A Classic Apartment in Paris

What do you picture when you hear the words “classic Parisian apartment”? Herringbone wood floors, large casement windows, scrolling iron railings, intricate moldings, sun-drenched rooms, fireplaces with built-in mirrors above them, oui? What a dream, to own such an architecturally iconic space. This apartment checks every single one of those boxes:






I’ve left out photos of the updated bathrooms and kitchen, because while they are functional and modern, they clash with the rest of the gorgeous details of the apartment. I simply cannot get over how picture-perfect it is; as if someone drew from scratch what they thought a classic Haussmann apartment should look like. This is real! We could live there! Quick, who has $5.25 million??  I don’t think I would even furnish it (I couldn’t afford to!) but rather spend my time running back and forth between all the rooms squealing in delight like a child on Christmas.

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February 18, 2014 / design / LEAVE A COMMENT / 25


  • OMG! OMG! OMG! This is the nicest space I have seen ANYWHERE!!! Notice that I used a ton of exclamation points, please!

    • This apartment totally calls for it, it’s okay! I’ll allow it this time ;) It doesn’t even seem REAL it’s so perfect, right? I can’t even!! xo

  • OMG! OMG! The kitchen!!! I can’t even.

    • Ahaha, really?? I wouldn’t peg it as your style at all! Can you buy it and we can all live there? There are plenty of bedroom! xo

      • There goes your inheritance…

        • Oh please, if you were worth as much as this apartment costs I would have hired a hit-man a long time ago for the pay out ;) xo

          • Do you remember when you found my retirement statement and asked me to consider dying???

            • I stand by that! I NEED A HOUSE IN PARIS.

              • Cold…….

  • Truly a dream! I can’t stop swooning over the second photos listed. I could stand for some natural light in the bathroom… but who cares, I’d just appreciate standing on the balcony alone. Thanks for sharing. :)

    • Yeah, all I’d need really is a sleeping bag. I’d spend all my time on that little balcony. Weeping, obviously, because I was so happy :) xo

  • my heart just exploded and then broke a little bit. that’s my dream right there. sometimes i worry about going to paris because i have it SO built up in my head, i have been thinking of it since i was a little girl. and i always picture myself in a haussmann, and well, that’s not very likely. but i will never stop dreaming of it. we seriously need to find someone who wants to donate 5.25 mil to us. xoxo

    • Honestly, there is no way Paris could let you down. It’s not like only a few of these types of apartments exist (well, maybe in size, sure). Our last trip there, we spent only $120 a night to stay in an apartment with just many gorgeous, original details. Fireplace with mirror, original herringbone floors, moldings, glass pane doors between rooms…sigh. I love that place. So it’s doable! On every budget. If you ever need help, you just let me know ;) xo

  • What an awesome apartment! So much natural light, and beautiful architecture. I love the floors the most though.

    • I love those floors, too. How come they don’t make floors like that in the states?? xo

  • Everytime you do these, I seriously debate hopping on a plane and just moving there stat. We’re looking for a house here in Southern California, but not going to lie, Paris just sounds more appealing! ;)

    • Haha, if you do decide to abandon the house hunt out there, pick me up on your way to France! I’m on the way :) How is the search going? xo

  • I was just thinking if I sold one of my kidneys I still couldn’t afford the apartment.. it does have all the bells and whistles and so stunning.

    • Oof, yeah, we’d need to pool about 50 kidneys to even come close to a down payment! Or we could invent something? Marry a prince? What are our options?? xo

  • I bet there’s a pervy neighbour upstairs who likes to fait l’amour LOUDLY though. That’s standard in Paris! ^_^

    • All a part of the charm! …I say that but I know I’d be horrified having to live with it full-time ;) xo

  • stunning. reminds me of our apartment in Paris. just that ours was the size of a shoe box compared to this! xo

    • Yeah, but even a shoebox in Paris is better than nothing ;) And I love that even the teeniest apartments can still have all these charming details. xo

  • How beautiful. This definitely is a luxury apartment in an amazing city. Thanks for sharing.

    • Happy to! xo