Friday Five

This post is brought to you by Zombie Erin. Regular Erin was unable to come to the blog today, because she is exhausted. Don’t worry, she’ll be back to normal after she catches up on the roughly 30 hours of sleep she was robbed of this week. If I’ve been a bit MIA around your blogs this week, forgive me kiddos! I’ve been burning the candle at both ends.

Let’s get right to it:

1. The Veronica Mars movie!


Yes, I know I just raved about it oh, three days ago, but my love for this show has only grown more intense since then. And the movie comes out TODAY! I actually caught the trailer on tv last night and I squealed a little bit. No one ruin it for me, I’m waiting until I finish all 64 episodes before I see it, and with Jamal coming home tomorrow night (!! finally) my binge-watching habits will be cut short. Do you guys think I could get him into it? He might be charmed by Veronica’s quick wit and Logan’s pouty, yummy lips — I mean…

2. These adorable hair ties from Loft:


Here’s a fun fact: I only have two credit cards, and one of them is a Loft store card. My entire wardrobe is from this store, and thanks to their generous sales, coupons, and credit card reward perks, I often walk away from the register feeling like I’ve robbed them (I once got a $98 dress, a $34 cardigan, and a $30 dress for…wait for it…$43 TOTAL, thanks to coupons and a sale). These hair ties were an impulse buy (I never wear my hair back except when I’m washing my face at night) but can you blame me? Polka dots!

3. This unexpected Google Earth option:


You can go inside the Musée l’Orangerie. What?? How? This has taken my Paris “visits” to a whole new level. Pardon me while I Google-Earth my way through every single building (museum or otherwise) in Paris.

4. This gorgeous Parisian apartment:


Just when I think there is a shortage of classically Haussmann apartments for sale, I stumble upon a treasure like this one that makes me wish I was secretly the heiress to a bazillion dollar fortune or the next J.K. Rowling. For those herringbone floors I would even consider being the author of Fifty Shades of Gray, artistic integrity be damned!

5. This frenetic interview with Sarah Jessica Parker (and a sneak-peek home tour):

While I would prefer to watch the video on mute (the interviewer’s voice and faux-spontaneity are grating — it’s rehearsed, dude, the jig is up) it’s pretty neat to see inside SJP’s New York brownstone. The light-up globes in the den, the giant windows, a ping pong table in the living room, the walls of books? Such a refreshing change from the totally soulless, staged homes you see in design magazines. Her home is lived in and eclectic, and fittingly reminded me of a grown-up Carrie Bradshaw.

What are you up to this weekend? I’m heading to the museum today and then to lunch at my favorite diner, to soak up my last few days “living solo,” haha. Make it a good one, kiddos!

24 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. I feel like yours is the only blog I can write this on but I didn’t really like her house. Ouch shoot me and send me to hell for saying that! I know it’s sjp and you know how much I love her, not least because WE have our photo outside carrie’s house, but I found it a little tooooo eclectic. I didn’t find it as chic as I expected. I’m so sorry. I know that’s a shot against the sisterhood. X

    1. Haha no need to apologize!! You and I are still good, we have that photo after all! :) Everyone is entitled to an opinion and in some ways I definitely agree with you. It seems almost too try-hard and quirky, but who knows, maybe that’s really her taste. I’m still biased to Carrie’s apartment pre-renovation, it was unfrilly and just simple. But there I go confusing SJP for her character ;) xo

  2. I am a (not-so) closet fan of the show Extreme Couponing, so I’m very envious of you being able to pay for things with coupons!! I’d suck at NOT going for coupons all the time! xxx

    1. Haha, it happened to me the other day, too! I went to the drugstore and bought $18 worth of stuff (toothpaste, cotton swabs, mascara, really fun stuff haha) and only paid $5.18 after a bunch of coupons. It is the best feeling! My mama taught me well. xo

  3. ok, i need to try watching veronica mars. the fact that the movie is out now makes it feel like it’s a challenge, and i am always up for a challenge.

    i liked that interview. that had to be rehearsed because there’s no way to think of those things that fast. but i agree, it felt like the guy was trying so hard to make it feel unrehearsed and spontaneous, which just made it feel really rehearsed. i don’t love her house, but i liked it. i like that it feels normal and family-friendly and warm and lived-in and inviting. so in all those ways i like it much more than if it was something i thought was amazingly well designed. real is good.

    have a good weekend! (oh and that google maps! i am going to try to wait to do that until later today because i know once i start it’s going to be really hard to stop!)

