The Present

“How can you live in the moment when the moment changes every second? I think we deserve at least different a option, a different scale of time that is a little bit more like life.”


If you’ve ever felt like things, life in general, move too quickly and you can’t seem to enjoy the present, you’re not alone. How many of us have said “This week/month/year went by so quickly!”? That was the problem Scott Thrift, the designer of The Present, the world’s first annual clock, wanted to solve. A new kind of technology that helps us slow down, instead of being completely up to speed every single second of every single day.


The hand on The Present clock takes one year to make one full revolution, keeping you fixed in, well, the present. On a day-to-day basis, it is impossible to see the hand of the clock move. The subtle shifts in color on the clock face represent the changing seasons, starting at what we identify as midnight, but what is now a pure white strip representing the winter solstice.


It’s a truly fascinating concept, and it throws into sharp relief the reality of a full year. Regardless of it worked and I felt truly more centered and relaxed about the passing of time, it would look beautiful hanging on the wall.

It’s a snow day today! I’m working from home and hoping to also get some writing done today. Stay safe out there and have a great weekend, kiddos!

7 thoughts on “The Present

  1. oh, that’s pretty cool. i love the concept, but i might also be freaked out by it. i have some weird issues. superstitions? i don’t know counting down a year on my wall might lead me to certain “anxious thoughts” – (aaaah, i just live it). beyond my own strange fear of “time” i do think it’s really cool and i like it. does it come in any other color besides rainbow?

    yay, snow day! and happy weekend xo

  2. This is so neat, particularly as midnight is my BIRTHDAY – so extra props to the clock designers. Enjoy the snow day Erin!

  3. wow, I had no idea that existed. it’s a brilliant idea. time is a man made concept while seasons are more natural. xo

  4. this is absolutely gorgeous. i love how serene this idea is and would love to have something like this in my home. i hope you are enjoying your snow day – i have to say i am a little jealous! although, i am also quite thankful that your cold front even made it’s way down here to florida so that i can enjoy scarves and boots and 40 degrees afternoons :)

  5. Ok this is a really cool/interesting concept. I’d probably become slightly obsessed thinking about it though. Really does put things into perspective.

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