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Every so often, I stumble on an apartment in Paris so gorgeous, so out of this world, so unbelievable that I’m stunned into an awed silence. “People actually live like that? In real life?” Sometimes it’s the design of the apartment –a glossy interior of beautiful arranged, high-end furniture– but other times, it’s the main tenet of the real estate industry that really sells a place: location, location, location. And this apartment, a mere stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower, not only has a location (and view!) to die for, the inside is pretty luxe and spectacular as well. How do you say, “embarrassment of riches” en Français?

From the glimpse of the Iron Lady out of every window, to the original herringbone floors, intricate crown moldings, marble fireplaces, to even the trompe l’œil bookshelf wallpaper in the small study, this apartment might be the most amazing home I’ve ever seen. Three bedrooms, each with an ensuite bathroom (I wish we could have seen the bathrooms!), and a maid’s room. Not only can people live like this –and do– but their maids even get to live like this. Though something tells me the maid’s room probably doesn’t have the same view.

Price: €2.85m / $3.9m

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  1. I agree. Places like this almost don’t seem real. It’s not the furniture. Honestly, I live in the South. Friends of mine down here have parents with furniture like this (crazytown). But that view. It doesn’t even look real. Reminds me of the times we’ve been in Athens with the Parthenon out our window. I could never believe that people really lived in those balconied apartments and could wake up and look at the Parthenon every morning.

    1. I guess people get used to the landscapes after a while? I’m immune to the Liberty Bell, if that’s a fair comparison, and I wouldn’t pay a lot to have a view of J’s office building, even though it’s an iconic building in our skyline, and even though we can sort of see it from our house being as close as we are. But still! How do people function every day with a view of the Acropolis or the Eiffel Tower?? HOW? I could barely hold myself together the first time the Tower popped into view on each of our last two trips there, and I’d seen it before. Seeing it everyday out my window? I’d need to be medicated. xo

  2. J’en suis bouche bée! This place is amazing. My jaw just about fell off of my face when I saw the eiffel tower practically in their living room. If I had 3.9 mil. I might have to buy this place. I’d never need for anything else. Except maybe some new furniture, but really not much. J’adore!

    1. I KNOW, RIGHT?! I troll a lot (a lot) of Parisian real estate sites, as you well know, and it takes a lot to make the cut for these types of posts. This is the DEFINITIVE Parisian apartment, as far as I’m concerned. All the other listings should just go home ;) What more could you need? A bed to sleep in, a desk and chair, and a bathroom. I don’t cook, so we can do without the kitchen. Plus, you’re in Paris, surrounded by delicious food. Who needs to cook?? xo

  3. Impressionnant! C’est ton appart à Paris? J’arrivée!!! C’est le luxe suprême et la vu, elle est à tomber! J’adore :)

    1. Ahh, oui, c’est mon appart ;) Je souhaite! S’il etait mon maison, je ne pourrais ne partir! Une jour, j’espere. xo

    1. What an idea. Touching the tower from your bedroom window. Whoa, there’s a children’s book waiting to be written about that. xo

  4. “Gah” is the sound I made when my jaw dropped. When someone references ‘prime real estate’ this should be the one and only example. One can practically touch the Eiffle Tower! I’d lose all concept of time just gazing longingly out the window from the comforts of home — le sigh!

    1. It needs to go in a textbook, or a dictionary, as the only example acceptable. I was watching Million Dollar Listing NY the other night (do you watch? It’s so good) and a developer wanted $23m for a penthouse with a view of the Empire State building (it also had a car elevator and something insane like 3,000ft2). Twenty three million! This apartment in Paris is like 1/7th of the cost and LOOK at that view!! xo

    1. It’s a little fancier than I’d go for, but I wouldn’t turn it out on the street if it came with the apartment. Really though, I could live without furniture and be just fine in this place! xo

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