Je Reviens

La Tour Eiffel

La Tour Eiffel

I’m not good with goodbyes, so let’s just say, “I’ll see you soon, Paris.” Maybe again this year, but definitely next year either way, and hopefully one day forever.

I have a list of things to write about: the ways in which this trip changed me, the things I learned, the things I would do differently, the things I wouldn’t change for all the money in the world; hundreds more photos to share with you from two completely full 32gb memory cards; and two suitcases packed to the brim with things I swore fit on the way over here (omg why did I pack six black turtlenecks and thirteen dresses?).

I have a list of things I am going to miss desperately about Paris. But in trying to focus on the positive, a list of things I am excited to return to in America: 1. DONUTS (Donuts here, when you can find them, are €2/ea and I’m sorry, are not actually donuts like the ones you get at Dunkin. My taste is so high class). 2. Absorbent paper towels. 3. Drawstring trash bags. 4. People who know how to share a sidewalk properly. 5. Obviously Jamal and Fitz. 6. But seriously, donuts.

I might never have two months alone in Paris again, but I’ll always have these two months in Paris alone. That counts for something.

I don’t want to talk about it.

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  1. Good. List. Holding you in my heart, my friend. And mostly just so happy for you. Happy that you had this time and what you have to go home to. XO

  2. These are some gorgeous pictures and I’m glad you’ll be going home, no matter how much you’ll miss Paris and your time there. Places like this just keep me chanting – you can always go back – in my head and know that it’s true. Don’t worry Erin, you can always go back.

  3. such an amazing two months. alone! in paris! i am sure parting is so very bittersweet. but i haven’t had my fill yet, so i am excited to keep hearing more and seeing more photos well after you arrive back stateside, so we don’t have to say goodbye entirely, right?

    oh donuts! i haven’t had a donut in so long!! you will have to get one for me too. and i do love me some viva paper towels. safe travels. xo

    1. It really truly was an amazing two months, and it really truly is very bittersweet. But all good things are like that, yes? And I’m happy you are still interested in seeing more photos, because I have TONS more, haha. Seriously, I need to get all my Paris posts out of the way by the wedding! Never goodbye, just “see you later” :)

      This is how I know we’re twinsies: our mutual love of Viva paper towels! They’re so thick! xo

  4. people who know how to share a sidewalk properly, I hear you girl. and you’re right. Paris will stay with you wherever you go. I know what I’m talking about xoxo

  5. Such a beautiful way to end an amazing trip; not only for you, but for us readers. IV. That definitely counts for everything! Your mom’s comment almost made me cry.

    Also, Dunkin’ Donuts Blueberry Cake donut — oh yes.

    1. Oh Hillary, thank you so much! I had hoped I was keeping everyone else’s interest with all those Paris posts, even though I was mostly posting them for me. Fear not! I have more photos ;)

      Blueberry Cake donut? Oh my god. Excuse me while I run out and buy a dozen! xoxo

  6. oh hon, i knew it had to end… from what you have said, about “a week”… i’m sorry it has. but i’m so happy that you had this wonderful, wonderful time!!!

    and super that you have more paris photos to share with us. i found you, very recently, and am still greedy for your magnificent photos of this beautiful city.

    lots of re-entry hugs…

    lots of happy future hugs…


    1. All good things must come to an end, I know, but it didn’t make it any easier! I survived the departure and the re-entry into my “normal” life back in Philly, but of course I’m still sad!

      I have tons more photos to share with you! I’m happy you’re looking forward to that, too1 xoxo

  7. I´m so happy you have your memory cards to share when you´re back home. Looking forward to that!
    And – as everyone says – you can always go back again. I´m a living proof of that, my first visit was in 1969 and since then I have been back at least once a year, sometimes twice… It´s always “à la prochaine!”

    1. Because I’m neurotic and terrified of losing the photos, I imported both cards onto my external hard drive, as well as the regular imports I was doing on my computer. And I’m keeping the memory cards, rather than emptying them off. You can never been too careful!
      I love that you’ve gone so frequently. You are my travel inspiration! xo

  8. Je crois que ton Mommy a bien capté ce que je voulais te dire! Paris sera toujours là pour toi et les macarons Ladurée aussi! Il t’attend tellement des choses excitantes las bas (ton mariage, ton petit chien, ta lune de miel..) que Paris peut attendre un peu! xo

    1. Oui, elle a fait! Paris sera toujours la, je sais, mais c’est comme Shakespeare a dit, “Parting is such sweet sorrow.” :) xo

    1. Can you believe I’ve never had a cronut?? I think their popularity waned before they made it to Philly. xo

  9. Dam-it, you got good taste girl. I hope you leave your pictures and commentary available. Many thing I want to Study for my own return to Paris.

    Closing with Bogie, can’t get better then that.
    Hope to see you in Paris, oh, and Philly too.

    1. Thanks, Ted! I have to remember that I can always go back. That helps! Let me know if you are planning on coming back to French class! xo

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