    1. I’m definitely feeling the challenge, too. Although I only have nine more episodes to go in the last season and then I’m DONE. I don’t think I can deal. I’m so invested in these characters!! Waaah.

      You should let me know if you find any more cool Google Earth shots like that, we can compare notes! I went “in” a nail salon in New York the other day, it was weird. It’s borderline Big Brother-esque, haha. But yeah, a total time suck! xo

    1. Hahah, oh no, we’ve been living in sin for almost three years. I was being facetious when I said “living solo,” that’s just me pretending when he’s traveling for work. It’s a nice break every now and then :) xo

  4. never watched veronica mars… might have missed the boat… did watch the sjp interview (several times) as i’m a stickybeak… loved her home, not because i’d like to live there (i wouldn’t), but because there’s a vague shot in hell that she and her family actually created some of that themselves… would have liked to see a fraction more fabulousness, but was nicely surprised by the injection of colour & whimsy…

    1. Haha, I hear you. There was so much STUFF from the quick shots we saw (15 baseballs? an open dictionary?) that it almost felt like in trying to be “lived in” and “casual” it went too far and ended up being staged anyway. Does that make sense? I do like the result, though! Maybe with a bit of editing ;) xo

  5. SJP’s home is so cute and dreamy and i am so pleasantly surprised to see that it looks cozy and lived in and not too empty or “picture perfect”. i too would do things i wouldn’t necessarily be proud of – if only i could have that apartment in paris!

    1. Oh, the list of sins I would commit happily in the name of owning that apartment…we shouldn’t even go there ;) xo

  6. J’aimée beaucoup la maisons de SJP! Je veux la même!! Mais bon, l’appartement parisienne il n’est pas mal non plus..
    Tu me racontera un peu le film de Veronica? Parce que j’imagine qu’en France on l’aura dans deux ans!
    Mon samedi un peu pof! Avec la famille de mon mari, des gosses qui pleure, le soleil est partie…demain plus tranquille juste une repas entre nous 4 (mon mari et deux enfants) Have a nice sunday!

    1. Quand je regarde le film, je vais te dire! Je veux finir les episodes avant je le regarde. Mais je ne peux pas attendre! J’espere que tu as eu un bon weekend malgré tout! xoxo

    1. I had a two and a half+ day weekend and it STILL flew by way too quickly! I hear you. Hope you had a good one anyway! xo

  7. Oh wow, I have to agree with Annie a little. It wasn’t just me! I LOVED that it wasn’t staged, but in some ways the ecclectic nature of it did feel a little staged to me, and so much stuff. Balance, I think between those stark minimal, decorated to the hilt homes and the over-full “we are who we are,” is hard to find.

    I digress. I love Loft. I can’t wear hair ties, but I love the overall aesthetic of that place. I’ve had trouble with quality lately, but I’m putting my fingers in my ears and pretending that someone in the sweatshop was having a bad day. ;)

    1. You’re right. The pendulum swung a bit too far from the “formal/staged” side of things and there’s the same element of faux-spontaneity in her home as there is in the interview itself. There is also just a lot of stuff on those bookshelves, and it’s making me want to bust out a swiffer duster and go to town :)

      I’m surprised you had quality issues at Loft! Their stuff has held up better than a lot of my other clothes (though they’re slowly taking over my entire closet). I bet you could bring whatever it was back to the store and see if they could help you, they’re great about that. xo

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