Bad Things Come in Threes

Well! I didn’t plan on taking three days off from posting (my longest stint since 2011, and certainly the longest when I wasn’t on vacation) but then again I didn’t plan on getting the flu, either. I woke up Saturday morning with a little cough, and took my inhaler thinking it was just my usual chest tightness. By Saturday afternoon, after a probably-not-helpful-in-hindsight walk in the snow, it was clear it wasn’t going away, but that was fine, a cough is nothing. By Saturday night, I might as well have had sad game show music playing after my every movement; this was no mere cough. When I woke up Sunday morning aching all over, feeling like someone had taken a baseball bat to my back, a Cough with a capital-C, and a 102 fever, there was no denying it. The flu!

I needn’t tell you how exceedingly mopey and depressive I get when I’m sick, but oh, oh this was malaise on a whole new scale. Things hurt! I was sweaty! I shuffled back and forth between bed and the sofa, my will to live trailing sadly behind me in a flurry of used tissues. And, perhaps most disappointingly, I had been looking forward for weeks to attending an Old Masters auction on Tuesday morning that, in my weakened, near-death state, I obviously had to skip.

OMauction1 OMauction2

It was probably for the best, because who knows what I would’ve accidentally bid on in my fevered delirium. Not that I was going to bid, I was just excited to go (book research!) and see that Edouard Manet sketch (above right, which ended up selling for $33k!) in person. To experience the exhilaration of an auction floor. Stupid influenza.

As if that wasn’t enough, our heater broke late Monday. Not that I could tell because temperatures had ceased to mean anything to me by that point, as I was alternately standing in the shower with the water as hot as it would go, shivering and with actual goosebumps on me, and then sweating through everything I slept in, my eyes boiling out of my head.

And then my debit card information was stolen, and the thief tried to charge five separate purchases of $4.95 for (wait for it) Christian bible studies ebooks. I’m not an expert in religion, but I’m pretty sure Jesus didn’t really condone stealing?  I called my bank and said, “But, but…I’M JEWISH!” I must’ve sounded insane to the poor customer service representative, and to be fair, I was. I hadn’t been vertical in days, the altitude change from having to sit up and make a phone call was jarring.

But the heater got fixed, my bank flagged the charges, and my health is on the up-swing. In fact, I’m back at work today and feeling far more human than I have in days (changing out of sweatpants might have helped). If bad things come in threes, I should be set for a while, yes?

How was your week? I’ve missed you guys!

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  • Ahhh gawd, I’m sorry you’ve had a string of bad luck lately. Hopefully you’re just getting it all out of your system before the start of the Chinese New Year. I’m glad you’re feeling better now and let’s hope that’s the worst of it for 2014

  • i’ve missed you too! i had to dust off the old twitter account to make sure there were still signs of you in the world. you sound sick like my wee ones were sick. i seemed to mostly get all the surface scum *cough, pounding headache, burning eyeballs, body aches) and not so much the “i’m dying” symptoms. so, really i lucked out.

    oh! i am so sorry you missed your auction! that is such a bummer. i was really looking forward to hearing about it. i mean an auction with a manet?! that’s not like your typical county fair auction (though i’d maybe go to one of those too. unless they were just selling cows and pigs. that’s probably what they do now that i think about it). but, yes, you are all in the clear now! good things await! xoxo

  • so sorry to hear that you got sick and have had a broken heater and the worst, debit card info being stolen! :( i’ve had quite a terrible two weeks too – an event that didn’t go successful, a disappointed grandparent, and still no visa (and lack of communication from the consulate). yes, things definitely come in threes. i felt like bad luck all week. i hope this is the turning point for the both of us, but i still fear what will come around any corner still!

  • I saw you with my own two eyes so I know this shouldn’t make me laugh, but….”I shuffled back and forth between bed and the sofa, my will to live trailing sadly behind me in a flurry of used tissues”. Perfect description!

  • i have been giggling at the ‘but i’m Jewish!’ statement all day!

    Sorry to hear you have been ill – it seems to have struck down a lot of us. Keep warm and eat lots of soup

    And I’d keep off the ‘christian’ websites – those guys will rob you blind :P

  • Oh poor you I didn’t know you’d been ill. Hope you are better. It’s a good week to get sick as frankly there’s nothing else going on. Better than getting ‘flu three days after Christmas as Richard did which bummed out our new year plans.
    And I am still giggling at the Christian Book Shop spending too. I reckon it was actually you, but you are embarrassed so have made up a story to cover the fact you’ve been caught buying the bible x

  • So glad you’re on the mend, duckie. What a mess the flu is. Since Neel and Cal can’t get vaccinated, I’m the only one in our house who does, but I know that even I’m not immune. Still the last time Neel had the real flu was when we were buying our first home, so between fever and chills he was dealing with closings and mortgages. Ugh.

    And I like Annie’s theory on the whole debit card debacle! ;)

  • oh, I think I haven’t posted in almost a week. and most of what I’ve posted during the past couple of weeks have been old photos. I’m just about to catch up on blog reading. it happens sometimes. life gets in the way. I hope you’re back to your usual self xoxo