Friday Five

I’d forgotten how much fun these are, but last week put me back in the swing of things.

1. The nonstop LOLs this video brought me:

Some hilarious wizard dubbed an Evgeni Plushenko ice skating performance from the mid-90s with Ginuwine’s R&B bump-and-grind anthem “Pony,” and while it might seem random, the result is superb. Plushenko’s original routine somehow, magically, lines up perfectly with the song, and if you can make it to 2:55 when his pants come off (seriously!) without tears rolling down your face, you must have a more mature sense of humor. Thankfully, I do not, and I therefore found this hysterical and much more preferable to the actual ice skating we saw at the Olympics.

2. THIS:

No explanation necessary. (!!!!)

3. My new bag, in preparation and expectation of spring:


I know, color! A few weeks ago I undertook an exhaustive search, employing all of my Internet Squirreling skills, to find The Perfect Spring Bag. Requirements: red or poppy, crossbody, big enough to hold my camera, zipper closure, under $300. You guys, it was a doozy, full of drama (I bought a bag I thought was The One, only to find out it wasn’t big enough, and then the company tried to screw me on their return policy, oy) but has a happy ending: I happened to wander into Macy’s when they were having a Coach sale, and the rest, as they say, is history. For just a little more than half my original budget thanks to the sale, this beauty met all of my requirements and then some. I’m in lurve.

4. This wonderfully weird Google Maps screencap:


I spend a large amount of my time “wandering” around Paris in Google Maps, as you know by now. Whatever, I miss Paris, it’s cheaper than a flight, and if I lean really close to the computer screen I can almost delude myself into believing for a moment that I’m there. So imagine my shock during a leisurely “stroll” through Parc Monceau when I came across a pair of legs, running on their own accord. Legs! What a delightfully awful Photoshop job, Google! I rire‘d so hard I thought I would need my inhaler. It’s the little things.

5. This stunning book-shaped lamp:


I can’t even! Designer Max Gunawan’s Lumio Book Lamp looks like a normal hardcover book when closed, but fans open and becomes an LED nightlight. “The strong neodymium magnets embedded within its covers allow this transformable light to be expanded 180 degrees to its fullest brightness, or mounted upon any magnetic surface.” It’s powered by a rechargeable battery, good for up to eight hours at a time, which is plenty of time for reading in bed before falling asleep (just make sure you close both books!). Currently backordered, but definitely on my wishlist.

What are you up to this weekend? My mom’s birthday is tomorrow, and we’re going to brunch at the museum on Sunday to celebrate. Tomorrow, unfortunately, is also Jamal’s departure date; he’s going to India (again) and South Africa (again!) for two weeks for work. Boo! In his absence, I plan on eating popcorn for dinner, unabashedly wearing my biggest sweatpants around the house, binging on tv shows, and missing him terribly.

23 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Ahhhhh the body-less legs. I think I’ve seen them running around my neighborhood as well. Happy birthday to your mom and have a wonderful weekend

    1. Haha I want to see! I wish I could spend ALL my time in Google Earth finding odd things like that. xo

  2. i am so confused by that video – so what song was he skating to originally? i mean, wowzers, who knew? apparently i need to look up more ice skating videos, way more exciting than the boring old olympic routines.

    legs! running! that’s what i would look like if i went running because if my legs wanted to go running they’d have to go by themselves.

    nice bag! i have never had a coach, isn’t that crazy? everyone has/had a coach. i might have to check out that sale you’re talking about. xo

    1. It was originally to Tom Jones’ “Sex Bomb” which explains SO MUCH, but removes some of the hilarity when you realize he was already gyrating in his muscle suit to begin with :)

      My dad bought my mom a coach bag for every occasion, so she has a gorgeous collection of vintage bags I raid from time to time, and I have one or two of my own. If there is a Coach Factory outlet near you, those are awesome to hit up! Everything is always half off with an extra discount that day. It’s like you’re stealing, once they ring up the price. xo

  3. Why is it so freaking hard to find the perfect bag? I do, like you it sounds, have very specific and (ahem) similar requirements. Big enough to hold the camera being the main thing. And, well, beautiful being the other. I tend to dress pretty neutrally, but my bags and coats need to be vibrant. I have an orange one going now that I’d say I’m 80% pleased with. Not too bad.

