At the Louvre

At the Louvre

At the Louvre

At the Louvre

At the Louvre

At the Louvre

My favorite thing to do on a Friday night here is the same thing I like to do at home: go to the museum. Most people go out, go drinking, don a cute outfit. Me? I grab my Louvre membership and walk over at around 7:30. On Wednesdays and Fridays the museum stays open until close to 10pm. Aside from the neat feeling that I am being sneaky being allowed in there so late, the crowds are virtually non-existent, and it’s amazing. I headed (of course) to the Richelieu wing on this particular trip, and stumbled upon a room of Rubens, 24 giant canvases in an enormous, domed room, with! with! people from an art class (unconfirmed if this was an École du Louvre class or not) sitting all around and sketching. It was enchanting to watch them work.

And that giant hall of statues with multiple levels and trees inside and the pitched roof? There is another one mirroring it directly across from it. The scale of this place is overwhelming.

JAMAL arrives this Friday afternoon (!!!), and our activity for that evening includes…going to the Louvre, where I get to bring a free guest after 6pm. I’ve mentioned already that this membership was an economical purchase as well as a necessary one, and it is: it’s paid for itself twice over already.

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  1. Awww, yay for JAMAL coming to visit. I hope you all eat all the food and drink all the wine and coffee. Actually, scratch that – save some for me. You’ve thoroughly convinced me that I need to do a Paris trip, STAT

    1. You DEFINITELY need a Paris trip right this instant. You’re so close whenever you go to London, might as well tack on a few days for yourself and eat your way around Pareeee! xo

  2. the 4th photo down…… to me it is interesting, to see a background color of that lovely mauve-or-what-ever-it-actually-is. simply lovely background for those paintings…

    having just found this blog, i am still in awe, of the experiences you are having…

    thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing them, with us!!!


    1. Goodness, thank you as always, Tessa!! Such wonderful words. I don’t feel worthy! :) That wall in the Louvre was a pale lavender/mauve color, but I couldn’t get it quite right with the lighting. Just beautiful in person, though. xoxo

  3. Je n’avais rien compris! Je croyais que Jamal était déjà à Paris! C’est pour ça que je t’avais souhaite un très bon weekend (le dernier)!
    Je crois, que tu as fait très bien en prenant the menbership, c’est génial aller au Louvre librement, quand tu as vraiment envie! J’aime bien aussi l’idée de pouvoir allée au musée le soir. xo

    1. Oh, désolée! Son horaire de travail a été difficile, donc notre visite a changé beaucoup beaucoup de temps. C’etait le weekend dernier, pas le weekend, dernier dernerier ;)
      Oui, c’est un grand pouvoir de visiter le musée quand je veux. Je l’aime! xo

  4. Every time you post your photography I think….MORE! And, it’s not just that I am your mother. Your ability to shoot lines, subjects and angles is amazing (amazeballs, Lyndsey). In one shot, you create your very own art. You are making it so hard for me to decide which one to ask for so that I can have it made into a canvas.

    1. Well gosh. I know you’re my mom and all, so you’re biased, but still! Thanks moo! You don’t have to decide right now, either. Wait until you see ALLLLL the photos from this trip (this could take a while…maybe another few months of posts, actually) and then pick! You could even pick two! I think Mom Status allows for that :) xo

  5. sometimes i feel a little stab in my heart of longing. once in awhile that happens when i see something i miss or long to be somewhere else i know i won’t get to for awhile. this post – aaaaache.

    1. Ohh twinsy!! If it makes you feel any better, literally every time I leave my apartment (or, like, look out the window) I feel the same ache, and I’m HERE! xo

  6. Gorgeous. I skipped the Louvre when I went to Paris, so it’s on my to-do list for the next time I visit. Seriously, you just reminded me that a Friday night is a perfect time to visit the museums. Sometimes, you need a little change from the usual happy hour!

    1. Noooo you must go back!! I know it’s a bit overwhelming to try to and fit in to a trip to Paris, and the lines alone are daunting, but it’s so, so worth it! I just went again last night (Wednesday, they’re open late then, too) and had the Venus de Milo to myself. Bonkers! xo

  7. Oh yeah glad JAMAL got his trip sorted out, you will be so excited to see him!
    Those photos are stunning, I especially love the mauve room xx

    1. It was a blast! And long overdue, I might add. He was supposed to come the week after you visited! That feels like ages ago :( I miss you! xo

  8. i am so happy for you that your time in paris seams to be so productive with your writing as well as fulfilling with visits to the louvre and all of those croissants! i’m glad that jamal will be visiting you while you’ve been gone. sounds like everything is dreamy!

    1. Ha, thanks girl!! I’m really trying to pack in as much as humanly possible so I don’t go home and regret anything, you know? It’s a lot, but it’s worth it!! xo

  9. oh, I wish I would have had time to go there too during my last trip to Paris. alas, it wasn’t meant to be. but one day I’ll be back :)

    1. There is an exhibit of the new Louvre Abu Dhabi and a scaled rendering of the proposed site. Pretty neat stuff! I walked by it last night and thought of you :) xo

  10. Superb photography. Rubens’s Marie de’ Medici Cycle is possibly my favorite series of art; at least of a royal figure. Very envious of your somewhat abandoned, late-night, art students sketching session with the paintings.

    1. Thank you, Hillary!! That entire Rubens room is otherworldly. I could spend a full day just in there trying to take it all in! xo

  11. I’m curious, is it only open until 10 for members? Tell the truth Erin, you wouldn’t be completely disappointed if you ‘accidentally’ got locked in there one night, no?

    1. Nope, anyone can go and enjoy!! You still have to pay admission, but it’s much more enjoyable late at night with no crowds. And yeah, I can’t lie, if I accidentally stayed in the bathroom while they were ushering people out of the galleries to lock up….wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world ;) You know me so well! xo

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