Friday morning, when Annie was here, instead) I’ve taken the metro to the École Militaire/Invalides neighborhood in the 7eme, had breakfast at a sweet little café and enjoyed a big cup of tea and a good book, and then picked up a bunch of 20 or so peonies. They make the apartment smell divine and add so much color to the space. They are truly magnificent flowers, and I’m so happy I’m getting to indulge in them during their short timeframe.

On my last Saturday morning adventure I went to Rue Cler, a market street near the Eiffel Tower, with tons of cafés with outdoor seating, vendors selling fresh produce and rotisseries, and even a knife sharpener, who wheels his cart up and down the street, sharpening knives while you wait. And then, of course, there are the stacks and stacks of peonies at the flower shop. I’ve gone back since just to wander, and the table was full of dark red, pale pink, and magenta peony buds, stacked a foot high. I wish I’d gotten a picture.

Other Paris Details of Note: You know what’s really in here? Scooters! Two-wheel push-scooters, everyone has them. Grown women, young kinds, college boys. They bring them on the bus, into bookstores, and they zip around you on the sidewalk. It’s wild. They were popular at home about 10-15 years ago but have since become seriously uncool. Not here! I gave mine to my nieces, I might have to steal it back.

24 thoughts on “Peonies on Rue Cler

  1. Good for you. Make your home away from home a special place. Aren’t they beautiful? Unfortunately, I got 1(1) bloom this year. And, it’s gone already. ONE! I’d love to see them stacked a foot high.

    1. I’ll try and snap a better shot tomorrow when I got back! My Saturday tradition is one of my favorites. I want to know where they get the flowers from and what their secret is. Maybe I could bring it home to you and then I wouldn’t have to pay for peonies! xo

      1. I’m transplanting the peonies in a bigger pot with new soil. Should it live and bloom feel free to cut what you want next year. Leave me one……I’d feel so lonely if I didn’t have the bloom—-the one bloom. I can’t even!

  2. OMG! those photos are so beautiful. i just want to jump through my screen and into your pictures and find myself at a flower stand in a parisian market, with stacks of peonies in front of me. waaaah!

    1. It was absolutely one of those “pinch-me” moments. So perfect. The sound of the café with the tinkling of silverwear and buzz of French conversation, the smell of the peonies mixing with the rotisseur next door…a totally perfect moment. I should film it so I can transport myself there forever. xo

  3. J’adore tes photos! Je crois même sentir l’arome subtil des peonies !
    Bien pensé Erin, de que tu retourne chez toi, il faut que tu l’arraches le scooter a tes nièces! Les pauvres…Je crois que ton explication à tes nièces en disant que tu récupères ton scooter parce que à Paris c’est à la mode…ne marcheras pas! ;) xo

    1. Hahah oui, elles seraient en colère contre moi! Je pense que j’aura besoin acheter un autre scooter quand je reviens. Peut-etre je peux commencer une tendance! ;) xo

  4. I can’t find peonies to save my life in Texas. Must look harder. And duly noted on scooters. You can start a trend back in the States!

    1. I think the sweltering Texas heat might have something to do with that! They are fickle flowers, from what I know. Check out Trader Joes, though, if you have one! I found them there before surprisingly. xo

    1. Thanks, P! I love them too. They are my favorite flower when they are in season :) The rest of the year I switch it up, haha. xo

  5. Scooters? Honestly, that’s the last thing I thought would be in vogue in Paris. I don’t even think Paris could convince me to ride one considering my third broken nose was the result of me attempting to ride one down a hill.

    The vibrancy of the flowers!

    1. Right? The first time I saw one I thought it was a fluke. Then I walked by a school where there were probably 50 scooters chained up out front. Then a lady got on the bus with one, and she didn’t have a kid. And now that the weather is so nice I see them EVERYWHERE. There is even a scooter store I pass on the bus! C’est fou! xo

  6. I am a little behind on your postings, but I love these pictures. I love, love peonies. We have a peony plant (bush?) in our backyard. In the 5 years we have lived in our house it has bloomed twice (one flower each time), and this year was one of the lucky ones. I took a picture; I will send to you. Nothing like the peonies you’re experiencing, but pretty amazing to have even one real live one growing in the backyard. Of course now it’s long gone. Hope you continue to have a great time!

    1. Hey girl! The more I hear from people who try to grow peonies at home, the more I’m convinced there is magic involved with producing as many as I’ve seen here. Everyone has the same story! One single bud, or none at all. Definitely send me the photo! I’m a little envious you had it right in your backyard. I would have camped out next to it the whole time, haha.
      And whenever I think of peonies, I remember that your wedding bouquet was peonies, and I get super envious! Why can’t peony season extend to September? Ha. xo

  7. Wow I love those peonies and that cafe. We’re moving into hydrangea season here which I am also loving very much. Love the last photo x

    1. Ooh hydrangeas, my other favorite. They are another one that look beautiful at all stages of life. I have some dried hydrangeas in my white room :) xo

  8. PUSH SCOOTERS? Sqerin, come on- use the French word: TROTINETTES! And we have to meet up and scoot one of these days- it’s the only way to get around.

    Also the flat is almost done, too. The builders come tomorrow (the privacy window film in the loo might FINALLY go up, so I can shower without the entire coeur being able to see what the stork saw!) and then it’s officially Lots More Free Time time. Although, I know Jamal is coming, so you guys probably want to loviedovie it up around town á deux a bit, of course. Bless!

    1. Tsk tsk, I should have looked it up! I definitely want to scoot around with you! If anyone can make it look cool, it’s you :) I’m SO EXCITED you guys are approaching the end of the flat reno nightmare! You must be doing cartwheels down the bowling alley hallway. Jamal and I are heading to Normandy for the weekend but I’d love to find some time for you guys to meet! How long is Ban out of town? xoxo

  9. He’s back already, it was just a short trip!

    We have a bathroom floor now, so once that is dry (don’t ask me how long I have to sneak upstairs and use the communal studette naysty-ayss loo before it dries) we’ll have to have you over! Then we can trotinette all over and reward ourselves with a cool drink, Seine side!

    Enjoy your lovely road trip to the coast, you two! A tout!

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