Reading Nook

Today is one of those days (I think it’s the overcast weather) where I’d love nothing more than to stay home, curl up with a blanket and a good book, and lose track of the time. If it were in a room like this it would be even better, but I’m not too picky.


Sketch / Chair / Blanket / Rug / Side Chair / Stool / Lamp / Socks / Candle

Sue first turned me on to those wishbone chairs, and now I want to incorporate them into every room.

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November 26, 2013 / design / LEAVE A COMMENT / 16


  • I’ve become obsessed with Ole Wanscher chairs. I want those in every room xx

    • Ooh yeah, those are good ones. Buy a set! xo

  • oh the wishbone chair, i didn’t love them when i first saw them, but they have just popped up all over the place and now that i have seen them work in so many design styles they have really found a place in my heart. kind of like that rug i want, but opposite, i loved that rug the moment i saw it, but then i started seeing it all the time and now it’s just everywhere and that bugs me and i love it a teeny-tiny bit less now. xoxo

    • I had the same reaction originally to them. I think it was something about how pale the wood is, that’s not usually my style. But the more I saw them, the more they grew on me. I’m also a big fan of the Cesca cane chairs, since my dad’s best friend had a set around their dining table and they always stuck in my mind growing up. A restaurant here has cane chairs and I adore them. I think I have a chair fetish, now that I think about it…xo

  • I reeeeally wish I had a cozy reading nook in our apartment. Love the clean and simple lines of that beautiful chair!

    • Same! If only we had just a leeeetle more space, I’d squeeze a reading nook in there in a heartbeat! xo

  • Thanksgiving can’t come soon enough, amiright?

    Also, I see you’ve already been to Paper Source this holiday season:

    Completely out of stock.

    • Ahaha, you’re on to me ;) I can check the Papersource on Walnut street in center city if you want, I walk by it all the time. I do love that whole macaron line. My sister in law has the apron, it’s seriously adorbs. xo

  • I really want one of those chair and a halfs to lounge and read in – Santa, are you listening?

    • The danger with a chair and a half is that I would never. ever. get. up. xo

  • Yep, agreed on the wishbone chair, gorgeous. The comfy chair wouldn’t stay that colour in my house for long. Roll on Spring ;-) x

    • Neverrrrr!! Winter all the time! ;) xo

  • it was the only chair my boyfriend & i could agree on & i don’t regret it for a nano-second (simple, stylish & soooo comfortable… just beautiful design)… love the rest of your nook too erin & funnily enough that lounge chair is the style i was going for in my lounge, but couldn’t find any slimline slip-covered chairs like it at the time… always had it in the back of my mind to get one made though!

    • They really do look fabulous in your house, they are such a perfect choice. And how can you not love them?! It’s a sign when even your bf is on board :) You should definitely include a lounge chair like that in your new home in Oz! Now that you know they exist. How’s that house coming, by the way? xo

      • i actually ended up with a chair which you can get the covers made for… i’ll probably get it a partner before we move home and have covers in either a deep, midnight blue or blush pink (i know, a bit of a range there!)…
        house plans are being prepared for submission and i’m currently trying to source bricks, windows, railings, etc…

        • Oooh so lots to do!! I’d lean more towards the inky blue color, mostly because it will hold up better with consistent use. You wear a pair of really dark wash jeans on the blush pink cover…no bueno. Hope you’re having fun visiting family! xo