I’ve Got Places to Go

No, seriously. I have been keeping a list of “Places to Go” for when I get to Paris (in 22 days! but who’s counting…me. I’m counting.). A natural consequence of (or perhaps the cause for) spending so much time in Google Earth, wandering around Paris, is that I’ve accumulated a long, long list of sun-drenched corners and hidden courtyards and unassuming spots that provide stunning vistas of the Eiffel Tower that I just have to see, and photograph, in person. I want to maximize my time there, and because my anxiety cannot be harnessed, I figured keeping a list of addresses and street names was the best approach to ensuring I don’t miss anything. Sure, I know as well as anyone that the best sites are the ones you stumble upon accidentally on an aimless stroll, and it’s not the destination but the journey, etc. etc. but come on. Try to look at any of these Google Earth screencaps and tell me I’m crazy for writing down their exact coordinates:





That’s what I thought.

PS. Did I mention there are only TWENTY TWO DAYS left?

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  1. Il te manque très peu Erin pour devenir une vraie parisienne !
    Je t’envoie un lien d’une émission française très connue, qui s’appelle “des racines et des ailes”. L’autre jour, j’ai pensée à toi parce qu’il parlé du “Paris insolite” et il montré des adresses époustouflantes !
    Je ne sais pas si le lien va marcher, sinon, met en Google :
    des racines et des ailes paris insolite. Tu peux regardé la vidéo, j’espère qui te plairas et comme ça t’auras des nouvelles adresses à chercher en Google earth ! :) xo.

    1. Ooh, je vais regarder ce soir, apres ma classe de Francais :) Merci, Eva! Je prends les classes, je marche/joue dans Google Earth, j’ecris un roman apropos de Paris, je veux etre une vraie parisienne, tu peux voir. J’ai besoin plus des addresses à chercher, tout les temps! xo

  2. i don’t think you are crazy at all! i think the fact that you can do this now is pretty amazing. you still have to get to your destinations, you know. and who knows what you will find on your way there. you are still going to stumble. when i traveled pre internet/google maps i booked hotels from the phone and ended up in some pretty terrible locations. and i am sure i missed seeing stuff too. i think this method ensures you get both the planned and unplanned. 22 days!! xo

    1. The downside to planning a trip so far in advance is that is gives me that much more time to be insane/look up Google Earth locations and generally make myself crazy over worrying I’ll never see them all. The upside is, well, everything! Who doesn’t look Google Earth??

      I can’t remember a time when you had to book things over the phone! I mean, I’m sure I can, we didn’t have a computer in the house until I was 11 or so, so my parents must’ve done things the old fashioned way for our vacations before that. There was a certain magic to being surprised when you saw your hotel for the first time — assuming it was a good surprise! Yours didn’t sound so good, haha. xo

  3. oh my gosh. so much sun! you know, when i google map my old neighborhood in new york, there isn’t so much sun but i remember playing outside in summers forever when i was a kid! i think only paris could photograph this beautifully in the distorted lens of google maps.

    1. SO MUCH SUN! I always forget that, statistically, Paris has more rainy days per year than London, because the city has the most incredible way of turning bright gold whenever there’s even a hint of sunlight. It’s my favorite thing about it :) xo

  4. !!! So excited for you! And I googled rue Rembrandt when I saw the third photo ;) lovely! Where’s the first one from?

    1. The first one is from Villa Léandre, in Montmartre. There’s the sweetest little brunch cafe on the corner, out of frame on the right, called Marcel that I will be hitting up the first weekend I’m there :) xo

  5. You’re not crazy! How could you resist not marking those coordinates down. All four screen-grabs are fantastic, but number one is gorgeous and the epitome of a Parisian street and what my daydreams consist of. The never ending tree-lined street in number two made me sigh with happiness. I can’t wait to live vicariously through you in 22 days (talk about a bittersweet wait — mostly sweet though).

    1. I was just thinking more about this and how freaking lucky are those people who get to photograph/map Paris for Google! What a dream job that would be (even with the weird bike and consequent stares)!

      1. I know, right?? What a job! I have a funny Google Earth screencap I’m planning on sharing this Friday in a Friday Five, but seriously, what I wouldn’t give to be tasked with driving up and down every. single. street in Paris…and get paid while doing it!! xo

    2. I’m glad someone understands! ;) The first one is from Villa Léandre, a quiet little dead-end pedestrian street in Montmartre, and the second is taken from the intersection of Port de la Bourdonnais and Quai Branly; the tree-lined street is the Avenue de la Bourdonnais. It’s a gorgeous street! xo

    1. It will be fun to compare my shots to the Google Earth screencaps, to see how many I can get. xo

  6. Holy shit I’ve never thought about Google Earth that way. I’m going to check that out… be back in a few days.

    PS. You’re making me want to up and move to Paris, geez.

