La Bascule

La Bascule

La Bascule

La Bascule

La Bascule

La Bascule

La Bascule

La Bascule

I realized the only other restaurant I’ve written about so far on this trip was Le Bonaparte, and that was only to share how disappointing (though pretty!) it was. I hesitate to do a “Paris Guide” since the internet is saturated with them at this point, but if you ever find yourself in Montmartre around 5pm in need of a drink, you need (repeat: vous avez besoin!) to go to La Bascule. A small, corner bar with a tapas menu and walls of wine bottles, Jamal and I found ourselves here three nights in a row for their killer happy hour specials. The bartenders are exceedingly nice, there is always decent music, the ambiance is perfect, and it is somehow never too crowded to grab a stool and hang out for an hour or two. Jamal fell in love with the curry green olives they bring you to snack on, and I fell hard for their perfect piña colada. I know, a piña colada in Paris? Trust me on this one. We’ve also had their fresh margaritas and mojitos, for which they hand-crush ice and muddle fresh mint and strawberries.

How cute is that cheeky rosé poster? The slogan of the French republic is “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité,” but I much prefer this version. The original tile floors and chandelier are such sumptuous details you’d never find in a bar in the states.

The vibe of La Bascule is hip without being pretentious, and is so local that we saw the same cast of characters every night we went. I’ve even stopped in for a €3 glass of rosé on my own just to sit by the open windows and write. On our first trip, a girl at the (teensy) bar next to us handed the bartender her credit card to pay, and Jamal and I noticed it was from the same bank we both use. Turns out, she was a fellow Pennsylvanian! What are the odds? You heard it here first: Pennsylvanians love La Bascule.

La Bascule, 24 Rue Durantin, Montmartre 75018 / Happy Hour 5-8pm daily / Wine €3, Beer €4, Cocktails €5

24 thoughts on “La Bascule

  1. Roughly $7 for a cocktail! That’s cheap compared to how much cocktails cost where I live. The bar looks like the perfect hangout and Hemingway would not have looked out of place. It really is a small world, isn’t it?

    1. It is! That’s about what it costs in Philly, and I (unfairly) was using Philly as a price-comparison when I was there. Hemingway! I think Hemingway would have liked this place, too :) xo

  2. now that you mention it, i feel like there are a lot of chandeliers in bars in portland, but definitely not those floors. what a cute place. that looks like the type of bar that i like and feel most comfortable in -small, friendly, pretty, unpretentious (and un-gross).

    ps when i went out for drinks last week i had a pina colada too (i am pretty sure i could be described as a teetotaler these days so it was my baby step drink)! it was so delicious. i could probably drink them for breakfast, so it’s good i don’t get out much ;)

    1. Lucky! I can only think of…no, I can’t think of any bars in Philly that have chandeliers like that! La Bascule really was a cute little find, and I had walked by it a bunch but hadn’t gone in on my own before J got there. Now it’s “our” little place :)

      Pina coladas all around! I love pineapple juice and anything vaguely colada related, even non-alcoholic versions. xo

  3. J’aime beaucoup cet bar, c’est sûre la prochaine fois que j’irais à Paris il faut que je voit un piña colada ! La photo avec la lampe est sublime ! xo

  4. Wow, what gorgeous detailing. I love love the tiles and bar stools. And the chandelier. Love it all.
    It sounds so perfectly french, to sit in a local bar drinking a glass if rosè, on your own, writing.
    Wonderful. Enjoy these moments.

    1. The tiling just killed me. So many stores and restaurants have the same style of old, fabulous tile and it makes (made!) my heart burst every time. So original and perfect. xo

  5. What a dear place. Although I’m still trying to adjust to the pina colada idea! ;) I was never a bar-goer or a happy hourer or much of anything, but I love places like this that seep into your subconscious daily habit, until you realize, “Hey, we’re going here a lot.” That a good feeling.

    1. I was shocked to see it on the chalkboard, too, but it kept popping up at other bars, so maybe it’s not the strictly island drink I always thought it was! They were delicious, too. :) xo

  6. I was just going to say – that poster is so cheeky but perfect. I’m glad you found your neighborhood hangout place (I’m sure you have plenty). Between you and Petra, I feel like I need to take a loooong break from the states and just go away for awhile

    1. So cheeky, très French ;) You really, really ought to take a breather. I got back to my office today and everyone has commented how “refreshed” I look, haha. Apparently all the butter in those croissants was doing wonders for my complexion and overall appearance. Victory! xo

  7. I really wish I would have known your blog before I went to Paris! I really liked Montmartre and I wish we would have done more in that area. And I say, you should totally do a Paris guide! I like seeing guides from blogs I know and read because I trust their taste. I bet others feel that way too :)

    1. There is always the next trip ;) I adore Montmartre, and even though I’ve stayed there on two different trips, I feel like there is still so much about the neighborhood left to explore. It’s also good exercise staying there, because it’s all steep hills and long flights of steps, ha! I will definitely do a round-up of my favorite Paris places in one location, then, as sort of a makeshift guide for fellow Francophiles. Thanks Jillian! xo

  8. that’s so cool that you happened upon someone else from pennsylvania! while we were in paris, we happened upon a book shop owner whose parents live in the little city i went to highschool in. and, when he visited his parents, they all went out to eat at the restaurant i worked in. small world, even miles across the sea.

    1. That is such a small world!! What a lovely connection you made though, and one that you’ve sustained on both sides of the ocean! xo

  9. look at that chandelier! and the painted ceiling!!!! everything! oh it is too, too perfect! love it. love it. love it. :-)

    again, thank you for sharing…


    1. Yeah girl, good catch! They had the neatest details in this place, and none of it felt forced or pretentious. Needless to say I’m missing it dreadfully. xo

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