Snow Day!



You might have heard about the blizzard that blanketed much of the northeast yesterday. It sort of came out of nowhere, with news stations only alerting us to the impending snow on Monday. Early predictions were for about 4-6″ (lolz, no) for Philadelphia, beginning late Tuesday. But then it started snowing at 10am yesterday, and was coming down so hard and fast it looked like rain. And it didn’t quit. It snowed for almost 18 hours in total, well into the middle of the night, giving us about a foot of accumulation and a snow day! I’m working from home today (along with the rest of the city) and that can only mean one thing: sweatpants.

I love you, winter.

16 thoughts on “Snow Day!

    1. Santa!! You’re back! So good to hear from you!! Hope you stayed nice and toasty inside yesterday xo

  1. snooow daaaay!! you guys are getting so much cold and snow. and california is having a drought and it hasn’t been raining here every single day. what is going on? though, the snow for you, probably isn’t that odd – i just have some strange rule in my brain that it should only snow from november first to jan 1st (like in the movies), but we don’t get a lot of snow here and when it does snow it’s always later in the winter when you really are ready for spring. but that snow looks pretty fun and there is so much! look at that van. are you going to take fitz sledding? xoxo

    1. Haha, I hear you! I tend to forget that winter lasts until the middle of March. Mostly because I forget it only starts in late December! In my head winter is November-February. Oops, good thing I never had aspirations to become a meteorologist ;)

      We didn’t really leave the house yesterday, except to walk Fitz who ADORES this weather. He spends more time eating the snow and bouncing in it than doing anything else! xo

  2. Beautiful!
    Here in the Austrian alps we are experiencing a rather mild and almost snowless winter.
    Enjoy a cozy sweat pants day. Yay!

    1. That’s surprising, Tanja! I would have thought for sure you guys would be buried under by now ;) xo

  3. Yaaaay, i love snow, it really brightens up winter. I remember when I lived in Philly and there was snow piled 3 metres high up on the side of the roads, BRRRR! PS Are those sorrel boots you’re wearing? I love them! :)

  4. We’re so excited to get snow here too, even without a kid at home to enjoy a snow day. Neel didn’t go to work, and we took a long walk and each did our own thing all day but now we’re going to watch a movie. Is this what retirement is like? Sign me up.

    1. J’s office closed too, so we were both working from home yesterday pretty diligently! We did sneak out at 5:30 for an impromptu dinner in town for Restaurant Week, and the place was packed. Yuppies aren’t put off by a little snow when there is a BYOB and prix fixe menu involved ;) xo

    1. It was verrry fluffy, which made it easier for shoveling (not that I would know, but I was told ;). I hope you guys get snow! It’s my favorite weather occurrence, I wish everyone could experience this type of day. xo

  5. I want snow! I am so jealous!!! It’s been so warm here and it’s rained for forty days. All David Cameron’s fault for allowing gay marriage apparently. So there!
    They sell boots like that in JCrew here and I saw them and thought of you. We all wear wellies instead.

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