    I love the Gary Oldman bit! Did you see my link awhile back to the photographer Platon? He has a wonderful Oldman photo, but I’m sure you’ve seen it. ;)

    1. My thing is I have so many neutral bags that fit my camera, that realistically I didn’t need any more. But then I thought about spring and color and well, once I get squirrelly about something, I can’t let it go. Et voila!

      I did see that Platon photo, but of course I’d seen it before ;) Doesn’t mean I didn’t love it a second time around, though!! I’m sure that photographer is talented (his portfolio speaks for itself) but it’s impossible to take a bad photo of that man. xo

  4. hehe that video cracked me up. ok i know ice skating is supposed to be ballet on ice but sometimes I wish they would be more fun and modern- just to mix it up. BOOO- 2 weeks :( I hope he packed light so he can buy you a few surprises! Nothing too exciting here on the home front- we were talking about going to this amazing french bakery in town but thats about it.

    1. En Français, ice skating is “patinages artistique” which makes it sound SO much more like the ‘ballet on ice’ you explained. This? I’m not sure exactly what this was, aside from being hilarious and weird!
      J is really good about picking up souvenirs from his travels, the cutie pie. I’m spoiled, what can I say? :) Hope you had a good weekend and hit up that bakery!! xo

  5. As I sniggered at that ice skating video, marvelling at how floppy, feathered mullets were ok in the 90’s, I noticed he skated past a sign that said SKATING CHAMPIONSHIPS 2001!


    It’s even MORE unbearable now! BWA HAHAHAHAHA.

    1. OH MY GOD I’D MISSED THAT ENTIRELY. Woooops. Mid-90s, hahaha. My bad! Good lord. The early 2000s were a wild time, clearly! xo

  6. Um where to start??? Gold pants??? I’m kinda curious what the original music was as what on earth would fit with that??
    And that bag? I thought Coach were super expensive but that’s a bargain! It’s lovely colour. I might have to get one too.
    Funny Goldman (did you realise that’s his initial and surname, like I’m ABird)
    And that light is really lovely, especially amazing that it opens.
    Happy weekend and boo to Jamal and his dastardly travelling xx

    1. Tom Jones “Sex Bomb”! Makes sense, once you know that. I’m happier thinking it was always to Ginuwine, though :) Coach is definitely the more “pedestrian” of the name-brand handbags, in terms of affordability. They have outlets scattered around the country where everything is 50% off or more, they always have sales, and they sell in normal department stores that have sales, so they’re not like D&G or LV or anything. And yes, this one was originally $228, down to $171 with the sale! Can’t complain about a good bargain.

      I am CRACKING UP that Richard went to Sao Paolo for “lunch”! These men and their travels. J went to South Africa last time for a 3 hour meeting. He was gone a full week. I still haven’t figured that one out. xo

  7. Hi I’ve missed reading your blog so incredibly much! As for that ice skating video, it is impeccable how perfect the song and his moves line up! And hilarious. Also, I love that you Google Map your way through Paris! I think I’m going to do that too. I didn’t fall in love with Buenos Aires like I fell in love with Paris, so I can’t wait to go back to France already even though there are so many places I like/want/need to go to before I re-visit Paris, where I left my heart.

    1. You’re back! You’re back you’re back you’re baaaack! How was it? I got to see so much of it through your Instagram and blog, but I’m sure there are tons more photos and stories you have yet to share. Was it a good honeymoon?I’m sorry it didn’t live up to Paris! Though I can’t imagine a city that does, to be honest :) That’s the magique of the city. xo

  8. J’aime beaucoup le sac que tu as choisisse, j’adore la marque “Coah”! j’adore le lampe aussi!
    Comment tu as fait pour les images avec Gary, it’s amazing!

  9. Buahahaha- I mean, with the costume alone this is too much. Add Pony to it, priceless. The Google Paris is so creepy (makes me think that jogger was being beamed up in the middle of the run! Too much tv?) So happy for your step toward color ;-) And Happy Birthday Erin’s Mom! (from someone with a new found respect for mothers everywhere)

    1. It’s just so good, isn’t it? My friend Herbie sent it to me and I had to keep pausing it (I was watching at work) because I was cracking up too much! I love your take on the Google Earth legs. Maybe I accidentally stumbled upon an alien abduction! How awesome would that be?!
      My mama says merci, and that don’t worry, it gets easier :) xo

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