I Did Something Bad. Also, Apple Picking.






There is nothing more exciting for a city girl than taking a day-trip to the suburbs and wandering an apple orchard. We’ve gone every fall for the past few years (and I went a bunch as a kid, participating in the obligatory hayrides and petting zoos and corn mazes, too) and every year we come back with more apples than we know what to do with. This year we ended up with 8lbs. Eight! It happens faster than you realize, you just keep picking what looks good (and maybe eating one along the way) until voila, you’re schlepping a peck of 30 apples back to the weigh station.

I had a lot of fun, especially getting to spend time shooting with my new camera.

“What was that?” you ask. Oh. Ahem. Yeah. I bought a new camera. (!!!!!)


Do not yell at me (JAMAL). My degree is in Photojournalism! Okay, so I’m not technically a photographer, and I didn’t need a new camera, but I’d been feeling for a while that I’d outgrown my trusty t2i. The next step was going for a full-frame DSLR, like the Canon 6d, but with a price tag of $1895 it just wasn’t smart or necessary. And then last week the price dropped $325 (it still is, too!), and my Chase card was offering 5% back on Amazon purchases, and Amazon was offering 2% back on cameras, and long story short I bought it in a flurry of excitement and guilt-sweat. I LOVE IT. It’s heavy and fast and sharp and beautiful. I used my t2i to take that photo of it, and even after only using the 6d for a week the t2i felt like a toy. And I’m able to use my 50mm lens on the 6d because there is no crop factor. Did I mention I love it?

How was your weekend?

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  1. Well, it certainly looks like you’re having a lot of you with your new not-toy toy! I’ve heard great things about the 6D and I’ll get to get my hands on one myself when my friend Kim finally opens hers. Although she’s already threatening to return it. She’s interested in the micro 4/3rds that so many folks are into these days. Plus she likes the way they look!

    Making decisions are hard.

    Eight pounds of apples? We’re having trouble eating the three we have sitting right here. Three APPLES. Not three POUNDS. ;)

    1. Haha we eat an apple day! Today I took two, since I have French class after work and I know I’ll need a snack. I love them. As is evidenced by the eight pounds we bought, haha.


  2. congratulations! i already want a new camera myself so i am plugging my ears and saying “lalalalalala” as you describe your awesome deal. damn it! there are so many things i want. those photos are so gorgeous. i love the apples. oh and i think apples can keep forever in your fridge – in that, what’s it called, veggies drawer – that’s it. but maybe you could google it. or makes some pies :) xoxo

    1. Haha but you just got your camera! My t2i was a little over 2 years old, which isn’t exactly old in camera years. I honestly can’t justify it. It was an extravagant purchase for sure! And besides, your photos are always gorgeous!

      I think Jamal is going to make a pie or applesauce or something. But so far we’re doing a good job of just eating them as they are! xo

  3. <- SO JEALOUS! Full frame….no cropping….I'm salivating!
    Good to see that you're living my your maternal grandmother's manta, "Never buy anything that's not on sale. Never pass up anything that is."

    1. I KNEW this was genetic, haha. I’m pretty enamored with full-frame, and it’s only been two weeks! It’s crazy seeing how much more you capture versus a crop sensor. xo

  4. What good is life if you can’t spoil yourself very often. Full frame sensor, very cool indeed.
    I look forward to seeing lots and lots more lovely photographs.
    The colour of those apples are stunning. Reminds me of being a kid, my mum used to take us apple picking in the Summers when we were kids. I’m sure I didn’t find it so exciting as I would now :-)

    1. That’s a good point! Though I tend to spoil myself a little more frequently than most, and definitely more than I should, haha. Apparently everything is worthy of a treat :) I love that you went apple picking, too! I definitely went as a kid but I have much more fond memories of it now as an adult. I think you should go again soon! I think Dudley would enjoy it (Fitz did the one year we took him!) xo

  5. new camera, gasp gasp! i am quite jealous, that camera is gorgeous – i’ve seen what it can do! i just read your post about your 28mm lens versus your 50 mm lens. i would love to see the difference between the lenses with your new camera body. i am not sure how to find out, but i wonder if my nikon takes true 50 mm shots? i really like the way your 28mm took a simple coffee table shot on your rebel body though!

    1. Thanks! Unless you have one of these Nikons: http://snapsort.com/roundups/nikon-full-frame-dslrs, you have a crop sensor DSLR. They are waaaay more common and waaay more affordably priced compared to full-frame ones. All crop sensor DSLRs have a 1.6 crop ratio, meaning your standard 50mm lens on a crop sensor DSLR is actually 80mm, so a might tighter shot (50 x 1.6). I bought the 28mm so that with the crop factor on my t2i it would read around 45mm (28 x 1.6=44.8mm). But now on my full-frame 6d, the 50mm is a true 50mm. And my 28mm is SOOO wide. I might not even need that lens anymore! But that lens made my last Paris trip so much more enjoyable since I could get such better shots. I totally recommend a prime lens (fixed at 28/50/etc mm rather than 18-55mm or other zoom lenses). They open wider (f1.8 aperture!). xo

  6. Wooohoo new camera!! You know that camera is going to last you a very very long time. Ive had my camera for like 7 years and when I feel like I need something new- I get a new lens and I do the happy dance. :)

    1. Thanks, Erika! My plan is to not buy a new camera again for AT LEAST 10 years. I cannot see myself outgrowing this one or needing anything more fancy unless by some stroke of luck Paris Vogue calls me and begs me to be their new photographer. Maybe then :) Hooray for happy dances! xo

  7. I have the Canon Rebel TSI and I love it perfect for me. Next step is a more powerful lens and some classes. Eight lbs wow!

    Ali of Dressing Ken

    1. Definitely invest in a good, prime lens! Something with a wide aperture for sure. And classes are always a great way to learn more and shoot constantly. That’s the fun with DSLRs, the more you play with them the more you learn! xo

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