Un Jardin Sur Le Toit


I didn’t ask for much this Christmas, and the majority of my requests were practical: pajamas, an external hard drive, a new SD memory card, face lotion. As a kid, socks were the worst present you could find under the tree, but this year I was actually bummed when my mom didn’t give me a few pairs in my stocking. Ah, maturity! (Don’t worry, there were plenty of non-footwear related presents, too).

But I did ask Jamal for new perfume, which doesn’t exactly qualify as practical, I know. I’ve had my eye (nose?) on a scent by Hermes, Un Jardin Sur Le Toit after sampling it at Sephora on a whim. It smells almost spicy and lush, living up to it’s name of a rooftop garden, and has serious staying power; the notes change throughout the day and it’s just gorgeous. It’s pretty pricey ($130 for 3.3oz) but, ever convinced I can find a bargain, I found a less expensive option after some internet squirrelling. Bonus: the full-size bottle came with a smaller travel size spray and a lotion. Jamal done good, and it came just in time: my old standby, Chloé, had run out, and it isn’t the right season yet for this one.

Seriously, come sniff me. I smell great.

18 thoughts on “Un Jardin Sur Le Toit

  1. SOCKS! What is wrong with me???? Does it count that I buy us matching socks throughout the year?

    1. Well yes, socks at any time count! I was just kidding, you went above and beyond this Christmas! xo

  2. Ah, external hard drive. Need one or two of those actually.

    I always treat myself to perfume at the Duty Free when we travel overseas, and I’m just over halfway through this summer’s purchase. Neel got one of the hints I gave him about Christmas presents (it helps to send links), but he must have forgotten about that time I waved the sample of Philosykos they gave me at Diptyque.

    Oh well, there’s always Valentine’s Day.

    1. Yeah, I finally have something to back up all my important files (I have three different computers I work on, and it’s nice to have a central backup of the important stuff). But now I’m convinced I need a backup of the backup, you know? Like an extra external hard drive just in case? Is that insane? It’s insane.

      I never even thought to buy perfume at the Duty Free stores, but that’s actually a good idea. And it’s a nice reminder of the places you’ve been! I only started wearing perfume regularly about a year and a half ago, so this is still new territory for me :) But you can’t go wrong with Diptyque! xo

  3. thanks for the tip. I’m almost out of my favourite perfume and need a new one. alas, i will have to gift it to myself.

  4. oh i love perfume. i want to run to sephora and test this (and all the other ones) out right now. i love the little green bottle. i think that would look so pretty on my perfume shelf (which is just a shelf with a bunch of other stuff on it too in my bathroom). isn’t it sad when there is such a pretty bottle of perfume and you are so excited to smell the intoxicating scent that is inside and then it’s really gross, it doesn’t match the bottle at all. in fact i always say “don’t judge a perfume by its bottle” – because books, well, i am a pretty good judge of book covers. speaking of, ooooh, that goldfinch is so good! i also need an external hard drive!

    1. Fun fact about Sephora: they will give you tiny, sample spray bottles of whatever perfume you want! They last about two weeks if you just use one spritz a day, which isn’t bad and definitely tided me over until this showed up under the tree :) I wish I was more versed in perfume bottles vs. contents, but alas, I’ve only been a perfume wearer for a short time, I haven’t done too much investigating. But I am with you on the book cover thing. I know we’re not supposed to judge, but if that were really true, there wouldn’t be paid book cover designers. ;)

      I’m about 300 pages into The Goldfinch and it’s sort of dragging for me. There is just so much extra prose that I could do without to get to the ‘action’ parts. It’s still really well written, I can’t deny that! xo

  5. i love a good long lasting perfume. what a lovely gift! if only my beau would go buy me perfume, but alas, i’ve always bought some for myself before i can even ask for it. i think it’s such a lovely gift from a man to a woman. it’s romantic and seems like a thing the french would do.

    1. I debated buying this last fall when I got my first whiff of it, but it was a little cost prohibitive to splurge on just for myself, especially around the holidays. If I had found it in, say, March, I might have had a harder time resisting ;) And while it was very romantic of J to get me, I did give him my Amazon wishlist and maaaybe hinted that he not deviate too far, haha. He’s the best, that one. xo

  6. my mom always give me sheets- and as Ive gotten older she tells me how much she likes shopping for sheets. sorta random and funny.

    perfume is always a good gift because i always think its hard to buy it for yourself but an easy gift. my smell is gucci rush. :)

    1. Sheets are such a good gift though! You can never have too manny nice sets. But that’s the bedding-junkie inside of me talking; I always want to redecorate our duvet and sheet situation, haha. And you’re right, perfume is a easy, good gift! It helps that I gave him a detailed list ;) I’ll have to sniff Gucci Rush next time I’m at Sephora! Bet it smells fab. xo

  7. you asked for a hard drive for christmas? crazy girl!
    I need new perfume as mine has been discontinued boohoo. this ones sounds nice so I may have to go and have a sniff. If you were nearer i would sniff you. And then lick the ventolin off your hand x

    1. :D I needed one and it’s one of those things I didn’t want to spend my own money on because its not fun, haha. I’m using it as a backup for my novel and a bunch of photos, which is helpful and necessary! It’s a really useful gift!

      Which perfume were you using that got discontinued, you poor thing?? And you don’t have to worry, I’m not doing that hand-licking-medication routine anymore; they wouldn’t let me do it longer than 30 days as any longer and it can cause a bacterial build-up that could be fatal. LOVELY, let me tell you! So now I just suffer from random esophageal spasms usually at 2am, but it means that I get to watch loads of WIll and Grace reruns :) xoxo

  8. That’s one chic looking bottle – I need to take styling tips from you. This girl right here is an absolute mess.

    1. It’s an absolutely gorgeous bottle, for sure. The packaging it came in was pretty divine, too. A nice silver box with orange lettering. Come to think now I’m sad I recycled it :( xo

    1. It really is so pretty! I know we shouldn’t judge things by their appearances, but you really have to hand it to perfume bottles sometimes. They’re always so pretty! xo

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