A Breath of Canned Air

My dad had a collection of Le Parfait canning jars, the glass ones with tight gasket snap-closures, on a rack in his kitchen. They held things like popcorn kernels, spices, coffee, sugar, pasta. He liked that they were sleek and attractive and added a cohesive visual look to otherwise boring food storage. His favorite part, though? That the jars were all made in France and sealed for shipment, meaning that, theoretically, there was French air trapped inside. For a Francophile like him, that was magical, something to be revered. Whenever he bought a new one, he’d unsnap it and take a deep breath in. It was one of those wonderful quirks of his that fill my heart to bursting whenever I think about it.

So when I came across these Canned Air tins on Etsy via Freshome, my dad was the first person I thought of. For the low price of $9.99, you too can have a can of air taken from Paris! (Or London, or Singapore, or New York!)



Whether or not I believe there is really Parisian air in there, I am just dying from the cuteness of the label alone. “20% from the Louvre”! “May contain traces of liberté, égalité and fraternité”! Come on. I may have to buy one just because I know my dad would have. If there were ever a gift more perfectly made for him, I haven’t found it yet.

21 thoughts on “A Breath of Canned Air

  1. this made me smile for many reasons. it was haha funny. it was super duper sweet. and i loved the original air from paris story you shared about your dad, and then come to find out this is entirely about trapped air from paris. do you think they really travel around with these cans? never mind i am sure that they do. they’d have to. i think you should most certainly buy one. it’s 10 bucks and every time you see it you will think a happy memory of your dad. do it. or i will do it for you. (so if you don’t send me your address) xo

    1. Thank you, twinsy. :) I really think they travel around and capture the air! There’s one from Berlin and it includes a photo on the Etsy listing of the can in front of a building in Germany. Plus, the seller lives in Prague, so it’s probably easier for them to travel to all these places from there. I have faith! And I think I’m going to crack and buy one, so no need to waste your $$ on moi! xoxo

    1. I actually connected it backwards. I saw these canned air tins and then had to dig around in my brain for what specifically they were reminding me of. And then I got it. xo

  2. this is very sweet! I think they should branch out and make canned air from Parisian boulangerie or patisserie, or Diptyque shop, I would buy them all. x

    1. Oh mon dieu, can you even imagine? If they sold canned air from a fromagerie I would be ALL OVER IT! xo

    1. Totally depends on the metro station. Abbesses? I’d pass. But Cité or one of the cleaner ones, sure! :) xo

      1. or, you know, the french peeing everywhere. that would add a nice note, too. not that I’m keen on it under normal circumstances. but it’s oh so Parisian :)

  3. Erin! You KNOW this can’t be real Parisian air- that stuff has a second-hand smoke content of at least 15 percent! ^_^

    BUT everyone knows cute packaging trumps everything- reason, necessity etc- j’aime beaucoup!

    1. Hahahaha, touché. They obviously forgot about the stinky cheese smells, too! The packaging on these is absolutely trumping it’s utility. xo

  4. Hah, yes this is really cute (and I’m laughing at some of the comments that your readers posted). I saw these candles by Pommes Frites at West Elm and thought of you

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