A Stunning Apartment in Paris








Every so often, I stumble on an apartment in Paris so gorgeous, so out of this world, so unbelievable that I’m stunned into an awed silence. “People actually live like that? In real life?” Sometimes it’s the design of the apartment –a glossy interior of beautiful arranged, high-end furniture– but other times, it’s the main tenet of the real estate industry that really sells a place: location, location, location. And this apartment, a mere stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower, not only has a location (and view!) to die for, the inside is pretty luxe and spectacular as well. How do you say, “embarrassment of riches” en Français?

From the glimpse of the Iron Lady out of every window, to the original herringbone floors, intricate crown moldings, marble fireplaces, to even the trompe l’œil bookshelf wallpaper in the small study, this apartment might be the most amazing home I’ve ever seen. Three bedrooms, each with an ensuite bathroom (I wish we could have seen the bathrooms!), and a maid’s room. Not only can people live like this –and do– but their maids even get to live like this. Though something tells me the maid’s room probably doesn’t have the same view.

Price: €2.85m / $3.9m

I’ve Got Places to Go

No, seriously. I have been keeping a list of “Places to Go” for when I get to Paris (in 22 days! but who’s counting…me. I’m counting.). A natural consequence of (or perhaps the cause for) spending so much time in Google Earth, wandering around Paris, is that I’ve accumulated a long, long list of sun-drenched corners and hidden courtyards and unassuming spots that provide stunning vistas of the Eiffel Tower that I just have to see, and photograph, in person. I want to maximize my time there, and because my anxiety cannot be harnessed, I figured keeping a list of addresses and street names was the best approach to ensuring I don’t miss anything. Sure, I know as well as anyone that the best sites are the ones you stumble upon accidentally on an aimless stroll, and it’s not the destination but the journey, etc. etc. but come on. Try to look at any of these Google Earth screencaps and tell me I’m crazy for writing down their exact coordinates:





That’s what I thought.

PS. Did I mention there are only TWENTY TWO DAYS left?

I’m Moving to Paris!


You read that right, though maybe I’m overstating the “move” aspect, as it implies permanency. I will be spending two months (eight weeks! 61 days!) in Paris! PARIS! I leave April 30th (hence the countdown!) and fly home June 30th. I’ve been bursting at the seams wanting to tell you guys, the excitement has been just overwhelming. I might have slipped and told a few of you last year, but who knows if you believed me because when am I not threatening to move to Paris? This time it’s real. This is not a drill.

I’m sure you have a ton of questions, so let me see if I can head them off:

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I’ve Got a Secret

I’ve made reference several times now about this year having big things in store for me, and while I hate to be even more intentionally vague than I’ve been already, well, I’m going to (but only for a little while longer!). If you follow me on Twitter (are you following me on Twitter? I promise I don’t post about Ace of Base too frequently) you might have noticed a strange occurrence over the past few months:


Oooh, how mysterious!

Good news: I promise to reveal everything this Friday, and those cryptic tweets will be explained when I do. In the meantime, assuming you want to play along, I’d love to hear your guesses: What am I counting down to? Am I eloping with Gary Oldman? Opening a Philadelphia franchise of Ladurée? Revealing a publishing contract? Go wild with conjecture, kiddos.

PS. Those of you that know already, don’t spoil it for everyone else (Mom)!

PPS. No, this isn’t a belated April Fool’s joke.

PPPS. No, I’m not pregnant.