Galeries Lafayette, Sur le Toit


Jamal sent me this picture yesterday, and it’s safe to say my heart exploded. He had asked for some itinerary options for the rest of his afternoon, and I suggested visiting Galeries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann, the 10-story department store opened at the turn of the century. Knowing he’d be hesitant to visit just for the shopping, I said the view from the rooftop alone would make it worth the trek. And boy, did it ever.

He lands back home tonight, with hopefully a ton of photos for me to share with you/cry over.

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October 10, 2013 / Travel / LEAVE A COMMENT / 16


  • Richard is in Paris today too – perhaps they’ll bump into each other!

    • Wouldn’t that be a riot?! Then in a few weeks in New York they’d be like old friends ;) xo

  • I’m so proud of him. This shot is amazing! And, an early ‘welcome home’ to my future son.

    • He took so many photos this trip! I’m so proud! xo

  • Haha I love how you lured him there. What a breath taking view!

    • Haha, I have my ways! That view is unbelievable, I cannot imagine seeing it in person. xo

  • Wow – you know your stuff when it comes to Paris. That view is incredible!

    The lure of 10 floors of shopping would have been more than enough to tempt me there but this is the cherry on the cake. x

    • Haha, thanks! I was able to rattle off about three different activities (and corresponding metro stops!) without any research, which I think is an impressive skill :) xo

  • oh my, that is gorgeous and he is quite the photographer! i can’t get over that view, it’s heartbreakingly beautiful. xo

    • It doesn’t even seem real! Can you imagine it on a sunny day? Oh man. xo

  • guh that view is gorgeous. we never went there – only bc i’m not much of a shopper. but honestly, next time i will go just for that view. enjoy your beau tonight! i’m sure you have much catching up to do!

    • Believe it or not I’ve never been either, but I’ve always wanted to! This was the next best thing, sending J in my stead, haha. xo

  • Hope he gets back safely :) And brings lots of treats, of course

    • Oui and double oui! Haha xo

  • oh, no, now I miss Paris, too :)

    • Yeah, you and me both. I think that’s a constant feeling for me, though. xo