Tuesday Tunes

One of my better life decisions (among making Paris a priority, eating gummy bears for dinner, and locking down Jamal) has been to set my alarm ring tone to this song:

I’m sure I’ve shared it with you before, but in case you’re unfamiliar with the magic that is the Amélie soundtrack, give it a listen. Tell me that isn’t the most delightful thing to wake up to. It somehow manages to rouse me from my sleep while simultaneously allowing me to dream just a little bit longer that I’m here:




 from the archives, May 2012

14 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. Gummy bears for dinner? Genius, you are. That last picture is calling my name right now. I can imagine how springy and plush those booth seats are and can’t help but comparing them to the pathetic ergonomic-ness that is my office chair

    1. It was a good idea at the time, but I think I OD’d on gummy. If that’s possible. I bet you that booth is a great writing nook! We only sat at the bar, but I wish I’d gotten a chance to curl up on that booth. xo

  2. oh, we just talked about Amelie over dinner tonight, and I thought that I should watch it again soon. and now this. wouldn’t it be nice to meet for a coffee somewhere along the Seine right now???

    1. That would be a dream! One day let’s make that happen. And now you definitely have to watch it again, it’s a sign! xo

  3. That’s making me sleepy so I’m not sure it would work for me. It’s like one of those jewellery boxes with the ballerina in x

    1. Did you listen up to when the full orchestra kicks in (0:45-1:17)? It’s not sleepy-making in the least! xo

    1. Atta girl ;) I knew you had a soft spot for it, too. Isn’t it the best? There might not be a more perfect soundtrack in existence, and I know that’s a lofty statement. I do love the Cinema Paradiso soundtrack so much, but it’s not as delightful as Amélie by nature. xo

  4. What a lovely way to wake up. I loooove the Amélie soundtrack and especially that track. I love dancing to waltz music so if I’d ever (or rather never) get married that would be the song for the first dance. *sigh*

    1. This would be such a good first dance song, you’re right! I am actually getting married next year, but we’re not doing first dances. I will, however, play this entire soundtrack on loop during the reception, haha. xo

    1. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to be in a bad mood when you wake up to this song, I promise! It definitely makes Mondays (and all weekdays) much more bearable at 6:45am. Though I imagine with baby Phoenix you’re getting up much earlier than that! xo

  5. when i was in paris, one of the museums near our apartment, musee des arts et metiers, sold little manual turning music boxes. we bought the classic aux champs elysee, and they also had this song from amelie! it brings me back wrapped up in nostalgia every time i play it.

    1. That’s such a good memory!! And now I’m singing “Auuuux Champs-Élysée! Auuuux Champs-Élysée! Au soleil, sur la pluie, a midi, ou a minuit, il ya tout ce que voux voulez, aux Champs-Élysée.” Thank you for starting my day off on such a fun note, Yelle! xo

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