An Attic in Paris

My goal this year (aside from 1. Finish the first draft of my novel, 2. Get married, and 3. Run away to Paris) is to read 30 books. Doable, yes? In January I read “The Paris Architect”, “The Goldfinch”, and “Sotheby’s: The Inside Story.” If I keep up this 3/month pace, I’ll be fine. Right now I’m almost halfway through “The Paris Wife,” a fictional account of Hemingway and his first wife and their time in Paris in the 1920s. The description of the first apartment they rent reminds me of the line “All that’s missing is the tuberculosis.” I’ve made that joke before, but I swear every attic apartment in Paris just begs for it.

Well, almost every attic apartment in Paris. This one, for sale at €865,000 ($1.17m) is more ‘loft penthouse’ than ‘bohemian attic hovel’, and the clear exception to the notion that top floor Parisian apartments are dens of iniquity and disease for starving writers. Check out that view, and that bookshelf! I don’t know which is dreamier.








22 thoughts on “An Attic in Paris

    1. I’m somewhere around pg 215, and yes, poor Hadley! It’s so emotionally draining reading it! xo

  1. i don’t know why i am so resistant to reading the paris wife, but i am. in fact just this weekend i was at powells and they had a new copy for only 8 dollars, but i just think it sounds so boring – hemingways first wife. i don’t what bugs me about it, but maybe when you are done you can sway me, because i think i would actually really like it, maybe a lot.

    but onto this amazing apartment. oh my goodness the views! those are absolutely amazing!!

    1. I’m with you. I held out on it for a while (can you imagine me waiting for a book to come out in paperback, especially if it’s about Paris/Hemingway/writing? I had my doubts about it, too, clearly) but I’m glad I finally bit the bullet. You’d like it! Hemingway is a bit of a shit, and Hadley is a weak-spined nincompoop, but PARIS! It isn’t a portrait of a perfect marriage the way the cover (and, well, history. The man did have 4 wives) might lead you to believe. If you send me your address I’ll mail you my copy when I’m done :) xo

    1. The choice to remove the roof and put in a skylight was SO SMART. The result is just stunning!! xo

  2. Wow! Lovely. Plus I bet it reminds you of the view you had from your love shack apartment last time, right? ;)

    1. Hahah love shack! ;) Our view was only slightly less impressive but I would gladly take it again in a heartbeat. I’m trying to orient myself from these listing photos and figure out where our apartment was in relation to it, but am not having much luck. It doesn’t help that Montmartre is all hills! xo

      1. My impression is that this apartment is kind of southeast of the church, and your flat was northwest? (Also, are those directions one word or two words?) What do you think?

        1. You’re right!! We were northwest (I can’t split that into two words for fear of a Beetlejuice situation with the Kim/Kanye spawn) and this apartment must be south, to face the full front of the church. But even though we were diagonally to the left, Sacre-Cœur was still uphill in our view. C’est bizarre! xo

    1. I would kill for a bookshelf that grand. It reminds me of a modern, French version of the library the Beast gives to Belle. I mean… ;) I’m feeling MUCH better this week, thank you so much for asking!! xo

    1. YES! The rest of the apartment is just an extra bonus (nice kitchen! but who can tell when the living room is that pretty?!) xo

      1. I completely skipped over the kitchen bc the living room is that stunning – the place could be a studio apt for all I care :)

    1. Oof, I don’t know if I could be in the Paris Wife; Ernest is so mercurial and Hadley is so meek, their relationship is so exhausting! But Paris? In the 20s? Sign me up! Where is that time machine? xo

  3. oh, wow, this place is to die for. I’m hoping to be at least able to visit Paris in March. running away there is unfortunately not in the cards :(

    1. Oooh I hope you can make it over there! March in Paris is my favorite. Far fewer tourists and the weather can be all over the place (makes it more exciting). When we were there in March last year, it was sunny and 63 one day, and 30 and snowing three days later. Bonkers! xo

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