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I went to the museum on Monday, taking advantage of the extra day off and hoping to soak up some inspiration for my book. The museum is usually closed on Mondays, and I was surprised to see employees moving paintings around on large carts as if there weren’t visitors wandering around. Truth: I chased them through a few galleries until they stopped by an elevator so I could get a shot (and that one handler is less than amused). It was like seeing a magic trick from backstage; the mystery is overwhelming. They just move them around like that?

How fantastic is that Monet painting up close? I’d never dream of touching a painting (I think my artist-father would have been more understanding if I knifed someone than touched a canvas) but the textures are sublime. And that Picasso chrysthanthemums┬ápainting is still on my mind.

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  1. that up-close photo is so gorgeous. i always have to use so much restraint not to touch paintings. i mean i know it’s terrible and i’d never want my dirty little oils to erode and destroy them, so in that way it’s simple not to touch them. but my first instinct, is always to just brush my fingers over the textures. i solve this problem by doing so with “bad” at thrift stores and such. i need to go to the museum again!

    1. Ooh, I love your little indulgence in “bad” behavior. It’s like Amelie, sticking her hand in grain sacks at the market ;) It’s so engrained in me not to touch that I even had a problem with the painting I found amongst the trash from a few houses down, haha. Get thee to the museum! Though wait, you did just see that exhibit on native masks, right? xo

  2. You are, indeed (to use one of your father’s favorite words), a lucky young woman. You had access to a fully working artist’s studio your entire life plus artsy craftsy projects at home. While other children were plopped in front of a video, you were being wheeled around one of our nation’s largest treasures just blocks from the house. Art is in your blood so I’m not surprised that on your day off, the PMA called to you and you answered to feed your need for inspiration.

    1. How many hours do you think we spent there? Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings when they had jazz, every special exhibit in between? That was the most important part of my formative years, trips to the museum. I’m sad for people who didn’t have that, and SO grateful you both gave it to me. The moment I saw the notice from the museum on Facebook saying they were open I hopped off the couch and got right in the shower. There wasn’t even a hesitation! xo

  3. Our local museum, which is quite nice for a city this small, is currently closed for a 14 month reno. I have the sads. Cal and I would go at least once every summer to wander around and have a nice lunch. It’s hard not to have it to go to. Lucky day, young lady.

    1. WHAT? How can they just close for 14 months?? How? What about all the art! People need to see it! Gah now I have the sads for you, too. xo

  4. Erin you got some beautiful snaps at the museum. And why isn’t that handler smiling?! You’re on candid camera and now broadcast around the internets for everyone to see!

    1. Thanks, girl! Haha, he was definitely giving me some major stink eye. A quick smile wouldn’t have killed him! xo

  5. great pictures. it would disturb me too, to see them move painting around like this. makes them seems so mundane and real.

    1. Thanks, Petra! And I agree. In my head any moving of paintings is done in the middle of the night, by men in tuxedos and white gloves, who handle each one individually, delicately. Clearly I am way off. xo

  6. gorgeous gorgeous! whats a nice way to spend a quiet monday :) i really adore that painting on the cart – the moody and dark one with the instruments. do you happen to know who painted that?

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