    1. Whoa, really?? Man, that’s all I use it for! I remember the days even before Street View, when you could only get aerial satellite shots, and even that was sufficient for me when I was missing Paris too hard! You’ll be hooked immediately, I’m just warning you ;) xo

  7. This makes me laugh. It seems so very “you.” Cal has a friend who’s in Paris right now for her spring break and she posted a picture of some sunny street corner, and he said, “Isn’t that where we saw that car accident where the guys started yelling at each other?” I had to say, a LOT of corners look like that in Paris, kid. ;)

    1. Hahahaha The other day I was “wandering” and I stumbled on what I thought was the cafe J and I ate lunch at after getting engaged. I sent him a link and then realized I wasn’t even on the correct side of the Seine, let alone in the right neighborhood. ALL of the cafes on corners look the same apparently! So tell Cal it’s an easy mistake to make :) xo

  8. ok, i love you even more for doing this erin. i can’t tell you how many hours i spent on google earth wandering the streets of paris before and after my trip {with a box of tissues to wipe my post-paris tears}. such brilliant photo ops. my heart skipped a beat looking at the second one!

    1. Atta girl!! I knew there was a fellow Paris lover/Google Earth lover out there who would understand! And I’ve absolutely gotten PPD – Post Paris Depression before, so I can sympathize! You must, must go back soon! xo

  9. I am so, so insanely excited for you (and more than a little jealous). I’ve been once and while I always want to go back, I found out recently that one of my best friends had to cancel her trip to Chicago to visit me. It’s been years since I’ve seen her and I miss her terribly. Urge to spend all the rent money on a plane ticket rising…

    I’m excited to be able to live vicariously through you though! Will you be posting on Instagram as well while you’re there? Idk what your phone situation will be like.

    1. Oh darling, you have to go back! I’m serious, I don’t encourage racking up credit card debt…unless it’s for an airplane ticket ;) You can’t do Paris only once, it’s just not possible! I will 100% Instagram while I’m there; my apartment has wifi! No need to worry about international data plans, though I am getting a voice/text plan while I’m there for emergencies. Mostly I’ll be relying on Skype and wifi, though. xo

  10. Also, funny story about my first trip to Paris… when I first got there we were dropping off my bag at my friend’s apartment and I was gaping around at all the buildings and scenery and just generally having my mind blown… and she was like, “Seriously? We’re in one of the ugliest parts of Paris right now.” She was not lying. It only got better. Even the ugly side of Paris seems beautiful.

    1. Hahaha, that’s so funny. Even the ugly parts of Paris far outshine even the most beautiful spots here. I read a book not too long ago about the reconstruction of the city under Haussmann, and what we’ve come to picture when we think “Paris” was actually a wholly new landscape that tore down an entire city and re-drew streets and avenues. It’s beautiful and the most effective city planning effort since the Romans, probably, but so much “old Paris” was lost in the process. It was a great book, not too dry for a non-fiction if you’re interested! It was “Paris Reborn” by Stephane Kirkland.

  11. Oh nice! The first one, for a second, looked exactly like a little road next to which is one of my favourite cafés in Montmarte. Which, should your feet and self be up for it, we could walk to one day.

    Also, your countdown is almost identical to ours. We have 13 days left. Well, Ban does- he is heading down there on the 24th while I zip to Denver…for my IMMIGRATION INTERVIEW. I have been in the process of applying to gain US citizenship (I was adopted by my US Dad when little) and they want to meet me. Exactly when we are moving…it happens every time! So perhaps we’ll meet in Paris and I’ll be American (almost) and you’ll be French (practically) and then we’ll blissscoff some cheese and all will be well and right and good with the world.

    1. Wait, it might be! Is the cute little café Marcel?? Because that has been on my radar to mange at since the last trip! We must, must go. And I’m not staying too far from it, either. This is our new plan.

      If you gain US citizenship, you’re not required to give up your EU citizenship, right? Because no one in their right mind would ever do that. In fact, I was planning on asking you if Banoo had a relative I could marry or who could adopt me just so I’d never have to leave France every 90 days the way I do under the current Schengen Visa requirements. Womp womp. xo

  12. MARCEL. YES. God, the latte macchiato there is SUPERBE! Also the street is where I secretly want to live when we can afford a house in Paris. Drool.

    Also of course I’m not giving up my UK passport- thankfully I’m allowed to have dual citizenship! As for Ban having brothers or cousins, no luck there. They’re all girls and two gay twins. Unlucky! However, if you’re desp for a EU passport, I hear Hungary is selling them…as is Malta. You can totally buy your way in to help a crumbling economy. Worth it, I say!

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