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Let’s continue with more Christmas Tunes, yes? If there is a song more quintessentially “Christmasy” than “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey, maybe it exists. But I think everyone can agree it’s one of the absolute bests (and Mariah is never better than when she’s belting out Christmas songs). Something about the epic slow start at the beginning, the jingling bells, and her impressive vocal gymnastics sets off a Pavlovian response in me to sing along and dance like a dork no matter where I am (for some reason, it always comes on when I’m in a dressing room around this time of year, so there is a lot of awkward put-your-pants-on dancing).

Technically, this version of the song was performed in “Love Actually.” But it’s still a Christmas song and it’s even more special because it’s from my favorite Christmas movie. A double whammy. And let’s just pause to appreciate how great this movie is. My best friend and I have been texting each other random lines of dialogue back and forth for weeks. And considering it’s SNOWING again today (!!!) I think we all know what I’ll be popping in the DVD player when I get home from French class (!!!!) tonight.

If that doesn’t make you lose it, good luck on your life without a soul.

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23 thoughts on “Christmas Tunes

  1. Hugh Grant’s dancing. nuff said.

    the director/actor commentary version is hilarious too. Long live Bill Nighy!

    1. That entire scene is my happy place. JUMP! For my love! Have you seen the new movie Bill Nighy’s in with Rachel McAdams? I haven’t yet. xo

  2. well, that mariah song is one of the very, very few to become an “official christmas song” that isn’t 50 years old, so yeah, it’s has to be pretty good. and that little girl who sings in love actually has such a beautiful voice. it’s one of my favorite parts in the movie – but seriously i have never been to a christmas program like that one! we just watched it this weekend and i remembered how great an actress emma thompson is in it. and rick from walking dead! how did i not realize this before?! xoxo

    1. WHAT?! THAT’S THE SAME GUY?! I don’t even watch the Walking Dead and I think that’s totally bonkers it’s the same actor. WOW. Mind, blown. Emma Thompson is so perfect and incredible in that movie, too. I’ve been in love with her since “Much Ado About Nothing.”

      Fun fact: the girl who plays Joanna had such an amazing voice that they actually had to edit it down to make it more “childlike” because it was just too powerful. How crazy is that?! xo

  3. There’s nothing like the sight of Love Actually on the Tivo to get one into the Christmas spirit. This was out in the cinema here during a December that was full of reflection and change for me that year and therefore it always brings back poignant thoughts when I watch it again and again. I think Brigitte Jones’s Diary beats this to the Christmas Flick top spot though for me. x

    1. Don’t kill me….but I’ve never seen Bridget Jones’s Diary. Nor read it. I’m entirely unfamiliar! Is it Christmasy? xo

  4. I’ve been listening to the Mariah Carey Christmas album on repeat this afternoon. If I could sing in the office without someone hearing me, I would!

  5. Bridget Jones starts and ends at Christmas, plus it has Hugh Grant and Colin Firth so it’s pretty much always worth watching! The book is actually pretty good – definitely worth reading.

    Apparently Hugh Grant has to get drunk whenever a movie calls for singing or dancing – he’s just very tightly wound, I guess. The end result is so worth it though! The music in this movie is perfection, such a great soundtrack.

    “There were two lobsters at the birth of baby Jesus?” How are they all so amazing?

    1. Ahh, there’s the Christmas aspect. I’ll have to read it now! I can’t watch the movie without reading the book first. And weirdly I’ve only come to like Colin Firth because of “Love Actually,” the first movie I ever saw him in was “Shakespeare in Love” and I despiiiiiissed him. Now I love him as Uncle Jamie. :)

      That’s so funny that he has to get drunk! It kind of explains his moves in that scene now, haha. “Eight is a lot of legs, David.” xo

  6. I love this and completely agree – Mariah’s song is so very christmas-y! I have to say, the first couple of times that I watched Love Actually I didn’t like it! I couldn’t watch it the whole way through! But then, my boss and my coworker both looooove the movie. They convinced me to watch it, all the way through. And I did and I love it now! So much so that I was in the mood to watch it yesterday while baking some holiday party treats with a friend! I do wish there were more holiday movies like it. If you know of more for me to watch, I’d be happy to hear it!

    1. Oh good!! I’ve never met anyone who DIDN’T love the movie, it’s unfathomable to me. Part of the magic about it is that no matter how many times you watch it (and I’ve watched it millions) the story lines are still always surprising in terms of what order they pop up. You never know which scene comes next! And everyone is so darling and funny. Oh, I’m happy you’re a convert!! xo

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