Le Bar du Caveau

Place Dauphine

My brother asked me what I’d done with all the people in Paris; I’ve been intentionally leaving them out of as many photos as I can. But I couldn’t help but snap this photo the other night: just a quiet evening in Place Dauphine. The man in the trench coat was riding his bicycle and stopped to greet his friends, who convinced him to stay and have a drink. I love the lady in the window right above the awning, giving me a dirty look.

Earlier this week, I met my friend Ted from French class for lunch at Place Dauphine. He’s in town on a trip organized by the school and we took the opportunity to meet and gossip about our French class (kidding). They were filming an elaborate commercial of some sort at Le Bar du Caveau, which we got to watch from across the courtyard while we ate. I’ve been to Place Dauphine three times now (stopping by accidentally for visit #3 yesterday with Annie) but haven’t yet eaten there. Fourth time’s a charm, no?

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  1. I think this may be my favorite photo yet! There’s something tranquil and beautiful about the other ones that are people-less, but this shows the true Paris and everyday life (especially with the woman glaring at you!).

    My parents are in Paris for the weekend! Seems like I can’t escape the Paris photos… not that I want to!

    1. Aw, thank you Marine! I felt like a big lurker as I was taking it, but I’m glad I did. I do love it, it really captures a perfectly Parisian night. I hope your parents had fun this past weekend! They had some great weather! xo

    1. Until he pointed it out I didn’t realize quite how bad it was! Haha :) Despite the reputation, I’ve only encountered polite, happy locals. Well, except for the metro ticket-window guy, who started an argument with me for no reason and wouldn’t let me buy tickets until he was finished. Long story! xo

  2. The woman can really give a stern look! Also, the woman seated at the outside tables looks like Diane Keaton!

    This photo epitomizes what I imagine a early night in Paris looks like: a quaint cafe with good food and even better conversation.

    1. The best part is that I didn’t even notice her in the window until I got home and loaded the photos onto my computer! I laughed out loud. This is a pretty good representation of Paris. Food, wine, friends, outside dining. C’est super! xo

  3. i usually try to leave people out of my photos too, but then it’s one of those things i know i will regret later if i do it too much, so i try to not leave them all the time. kind of like i try to take videos of my kids, or when i do make them last longer than 10 seconds. i have so many videos of m+l from when they were little babies that are approximately 10 seconds long and when i watch them at first i am like “oooh. look they are so ador. . .” and then it’s over. i get so irritated with myself and dumbfounded by what i must think will happen if i go over that amount of time?

    i am glad you left the people in this shot. it’s actually my favorite one of paris you’ve shared so far. xoxo

    1. Yeah, now that I’m more aware of it, I am making an effort to capture Paris with Parisians! I love your 10 second rule for videos. I did the same thing the other night, took a 3 second video of the Eiffel Tower sparkling. Literally 3 seconds. Oy.

      Thank you so much, twinsy. xoxo

  4. Hi Erin, just discovered you via Insideology and her good taste once again didn’t disappoint as your blog is absolutely beautiful.
    I am French living in London after living in Paris for 15 years so it’s really a treat to be able to enjoy it again via your blog.

    1. Oh, merci Stéphanie! C’est plus gentille, ça. I love Annie, so any friend of hers is a friend of mine :) Thank you for the kind words! I have plenty more photos to share. xo

  5. J’adore cette photo. So lovely!

    Unrelated: We have a move-in date! The movers come on the 30th, the flat is *supposed* to be done on Wednesday. Fancy an empty Neuillian flat photo shoot/snoop about in Neuilly before it fills with cardboard boxes?

    1. Wooo go Moses go! I know we WhatsApp’d about this, but I do think a Ternes party is in order this week. I bet you are relieved beyond words to have a real date (ignoring the fact that it’s, oh, 23 days later than they said originally…) xo

  6. Erin, je crois que c’est le destin! La prochaine fois assis toi prendre un café et voir qu’est que t’arrive !
    J’imagine déjà quelques scenarios…ja ja.
    1. Un jeune et beau français veut prendre un café avec toi! Oh no Jamal, excuse moi !
    2. Jamal arrive avec un grand bouquet des fleurs…surprise!!
    3. La vieille dame de la fenêtre, qui ta vu déjà plusieurs fois regardé au café e même prendre des photos, appelle la police, tu est accusé d’espionnage!
    4. Tu t’assois voir ton café avec ton petit carnet et soudan ta inspiration elle est comment jamais! Quelque chose t’inspire et tu ne peux pas t’arrêté d’écrire! Il te faut même une autre petit carnet!
    La quatrième est ma préfère !! Bon weekend Erin ;) xo

    1. Hahah, numero 1 et 3 m’a fait rire. Espionnage! “Oh no Jamal, excuse moi!” Ahahaha. Tu as un bon imagination, Eva. C’est incroyable. Je prefere 2 ou 4, moi ;) Je n’ai rien ecrit ce weekend! C’est mal, je sais. J’ai besoin essayer plus dur! Et arret manger du pain, haha. J’espere que tu as un bon weekend aussi, mon amie! xoxo

  7. looks beautiful. I’m counting down the days until I’m going to be there. maybe I can join you on trip #4 :)

    1. Ha, I am glad I didn’t notice her until I got home. She would have made me scamper before I got the shot! :) xo

  8. I was scrolling back and realized I missed a lot of posts! Not sure what’s happened except I haven’t been at my desk much and so I’m missing your updates. I love this photo. I leave people out of pictures too, and it drives my guys crazy. I’m making an effort to photograph people more, but my people more than random strangers. I’m too shy for that. ;)

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