Goat Lawn Mowers

Goats in the Tuileries

Goats in the Tuileries

Goats in the Tuileries

Goats in the Tuileries

In case you were curious as to how they keep the grass in the Tuileries so expertly trimmed and free of weeds, allow me to introduce you to Berenice and Gaston, Official Goat Lawn Mowers of the City of Paris. Okay, full disclosure, I made up their names and titles. I don’t know whether they were male or female goats, or whether there is such a thing as the Official Goat Lawn Mowers of Paris, but just go with it, because when you stumble upon two goats eating in the middle of the most tourist’ed park in the city, your brain kind of runs amok with glee. I was minding my own business one gray afternoon, cutting through the jardins on my way to Pont Royal to cross into Saint-Germain, when I heard a strange baa’ing noise. The Tuileries, as you’ll remember, have a certain magic when it comes to animals, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d see goats (GOATS!) on leashes. The best part was that since they were off to one side, away from the main pathway leading to the Louvre, hardly anyone else was around to witness this fantastic agrarian marvel.

Berenice, the white goat, kept baaing that weird throaty rattle goats have, until a handler came over and fed her a nice long dandelion weed. In between her baaing I kept hearing a crazed, childlike giggle, and only when I looked around did I realize the sound was coming from me. Oh, city kids. We are delighted by the simplest things. Who knew I loved goats?

Well played, Paris. Well played.

22 thoughts on “Goat Lawn Mowers

  1. Awww they’re so cute!! I remember begging my parents to buy me a pet goat once when I was little (I have no clue why it was imperative for me to have one), and telling them the goat would keep the grass short so they won’t have to mow the lawn anymore! …It didn’t work

    1. Haha you did?? That’s so funny! I begged and begged for a lizard for the longest time. I was obsessed. And finally my parents took me to the pet store and showed me the tank of crickets I’d have to feed said lizard…and that was the end of that. Parents! xo

    1. A sheep! My friend Audrey had a baby sheep (or maybe it was a lamb? pretty sure it was a lamb) for a while. Her parents have a farm. She told the cutest stories of having to put towels down on the hardwood floors for the little thing to bounce to, otherwise it would slide around all over the place. Too cute. xo

  2. that’s hilarious. I’ve never seen goats there before. NEED to go back there to check them out for myself :)

    1. Go go! I don’t know what their “mowing” schedule is like but I’m hoping I get to see them again too! xo

  3. You’re such an inspiration to live life bravely. :)

    also goats are awwwwwwesome.

    1. Psshh!

      (But thank you, that is out of this world! I don’t feel brave at all!) xoxo

  4. They’re so cute! Berenice, especially reminds me of the goat puppets in “The Sound of Music” (that would be italics, but I don’t know how to do that on comments. I know you’re a fellow grammar/punctuation lover).

    1. Okay, don’t hate me, but I’ve never seen “The Sound of Music”! I mean I’m familiar enough with the song and the story and the scene where she spins around the on the hill, and stuff. But…that’s it. :(

      Oh and italics are achieved by using < em > text < / em > but without the spaces in between the brackets, if that makes sense! xo

      1. Don’t feel bad; there are so many movies I haven’t seen that I’m embarrassed. I think even babies are familiar with the hilltop scene — ha-ha!

        I figured out how to do italics after I posted the comment. I felt stupid considering it was just a quick mouse-click away. I spent about four hours searching how to do cool new things in comments. Considering I’m only 22, I should be ashamed by my lack of HTML knowledge. We’ll have to see if the time suck paid off.

        1. Haha, HTML is always a good investment of time/energy! I started learning to code when I was around 13 or so, and clearly the pay out is…a blog of your own! Haha, I kid. But it’s a really useful skill to have, and even if you know a little bit it’s good to have a on a resume. So many people (in traditional companies, not people in their 20s or you know, cool social media companies) are so overwhelmed by the idea of it that it can really be a valuable skill. I still google things constantly, and a lot of it is trial and error. Type this…and now that broke. Type that…and now this broke. Etc. etc. I’m not a developer by any stretch of the imagination but I will say I am proud to have designed at least five of my own LiveJournal themes back in the day (oh my god. LiveJournal. the early 2000s were a good time.) xo

  5. Seriously!? That’s insane. Then again, I have thought about taking Ryon to my parents’ house to eat their lawn. Mowing is just so overrated (and loud)

    1. Haha things a city kid has zero experience with: lawns! Actually that’s not true. My aunt lives in the burbs and has a big front and back lawn. So I’ve seen lawn mowing in action, I just didn’t know you could employ animals to do it! xo

  6. Des chèvres à Paris, why not? J’ai bien son prénom, Bérénice, promis si un jour j’ai un chèvre, je l’appellerais comme ça! xo

    1. Bien sûr! C’est un bon prenom pour un chèvre, n’est-ce pas? Aujourd’hui, j’ai acheté du fromage de chèvre a la fromagerie! Le Cabrion, mon prefere :) Ha! xo

    1. I think they’re definitely official in that the city organizes/pays for them, but I don’t think there is an Official Goat Lawn Mowers of the City of Paris. At least in title!

      That video gets me every time. xo

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