Loving Lately

It’s been entirely too long since I did a Friday Five (um, as in February, oops!) and as such, I have quite a few things that have been on my radar. I couldn’t pick just five, so here you are: a Friday Nine/things I’ve been loving lately.


1. Hermès Un Jardin Sur le Toit / 2. Pajama Set / 3. Plate / 4. “The Art Forger” by B.A. Shapiro / 5. Klorane Oat Milk Shampoo / 6. Bouclé Blazer / 7. Ladurée Brioche Candle / 8. Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm / 9. Renoir “Les Grandes Boulevards”

I’m not allowed to buy anything this month per my 26 in 26, and though we’re only four days into the month I’m doing really well! Unless you count buying toothpaste. So while I’m not going to be purchasing anything in this round-up anytime soon, I’m still allowed to dream, right? That Renoir print in specific might just adorn my wall come November. And I’ve found a sneaky way to circumvent my own rules when it comes to that Hermes perfume, which smells DIVINE, by the way: Sephora gives out free sample tubes if you ask.

What are you up to this weekend? I’m having Aisling and Audrey over for brunch on Sunday (I’m making waffles!) and other than that I will be, you guessed it, writing! Have a good one, kiddos.

5 thoughts on “Loving Lately

  1. ooo, i want to go to sephora and smell that perfume right now. i love perfumes and subsequently secretly hate people who hate perfume. there was a person (who had allergies) here in portland that started some petition or some such thing to ban perfume in public. as in you could only wear perfume in your house on days you were not going to leave it. and i was like wtf? okay, well let’s add cats to that list because they make me go blind and unable to breathe. could you imagine a world where you didn’t try to guess what perfume that old lady who just walked past you in the grocery store was wearing? i could not. xoxo happy weekend

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