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I’m 90% done Christmas shopping. I know, I know, that’s insane, what’s wrong with me, aren’t you Jewish, etc etc. I got a really early head start on it this year (October) and stuck to detailed lists. We decided to give our parents a framed picture each from our engagement shoot as part of their Christmas presents, and in ordering prints I also ordered a few extras for us just to have. I ordered a 4×6 of the top photo, of us looking at my favorite Monet at the museum, for my desk, and a 5×7 of the second photo to hang in our room in the picture frame Jamal bought me in Paris for Valentine’s Day. We also used that photo for our save the date magnets, which my incredible friend and even more incredible designer Herbie made for us.

I know I’ve said this a million times already, but I love our engagement photos. Especially the ones in the museum. Inna, our photographer, captured us so perfectly that afternoon, and it still gives me goosebumps whenever I look at the photos. Not because I’m narcissistic, but because we’re surrounded by so much beautiful art. I love this museum (I’ve even done some Christmas shopping at the gift shop!), and it’s amazing that we get to go whenever we want. When we’re celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary, that Monet will still be there, and we can go and sit on that bench again.

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  1. i have not bought one single thing for christmas. i need all the lights and music to get me in the mood. i have also been known to buy stuff early and forget about it; this has happened on many occasions, so now i just wait until i have the paper and tree too and it all can go directly in the pile.

    as for these photos, they are just gorgeous. i love the one you chose for the save the date magnets (cute idea!). and i love the top one as well. i am pretty sure i love them all quite a bit.

  2. I am getting major anxiety by you saying you’re done with your holiday shopping! GAH. Would it be weird if I gave my parents a picture of you two looking at the Monet as well? Because I really have no idea what to get them. Okay, I need to find a paper bag to breathe into

  3. My first gift arrived today. I have lots of ideas, though. We’re playing light this year, and some of the people who are hardest to buy for (my brother and sister in law) agreed (finally) to my suggestion to do a joint gift to a charity this year instead of gifts. I have enough crap.

    Our local small but lovely museum has been closed for nearly a year now, and it’s killing me. They facebooked a photo of the first art being reinstalled and I can’t wait!

  4. 90%? im so jealous that you are that close to be doing done.

    I think its so great that decided to do photos in the museums because museums especially good ones are extra special. If I find a painting that I love the most I always call it my painting- which I have a few around the world :)

  5. your photos are fantastic. I am, however, a little disturbed by your Christmas preparations, lol. I’m usually not even close to 90% done a month after Christmas :)

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