Hello, 2014

Happy New Year! Did you all have a fun time counting down to midnight? Hope you’re not too hungover this morning! The best way to start 2014 is with some delicious, entirely amazing eye-candy, thereby setting the tone for a delicious, entirely amazing year. That’s how it works, right? You put out in the world what you want to get back from it: positivity, love, etc. Thus: Gary Oldman. You’re welcome!



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January 1, 2014 / Gary Oldman / LEAVE A COMMENT / 14


  • Daddy!

    • Shut uppppppp I don’t have the money to pay for that kind of therapy. xo

      • *giggles* Thanks for the Gary treat!
        A very happy new year to you, Erin!

        • And to you, Tanja!! xoxo

  • yeah, that’s indeed a nice start into the year (seeing that I am a tiny bit hungover) – happy 2014 xoxo

    • Aw! Hope it wasn’t too terrible of a hangover for you ;) xo

  • Happy New Year! Why do I have a feeling that this will be a great one for you? ;)

    • Ooh, me too. Guess we must be in on something ;) xo

  • hehe. happy 2014! i didn’t drink and i was in bed at about 12:01 but i am so tired this morning i feel like i could have a hangover. i just like to be in the spirit of things i suppose. have a wonderful first day on this new year. xoxo

    • I took a quick (unexpected) power nap at around 10pm so I was able to rally until midnight. But, like you, I was in bed right after the ball dropped and I STILL feel tired a full day later, haha. Wooo party animals! xo

  • Happy 2014 – this year’s gonna be the best yet, I can feel it in my bones

    • I love that sort of optimism! I hope we’re still saying that come June! xo

  • Happy 2014 Erin!
    Hope you had a fabulous time. Den and I went to dinner and was entertained by a Frank Sinatra tribute act… all very middle aged but a lot of fun. Held in an old converted tudor home so very intimate too. As designated driver myself and the guy on the table next door to us were the only ones sober but I made up for it when we got home!
    Thanks too for keeping Gary Oldman in our thoughts ;-)

    • Happy New Year, darling! Your evening sounds like it was perfect and romantic. A Frank Sinatra tribute band?? What’s not to love about that?! What a way to ring in 2014. xoxo