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1. “Beautiful Ruins” / 2. “Paris to the Moon.” / 3. “Luminous Airplanes” / 4. “Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore”

I went on a bit of a book-buying-spree the other day, convinced the teetering stack in my “to read” pile at home is somehow insufficient. My Goodreads challenge for this year is to read 30 books, and I’m through nine so far, almost at 11 (I read several books at once. I have literary ADD). Four seemed like a good number, and I’ve gotten pretty good at navigating the Amazon Marketplace for used copies that are still eligible for free Prime shipping. My problem now will be deciding which one to read next. Oy.

What are you reading right now? I’m in the middle of “The Circle” by Dave Eggars and about 20 pages from the end of “Eiffel’s Tower” by Jill Jonnes. The latter is a history of the 1889 Exposition Universelle, including the construction of la tour. Did you know Monsieur Eiffel himself had a penthouse at the very top level for a while? That real estate must have been insane.

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    1. Oh womp womp, that’s a bummer to hear! I bought it because the cover was just so pretty (shame on me). Mr. Penumbra glows in the dark??! What?! That’s crazy! xo

  1. “I went on a bit of a book-buying-spree the other day, convinced the teetering stack in my “to read” pile at home is somehow insufficient”

    Please explain this phenomenon to my husband. He doesn’t GET IT.


    1. Well he is going to hate me after I give you your belated birthday gift tomorrow, then. Spoiler alert. xo

  2. Yaaay more books to put on my reading list! I’m in the middle of “Lean In” right now – it’s a pretty interesting read so far!

    1. I bought into the hype about “Lean In” when they were doing that viral marketing campaign with girls holding posters last year, but then I slacked and never read the book! Thanks for the reminder :) xo

  3. Like you, I’m reading several books right now:

    1. Rereading The Catcher in the Rye (for the umpteenth time) for my American Lit course
    2. Unbroken (Laura Hillenbrand)
    3. Paris Letters (Janice MacLeod)
    4. Chasing Sylvia Beach (Cynthia Morris)

    PS: Paris to the Moon is a great book!

    1. Oh, Catcher in the Rye! That’s one of those books that I reread every so often, like Gatsby, and find new things to love about it every time. You’re so lucky to get to read it with your students! I just started “Paris to the Moon” this morning on the bus and am loving it so far. Gopnik is from Philadelphia, just like me :) and his observations about Parisian store clerks is SO spot on haha. xo

  4. i happened to really like beautiful ruins. it was a story, you know? one that will probably be made into a movie kind of story. and really i loved being swept away in it. not to mention the imagery still swims around in my head. but i kind of figured that’s what it would be (i judged it by the cover too), so rather than feeling disappointed i was pleasantly surprised.

    i am not reading much of anything right now because i am suppose to be reading the 5th game of thrones book. and maybe because of the lag between the 4th and 5th i am having a really hard time getting through it. but i just want to so i can read something else!

    1. Ooh now I’m excited! I finished Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore over the weekend (in a matter of a few hours, it was that good!) but started on Paris to the Moon this morning, only because it was next in the stack and it was the first thing I grabbed. I’m excited for Beautiful Ruins now. The cover is just seriously so pretty, I’d hate to be let down by the actual story.

      I still think it’s so impressive that you’re undertaking the GoT books. A friend of mine struggled with the fourth book, too, I think. Or maybe the third? Something about one of those in the series just dragged for her very specifically. Those things are bricks, I can’t even imagine attempting one! xo

  5. Maintenant je ne suis pas en train de lire aucun et pourtant j’aime beaucoup lire mais j’ai ne pas le temps! Seulement pour le magazine “Elle”!
    Mais le dernier qui m’a beaucoup plu “La vérité sur l’affaire Harry Quebert ” écrit par un jeune écrivain à l’allure de top model: Joël Dicker. Il te maintient en allène jusqu’à la dernière page! C’était mon coup cœur de l’année dernier. Il faut que je me trouve une autre cette année!
    Je ne savais pas que M. Eiffel aime penthouse! xo

    1. Je lis Elle Deco aussi! Mon petit-ami me l’à achete pour Noël, la version Francaise! Je pratique le langue avec le magazine, haha. Joel Dicker, je vais lui souvenir, et Anna Gavalda aussi. Merci pour vos conseils! xo

  6. I’m always reading several books and right now The Art of Photography is a slog! It’s dense and too heavy to read at bedtime! I’m with Christine about Beautiful Ruins. I don’t need books to be great art. I’m all about the story and escape. I got sucked down that Amazon (Damn-azon) rabbit hole last night where one good looking book led to another (and all the really interesting looking one were preorders!) and ended up so confused that I ordered NOTHING. ;)

    1. Oh, that sort of analysis paralysis is a common theme with me. I’ll go to Barnes & Noble with a coupon burning in my pocket and get so overwhelmed with all the choices I’ll walk out of there with nothing. I like the experience of wandering the shelves, though. I’m really tactile when it comes to books. LIke right now, the cover of Paris to the Moon feels really good in my hands. But the cover of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore GLOWED IN THE DARK. How much fun is that?? xo

  7. I still have to finish the goldfinch. otherwise I have an ever-growing amazon wishlist and am by now scared to even look at it :)

    1. Oy, The Goldfinch. That book wouldn’t end. I got lazy with it the last fifty or so pages just so I could finish it. How are you feeling about it so far? xo

    1. Haha no shame in that! I’m behind on my magazine reading, if it makes you feel better. I have two months of Vanity Fairs that I haven’t even touched. xo

  8. I am still trying to read wolf hall but have been distracted by Northern Lights which I’ve been meaning to read for years. Stepson is reading it so I thought I’d join him. It’s brilliant and I wish it had been around when I was a teenager. Other than that, my Nikon D5300 Dummies Guide. Snore!

    1. I’ve never heard of Northern Lights (it sounds like the name of a tv show I’ve heard of before, maybe) but that’s fun that you are reading with the boys. Wolf Hall was really good, once you caught the wave of Mantel’s writing. She has a very distinct voice.

      Put down that camera guide and go out and fiddle and futz with every setting! You can’t learn that from a book! xo

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