Two of A Kind

Today’s Two of A Kind (let’s not talk about the fact that the last one I posted in this series was July 2013…and the one before that was January 2013, what a slacker!) was borne out of the notion that life imitates art. Who wouldn’t want to imitate Severin Roesen and Mark Rothko?


1. Clutch / 2. Roesen Painting / 3. Rothko Painting / 4. Vase

In the past this series has featured things that are vaguely representative of each other (sometimes more than others), but this round-up is just too eerie. If that clutch isn’t the spitting image of Roesen’s “Victorian Bouquet,” I don’t know what is.

12 thoughts on “Two of A Kind

  1. So funny, I meant to say in your round up earlier this week that that tee shirt reminded me of a highly structured Rothko. What he’d do if his teacher made him “stay within the lines.” I like this one better. ;)

  2. oh, it’s fun to see two of a kind again. love both rothko and roesen, but that roesen is one of my very favorites of his. and that bag! i would own that bag, it’s adorable. and that vase looks so similar too. how do you find these things?! xoxo

  3. i really like that painting! i’ve always been partial to oil paintings that are still lifes with really dark backgrounds and lots of black paint. i suppose that is why i am drawn to those types to photographs too :)

  4. Okay, I want both of those prints really badly. My home is in desperate need of art (art everywhere!) and you pick out the best things

    1. I really ought to be a personal shopper/decorator/deal hunter. It’s my life’s calling, I think. xo

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