€100 Picasso


Not sure what to get that last person on your Christmas list this holiday season? Why not a get them an authentic Picasso, for the low, low price of €100 ($135)? Sotheby’s is hosting an auction to raise money to support the ancient Lebanese city of Tyre, a Unesco World Heritage Site, including establishing an artist’s village and an Institute of Caananite, Phoenician and Punic Studies. Tickets are €100 and automatically enroll you in a charity raffle for “L’Homme a Gibus,” (“Man with Opera Hat”) a 9″ x 11″ gouache on paper painting from 1914. The drawing will take place today, at Sotheby’s Paris. Tickets can be purchased online here (hurry!).

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December 18, 2013 / art / photo / LEAVE A COMMENT / 8


  • Whaaaa? What an awesome opportunity – I’m bummed I missed the raffle!

    • Me too! It was up until about 10am that morning. I want to see who won! xo

  • ok, for a minute i was like, what? this is not possible! and then, aha, a raffle. yep, i would take my chances on that to support a great cause, that is if i wasn’t down to the lint in my pockets after all this christmas shopping i have been doing, haha (and if it were still open. looks like it just closed). but while i was looking at it i did have a mini little daydream about “what if i won that!” – that would be pretty sweet. lastly lebanon is one of the places i most want to visit someday, you know after paris and the south of france of course. xo

    • Hahah you and me both! I intentionally started Christmas shopping back in October to avoid being broke all December and somehow the plan backfired terribly, haha. I can’t say I’ve had any desire to visit Lebanon, or anywhere in the Middle East to be honest, but it seems as though it has a rich, wonderful history. xo

  • Oooooo this would definitely be one unique gift and the cause is a great one as well

    • Right? Even if we didn’t win you’d have made a great charitable donation. xo

  • oh, now that would be fantastic!!!

    • I really wish I’d bought a ticket! xo