Loving Lately, vol 2.


Tee / Necklace / Hand Lotion / Book / Lip Balm / Faux Flowers / Vase / Book / Flats

Just a collection of things I have my eye on recently. And no, I don’t have any of these picks except for the Sotheby’s book. Restraint!

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January 21, 2014 / design / fashion / vanity / read / watch / LEAVE A COMMENT / 17


  • L’Occitane really has the best lotion ever – I’m addicted!

    • Right?! I’m not a fan of the shea butter smell, but I have one in a vanilla scent that I adore. Soo rich! xo

  • as soon as i read lip balm i had to get up and go put some on, but that looks a lot better than the dr. pepper lip smacker i just used.

    those books! i can’t add anymore books to my wish list (but i will), i am still getting through the goldfinch, i turned a corner and i am much closer to the end than the beginning now. it’s one of those books that i won’t be able to put down for a day and then i end on a slightly boring part and i don’t pick it up for two. but i still really love it. quite a lot really. xo

    • Ha! That’s a really funny Pavlovian response ;) Now I need lip balm, too…hmm.

      I’m with you on The Goldfinch in that respect. Once I start reading and get into the groove, I can power through a big section. It’s once I put it down that it’s hard to rally to get back into it. If I lose the momentum it’s tough. It’s really beautifully written but…I don’t know. I wanted it to be something different, I think. More art-heist-y? xo

  • Those flats are a must!!!

    • If you’re feeling generous, I take an 8.5. ;)

  • I need that lotion. Ugh the weather is so dry here lately, it’s actually painful! :(

    • Seriously! I had cracks in between my fingers that wouldn’t heal up easily. The worst! xo

  • love that shirt- it could go from day to night. :)

    • Oh yes, paired with those flats especially, I think! xo

  • lovely collection. I do like the flowers, even though I’m usually not a fan of fake blooms :)

    • Same, I’m much more a fan of buying real ones and then letting them dry. They look so elegant that way! xo

  • My hands are in the worst shape this winter. More so than usual. I have all these tiny cuts all over my fingers and they’re so dry and sore. I feel like I’m putting lotion on constantly, but to no avail. So that’s me. Whine, whine, whine.

    You already know how I feel about the lip balm. My lips are fine.

    • If they’re really bad, buy a big tub of Eucerin. It’s like paste, basically, and you can’t touch anything after you apply it because it’s just grease, but DAMN does it work. I put it on every night before bed. It’s a lifesaver. xo

      • You’re welcome.

  • You are so good – can’t believe you haven’t bought any of these things.

    • Moving money immediately to my savings account every payday severely limits how many unnecessary presents I can buy myself. So smart! ;)