A Bookish Apartment (with a view!) in Paris

I know I post a lot of glorious, architecturally stunning apartments in Paris (here for starters) to swoon over, and while I’d kill to live in any of them, in reality my requirements are adorably low: a roof, a window, a toilet. I don’t even need a hot plate or a mini fridge, or even much more than a bed and a desk with a chair. A studette on the 7th floor with a slanted roof and a shared toilet in the hallway landing? Parfait, as long as it’s in Paris!

But still…I wouldn’t exactly say no to this beauty, mostly because of the towering, countless stacks of books in every room. Be still my heart! This apartment is located in the 5eme arrondissement, right along the Seine, and has a view to die for (just wait until you see it).








Oh, just Notre Dame, right out your window. Who needs a tv between those windows when you have that view? What I love most about the apartment is that all of the windows are thrown open, with those piles of books just beckoning you to curl up and laze around for an afternoon, listening to the Seine roll by. And in the fifth photo, if you look closely in the background, you’ll see a small nook with a bookshelf and a tiny ottoman squeezed in. That right there? Erin’s spot.

Price? $2.2 million. Womp womp.

26 thoughts on “A Bookish Apartment (with a view!) in Paris

  1. i love the chairs in the living room – that was what i spied first. and then the stacks of books! and that view! yeah, i’d live there, i guess. oh my goodness. i just want to see more of this place. i swear i can feel the breeze through those open windows. sigh…

    1. Ha, I didn’t even see the chairs, how funny is that? My eyes went everywhere around them (windows! books! gray sofa!) but never landed in the dining room. They’re nice! Good spot, twinsy :) I’m glad you can feel that breeze too, I thought it was just me. xo

  2. Did you find this one just for me because that’s exactly how my books would be organized if I ran out of bookshelf space (which is already start to happen btw)

  3. We should so buy it! All we need is $2 mil more!!! We could walk behind Notre Dame for a cone of pamplemousse and cross the Seine for that fabulous dish of fettucini with salmon!….. Oh, and I suppose we could go to a museum or two.

    1. Whenever I win the lottery or sign away the movie rights to my book, the first thing I’m doing is hopping a flight to Paris and buying a sweet ass apartment. With a guest room! But you must book in advance, I’ll be so popular that the reservations will go fast, haha. To dream!

      I cannot believe you still remember the ice cream and pasta we ate that many years ago! I had totally forgotten about the ice cream place, but that was such a solid recommendation to go. It was delicious. xo

      1. I made you that salmon dish for years…..OK, not from scratch, but Knorr’s makes a lovely envelope!

    1. If you can believe it, my dad’s apartment (which was under 500ft2) had probably five times as many books, stacked rows deep in some spots. It was beautiful and so amazing (though a little dusty ;) xo

  4. O. M. Gee! This apartment is a beauty. I love the quirky styling. With a view like that I woud have my face smooshed against the glass 24/7 and then have to hire a window cleaner to scrub it all away. I love the towering stacks of books, though I dare not go that high with mine for fear of them toppling over, killing me à la Feffy and Eric (Boy Meets World). Death by books, not a bad way to go I suppose.

    1. Forget about smooshing my face on the glass, I’d be so spellbound by that view I’d run the risk of falling straight out the open window! Ha. “Feffy! Eric!” He was my friend! My roommate! I didn’t know her that well.” What a good show. Are you going to watch Girl Meets World when it premiers this summer? xo

      1. Very excited for Girl Meets World! Just waiting for a premiere date, so I can start counting down the days. Also, my smooshing would eventually turn into falling. Admittedly, I wouldn’t be spending much time in the beautiful apartment.

        1. Same!! On both counts, haha. I love me a good Paris apartment, but the truth is, you only really need a place to sleep and shower, because you should be outside, walking the city until your feet bleed, haha. And eating everything in your path :) xo

  5. C’était mon appartement! J’ai du le vendre, trop de bruit et trop fatiguée de voir Notre Dame chaque jour, trop de touristes!! J’ai pris l’argent et j’ai déménagé au château bordelais !! ;)

    1. Hahahah, trop de touristes, bien sûr. Tu es chanceuse, tu as eu le choix entre Bordeaux ou Paris ;) xo

  6. Seeing apartments with views like this make me want to abandon my dreams of Cornish hills and long walks through field and beach and meadow. ;) When a girlfriend and I were planning our weddings there were so many dress choices, so we’d ask, “Can it be both long AND short?” “Can it be both straight AND full skirted?” Can I live both surrounded by nature and a view like this? Those gorgeous wood floors wouldn’t go amiss, either, but I can take them with me. ;)

    1. I’m thoroughly a city-kid, and while I totally see the appeal of the rolling English countryside, I get too freaked out by the quiet after about an hour. Where are the horns? The sirens? The chatter of people?? The country scares me! Give me loud, bustling cities any day! ;) xo

  7. this is not fair! firs thing i noticed was the immediate view of notre dame! you know, visiting various churchs in italy and even in the north east, nothing about old churches was remarkable to me until i went to notre dame. it just trumps them all.

    1. The old churches in Belgium (Ghent specifically) were so stunning, in a totally different way from Notre Dame. She’s a beautiful church, no doubt about it, and so grand! The ones in Belgium though are architecturally gorgeous, but smaller, and felt more medieval. I wouldn’t say to no to a view like this! xo

  8. What?! You had me at pocket doors. This is the kind of place that makes me want to shadow the owners/tenants. Who are these people?! Time to start playing the lottery on a regular.

    1. Right?? It’s not like it’s even stocked with million dollar, luxe furniture. It looks like a normal, lived-in home! The owners just happen to have a prime slice of real estate. Mon dieu. xo

  9. oh, wow, this has to be the perfect spot to live in Paris. I personally prefer the other side of the Seine, but I’d make an exception for this place :)

    1. Haha, right bank vs left bank, I hear you! But when you’re basically ON the Seine, I’d say it’s all the same ;) xo

    1. Those books just kill me! I probably have that many but they aren’t displayed in an apartment in Paris ;) xo

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