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Sotheby’s and Christie’s Instagram accounts (top and bottom, respectively) are absolute treasure troves. Why it never occurred to me to check to see if the famed auction houses even had Instagram accounts is a mystery; I guess I thought they were too, um, fancy (?) to be slumming it on social media. It’s a sign of the times that you can follow both live auctions and go behind-the-scenes in the exclusive art world from the palm of your hand.

These are the perfect accounts to follow as I settle in to the long Thanksgiving weekend; I’m nearing the end of “Le Divorce,” the denouement of which will be an art auction at Drouot, and once I finish that book I’ll move on to “Sotheby’s: The Inside Story.” I’m thankful for many things this year (and always), but an uninterrupted stretch of reading time is at the top of my list. And canned cranberry sauce. And these pens (<3<3<3).

Any good Instagram account recommendations?

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November 27, 2013 / art / photo / LEAVE A COMMENT / 14


  • I would never think of following them either as would think they were too formal and old fashioned.
    My favourite IG feeds are Amanda Brooks and Daylesford organic. Just lots of lovely photos of my home country xx

    • I definitely thought they were too old fashioned. Guess I was wrong! xo

  • ooo, i am so going to follow them now too. i love this collection of photos that you chose. and i agree i never would have thought in million years that they would have instagram accounts. definitely a sign of the times. and omgoodness look at the bling on those rings, it’s also hard to believe that those are real, but obviously.

    have a great holiday and weekend my twinsy. xoxoxo

    • ps your pen link failed to load, when it finally did i saw that those are my most favorite pens in the whole wide world!! i mean i looooove those pens. twins for life, yo!

      • No way!!! That’s so funny, what are the odds?! Pen twins and life twins fo’eva! xoxo

    • I know we use the phrase “my jaw dropped” loosely these days, but seriously, when I saw all those giant diamond rings, my jaw actually dropped. They’re real, and I don’t even want to know how much they’re worth, haha. xo

  • hmm ya that is fun to folllow them for sure they got a lot of neat stuff!

    • Far be it for me to be ungrateful for new commenters, but punctuation is your friend, and so is grammar. “they HAVE a lot of neat stuff.” xo

  • I didn’t expect that either… I hope you’ll enjoy your weekend xxoo

    • Thanks, Petra! It was a good one. Four days off, just what the doctor ordered. Hope yours was good too! xo

  • Other than myself lol- I really like @lisacongdon and @ashleygoldberg if you like the artsy type :)

    • Haha I do like your IG feed, of course! All those cute baby and pug pictures :) xo

  • Okay I’m totally buying those pens now. Another reason why we’re kindred spirits – because you have a favourite pen type

    • Haha of COURSE I have a favorite pen! Did you ever doubt me?? ;) xo