Love You, Fitzy

Daylight Savings Time has been really rough around here. Waking up when it’s still dark outside wouldn’t really bother me (I’m part vampire, after all) but I’ve been stuck in full-day meetings this week that all have ungodly early start times, meaning I’m up and out the door well before 7am — practically the middle of the night. I watched the sunrise from the bus yesterday before proceeding to sit in a windowless conference room for nine hours (that last part is not Daylight Savings’ fault, but I figured I’d get all my complaints out of the way). Fitz doesn’t even stir when my alarm goes off, but I can feel him grumbling at me in his head. Dude loves his sleep. Once, I turned the bedroom light on after coming back in from the bathroom, and he actually squeezed his eyes shut and buried his head under his pillow, I kid you not.

The only upside to this whole time-change situation has been the afternoon sunlight we’ve been getting. I know I grouse every year about setting the clocks forward or back (and I’m still not confident I have a firm grasp on the entire enterprise; WHERE DOES THE HOUR GO?), but man, coming home at 5pm and getting to open a window and have an impromptu photoshoot with your dog? Don’t mind if I do!

(The only editing I did to these was resizing)





The house is usually a black hole with no natural sunlight, and the only time I get to enjoy daylight hours are on the weekends. Well, not anymore! Okay, Daylight Savings, you win this one. From these photos, one might assume that Fitz enjoys or even tolerates having his picture taken. Before you go too far operating under that assumption:


The SASS. Clearly he is my dog.

20 thoughts on “Love You, Fitzy

  1. Awesome! You love GIFs so much, (and I still refuse to believe they’re pronounced like the peanut butter, BTW) I can’t believe that this is your first. This seems much more enterprising use of your time than all those meetings. Ahem.

    1. I will NEVER pronounce it like “jif” nope nope nope. Hard-G all the way, haha. I was surprised how easy it was to make them, honestly! That’s a bad thing. That means many more gifs in my future! I agree with you about the use of my time, too ;) xo

  2. oh fitz! you steal my heart with your sassy gif and your adorable face and your sweet little paws!

    daylight savings is maybe my favorite day of the year after christmas. i am also a bit of a vampire in the morning,i wake up earlier than i should/need to, so not waking u to full sun in my face , burning my eyeballs, in the morning is a blessing to me. and that bit of sun in the evening! though it does throw me off with my sense of time. but it’s not like i’m not slightly disoriented all the time anyway ;) xo

    1. Aw, Fitz says “merci.” :)

      Haha, I love that DST ranks up there with Christmas for you! That’s so neat to know (and I think you might be the only person in the world with that sentiment! :) I have such a hard time pulling myself out of bed in the mornings at it is, that making it pitch-black out is just suuuuch a deterrent from getting up. My brain really equates “dark=sleep time” so I’ve been struggling! xo

  3. He is such a little cutie and looks like a complete gentleman but Fitz, you are fooling no one. I know all about you and your rug eating ways :)

    1. Ha! Rugs, pillows, DVD cases, blankets, recycling, you name, he’s chewed it to shreds :) But he is pretty adorable, which compensates for a lot! xo

  4. awww i love his little goatee and his little white feets

    my bullie loathes being woken for his morning constitutionals (dragging 70lbs out of bed isnt easy) – but my body clock seems to love the daylight savings. Until 3pm fail when i want to fall asleep at my desk…

    1. His little white patches are my favorite too! Especially his silly beard (why is it there? where did it come from??). Your pup sounds like he loves his sleep! While Fitz certainly is hyper, he does love to sleep more than you’d think. Dogs are just as lazy as cats, I think :) xo

  5. Goregous boy.. oh yes with his beautiful glossy coat and his cute tufted eyebrows. We feed Dudley sardines every morning to keep his coat so silky, what’s Fitz secret? x

    1. Sardines?? Wow, I’d never heard that one before. A friend of mine feeds her pug yogurt every day for her coat. Fitz’s secret? Infrequent, bi-monthly baths and lots of licking himself. ;) Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s his natural Fitz-ness. xo

  6. He is adorable! And still looks puppyish. Such a cutie. Wish we could go to the park together with our pups. Reckon they would love one another. X

    1. He has other-dog issues in that he has no idea how to behave around them (spending the first eight months of his life in a shelter might have had something to do with that) so he can either be great and rough house and play politely, or he can bark and bark and bark and howl for no reason other than OMG DOG and freak the other dog out. I wouldn’t subject Edward to that! xo

  7. aw super cute! i’m glad i’m not the only one that the daylight savings has affected, i was feeling so exhausted this week. but, i have to say, it is really nice coming home while it’s still light out :)

    1. The light at the end of the day is really, really nice, I’ll give it that much! And no way you’re alone! I’m sure you & I could start a support group if we tried :) xo

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