Wandering the 17eme

La Corniche

Monceau Metropolitan

Parc Monceau


Rue de Miromesnil

Rue des Courcelles

I needed tea for my apartment, so I walked over to the 17eme down Boulevard de Courcelles to Mariage Frères. I bought a box of Rouge Métis, a red fruit roobios, and my standard, Paris Breakfast. I love the neighborhood around parc Monceau, all luxe Haussmann buildings at their best and wide, leafy avenues. When I was undertaking the apartment search, this neighborhood, Ternes, was the first I checked, though I quickly realized it was well out of my price range. No surprise there, considering I stopped for lunch at Le Diplomat on the way home (mostly to use their wifi) and paid €11,50 for a croque madame. To be fair it was delicious, but mon dieu, the same sandwich costs half the price elsewhere.

Other Paris Details of Note: It stays light until 9:30pm, nutella crepes really are worth the calories, and everyone seems to be in love, or at the very least content to make out in public.

20 thoughts on “Wandering the 17eme

  1. I love how your photos are so glossy and bright, the day I work out how to do that I’ll be over the moon! I went to a fantastic creperie called Breizh Cafe in Paris, if you haven’t tried it yet you really should! All of their crepes are worth the calories xxx

    1. Haha, I wish I had a secret other than: spend four years studying photojournalism in college, invest in a solid DSLR, and move to a city where the light is just divine. All three of those things combined have led to some great results. :)
      I will check out Breizh! Thank you for the tip! xo

    1. Well, if getting shin splints a week in is any indication, I’ve been doing plenty of “soaking up” haha xo

  2. it always looks so quiet in your photos, which isn’t how i picture paris at all, but i really like that image of it. and the cars are all so clean! and that door is so beautiful and shining, as is the sun. i want to be there! xo

    1. I want you to be here, too! And I do my very, very best to make sure there are no people in my photos, haha. I wait. I stalk. I stand around impatiently while people block my shot. And then I pounce. I could take photos of a street here that has NYC-level crowds, but that isn’t as pretty :) And to be honest, there are so many avenues and side streets where I’m the only person around, so in some ways this representation of Paris is accurate. xoxo

  3. I am a Paris-lover and found your blog through Christine´s. I just want to tell you that it´s a great pleasure to see your lovely photos while waiting to go there myself. I love Christine´s photos and now there are yours too. Thanks!

    1. Welcome, Teruko! Any friend of Christine’s is an automatic friend of mine :) Happy to have you here. xo

  4. Superbes photos Erin! La prochaine fois que j’irais à Paris, je te demanderais des adresses parce que je suis sure que tu va à connaitre mieux Paris que beaucoup de français et même de parisiennes !
    Mariage Frères, le meilleur thé et les boites sont tellement jolies…
    Je te souhaite un très bon weekend ;) xo

    1. Ahaha, c’est un bon compliment!! Je connait Paris autant que les Parisiennes, c’est vrai, haha. Ou, je prétends ;) Mariage Frères est vraiment le meilleur. Chacun fois que je voyage a Paris j’achete deux ou trois boites. C’est mon favorite! Bon weekend à toi, Eva! Il pleut aujourd’hui :( xo

  5. Le Metro signs are the most beautiful things, as iconic as the Eiffel. It’s sweet that you are having great weather and fantastic photos as ever love x

    1. Aren’t they just? The time and care that went into designing them and then maintaining them all these years? They didn’t have to be so pretty, but they are. It’s reasons like that that make this city the most beautiful in the world to me. Thanks so much, darling! xo

    1. Yes! Mission accomplished :) You’d think I secretly work for the tourism board with as much as I want everyone I know to come here! xo

    1. Thank you, Barbara. Hop on a plane! I promise you won’t regret it once you land :) xo

  6. I missed a whole day of blogs (Friday) for all sorts of irritating reasons (trapped running errands with a friend on a 90 degree day and she had no AC in her car!), and I come back to all your lovely photos. Our friend Julie was in Paris (her dream city too) for a week for her 50th birthday, and chatting with her this weekend was such a delight. Nice to know you’re both so happy. :)

    1. No apologies! Life gets in the way of blogging, and it certainly takes precedence :) I love that so many people I know have people they know in or going to Paris at the same time. Paris has a draw for a lot of people, eh? xoxo

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