Gary Oldman Cell Phone Commercial

The other night as I was falling asleep, Jamal sitting up watching House Hunters next to me, I heard the most marvelous thing a girl obsessed with Gary Oldman could hope to hear in the dark of her bedroom: Gary Oldman. “It sounds like…” I thought, drowsily, but then again when am I not hallucinating about hearing Gary Oldman’s voice? It didn’t sound like the usual loop of him reading poetry to me that I like to imagine; he was talking about something indecipherable. A phone? That couldn’t be Gary Oldman. “Wait…is it?” I sat up. There he was: on the television, staring moodily out the window, none other than my crush to end all crushes, Gary Oldman.

Can you seriously imagine anything better than being jolted awake by a THIRTY FULL SECONDS of this:


It’s the most mesmerizing thing I’ve ever seen. Needless to say I had trouble falling back to sleep. I wanted to immediately run out and buy what I am now referring to as The Gary Oldman Phone.

Oh, Gary Oldman! I know I had to break up with you last year, but I hope we can be together again in the future! True love waits for no man, I know, but–


OH, GARY OLDMAN. You know how to make a girl swoon.

PS. Guess who learned how to make gifs from video?! THIS GIRL.

16 thoughts on “Gary Oldman Cell Phone Commercial

    1. It’s so, so easy. If I had known just HOW easy I would have started a long time ago! xo

  1. hahaha. i wonder if that commercial was made just for you? that long zoom-in on gary oldman, maybe the whole commercial wasn’t made just for you, but i think that bit was.

    and how in the world did you learn to do video gifs?! anything video related makes me feel sweaty. you’ll have to teach us some time. xo

    1. Aahaha, that’s exactly what Jamal said, too! It’s the most delightful commercial, Gary Oldman just staring into the camera, burning through my soul. I need to find the director and shake his hand! ;)

      I’ll absolutely do another Photoshop Tutorial post on how to make them. It’s SO easy, maybe under 10 steps total. xo

  2. Blah, blah, blah has never sounded so good! Few people could make me want to purchase a phone, but Gary certainly did.

    1. Gary Oldman could sell uranium and I’d buy it. Dead rabbits, I’d buy them. The man is perfection, he can sell me anything (liiiike, maybe an hour of alone time??) xo

  3. Et ton fiancée? Il pense quoi de ton “obsession” de Gary? Tu a finir par acheter le téléphone “oldman”? montre nous! xo

    1. Haha, il est tres patient, mon fiancé. Il n’a’ pas de choix! ;) Il m’aime, donc il aime Gary. Je pourrais acheter le téléphone en juillet quand mon contrat expire. Nous verrons. xo

    1. Haha, what ISN’T Gary Oldman good for??

      Relationships. The answer is relationships. ;) xo

    1. The urge to gif EVERYTHING is overwhelming, I have to be honest! Thankfully I’m late enough to this game that most of the things I want to turn into gifs have already been done by someone else more industrious and ahead of the curve, so my list isn’t too long ;) xo

    1. HP5 was what sparked the entire obsession! I came home from the midnight viewing and promptly added every movie he’d ever been in to my Netflix queue ;) It was a GREAT summer, let’s just say that, haha xo

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