Mini Koons


In all of my advanced Christmas shopping, I’ve been very deliberate and careful not to splurge on things for myself. It’s an easy trap to fall into: the more shopping you do, the more you see, the more you want for yourself. But I’ve been good this year! Restrained! Frugal! It’s a Christmas miracle.

Except, well, for one tiny transgression. When we went to the museum a few weekends ago to hit up the treasure trove that is their gift shop, Jamal and I both spotted this mini Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dog ornament amongst the Christmas decorations. We looked at each other and nodded and it was decided: new tree ornament! At the Christie’s auction last week, a Jeff Koons’ Orange Balloon Dog sold for $58.4M. Ours was $9.50. When you look at it that way, we basically got it for free.

PS. Is it Christmas yet?

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November 21, 2013 / art / photo / LEAVE A COMMENT / 13


  • This is probably the most adorable thing I’ve seen all week – SQUEAL. And of course it’s on your blog and in your home. Love it

    • And PS – I love that Xmas site as well. Sigh, Erin, you’re the best

      • Hahaha stahhhhp you’re going to make me blush!! :) xo

  • It is SO hard not to shop for yourself (one’s self) at Christmas. The deals! Free shipping! So many cute things! I’m being very careful too. I have a big trip I’m trying to save for, and I have to keep my eyes on the prize.

    Also, ornaments don’t count. Those are investments.

    • The free shipping promos kill me dead! And it’s hard NOT to keep an eye out for yourself when shopping for other people. Impossible. As proven by said ornament! But I like your approach to them: an investment. I can write it off that way ;) xo

  • that is probably the exact reason i don’t shop early. i need that pressure of CHRISTMAS IN 3 DAYS to focus on only buying gifts for others. okay, i am not that bad, but if i start now i will be. i love your ornament. it’s perfect. we always get a new ornament each year. it’s one of my favorite traditions. xoxo

    • Haha, that’s a good game plan! I usually don’t start until December, and mid-December at that, but I was tired of being broke all at once, you know? Spacing it out let me budget better for it. It also means I have boxes on boxes stacked in the guest room and J is not allowed anywhere near it, though, haha. xo

  • I love it! great buy!!!!

    • Thanks Audrey! You’re a good enabler :) xo

  • this is brilliant. to make a modern art christmas tree – how cool would that be :)

    • Oh that would be such a cool tree. I wonder what other ornaments you could find…xo

  • i love splurging on myself but this year I plan on making or buying handmade gifts so I don’t temp myself too much. and the dog is adorable

    • That’s an amazing plan, Erika. Lucky for you, you are crafty and artistic and can pull that off! xo