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And so begins another hiatus from America for my darling Jamal. He left yesterday for Toronto for a meeting today, and will be flying from Toronto to India on Friday. India, AGAIN. This is his fourth trip since we’ve been together (fifth? I’m losing count) and something like his tenth overall. He’ll be gone for two weeks, but there is totally an upside to the otherwise shitastic reality of being sans-fiancé for 14 days: he’s is stopping in Paris on the way home. Wait wait wait, some backstory.

Here’s the thing about India: it’s really far away. You either have to stop somewhere in Europe on a layover from Bangalore, or fly from Bangalore to Mumbai and do the 16 hour direct flight (nope). His flights home usually have him hanging out in Heathrow airport for a few hours (I’ve reaped those benefits before) but this time he thought, instead of London why not Paris, and instead of a few hours, why not two days?

I know what you’re thinking, that I died of jealousy and threw an enormous, envious fit. And you’d be somewhat correct, but here’s the thing about Paris: I love it. And I love that Jamal loves it, enough it decide to cut his India trip short by two days and give himself a mini-vacation. Am I jealous? OF COURSE…but mostly that he gets the flight for free. I’m genuinely really happy for him that he gets to go back (that he wants to go back!). He’s staying in an apartment in Montmartre and had been talking about going back to “our” cheese shop on Rue des Abbesses, and “our” restaurant on Rue Tholozé. How exciting for him!

Oh, and if he happens to bring home tons of presents, I guess that’s exciting for me, too. Ahem.

So here we go, kiddos. Who’s ready to keep me entertained?

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    1. Are you familiar with the “Where’s Waldo” series of books? I’m making a joke about not being able to find Jamal somewhere in the world. etc etc. Guess I missed the mark.

  1. Replace Paris with San Francisco/ London and you have my life… Good thing dogs make great companions ;)

    1. They really do, don’t they! And they never want to watch sports on tv, which makes it even better ;) xo

  2. I can’t believe he’s going to Paris without you.
    Husband is off to Hong Kong next week for the fifth time this YEAR so I will top travel trumps!
    And I don’t even get presents. Humph.
    I will entertain you next month if you can get him to hold off? x

    1. Haha, if I’ve gotten over the shock of it, you can too! :) Hong Kong is pretty far, but not too far from London, right? It’s closer than India is to America, I think. As you can tell I’m not relinquishing my travel trumps card too easily, haha. xo

      PS. Just a few more weeks now!! xo

  3. those photos are gorgeous first of all. i wish i were in them right now. i do. i do. you are so lovely. i bet you are dying inside a little bit so the fact that you can be happy for him shows what a love you are. maybe it’s like when you have a new little baby and you see someone you love smiling at and holding your baby all lovey-dovey and your heart kind of explodes. and you feel like them loving your baby is the most wonderful thing in the world and erases every doubt you ever had that the world is a wonderful place. anyway, i am here for you twinsy. maybe we could watch a movie at the exact same time or something ;) hehe.

    ps did you make a list of presents? maybe you don’t need to, he seems to have some serious present buying skillz.

    1. Haha, it was a tiny, teensy death if that makes it any better/makes me more of an awful person? I’m probably at a 90/10 split for him, though, which is good! You explained the feeling better than I could, but I’m hesitant to compare my love of Paris to the love of a baby, haha. Other than that, YOU are lovely and a total love, and let’s have a bi-coastal movie date for sure. Something Parisian. xo

      1. i don’t know. next to my children egypt was my love. i still can hardly handle it if i think about it too much, i cry. the unrest breaks my heart and i cry. fearing i will never go back makes me cry. the month i spent there was as profound as having my children and i traveled before and after there – there was just something about that place that was beyond anything i had experienced. i think you can indeed love a place like you love a child. totally possible. it’s different but that love – it’s similar. i think you love paris like that . . . and maybe i will too someday!

  4. WHAT!!!!!!!????? You are such a sweet lady Erin taking that news so galliantly, I’d be spitting feathers, honestly. Presents, of course Jamal needs to do the right thing, it’s only fair.
    Anyhow, come visit me (the blog) and enter our super lovely giveaway, that’ll take your mind off it for about 20 seconds.
    Safe travels Jamal xx

    1. Hahaha, it’s not as if he is picking up and leaving from here to go to Paris without me. He basically has to fly through it on his way home anyway, and I might have helped push him into the decision. Macarons. I need them. ;)

  5. At least you’re guaranteed a box of Parisian Laduree macarons, right? Much better than the NYC alternative!

    I love that he shares your passions – it’s so cool, and it’s so clear that you guys are a great fit, which makes me so happy for you! :) Hopefully he stays healthy this time. In the meantime, there’s always Josh Lyman, whom I will happily share with you. (For two weeks only.)

    1. By the way, I’m the crazy lady who was panicking / messaging you when Josh got shot, lest you think that you have multiple Lyman-obsessed readers. You don’t, it’s just me!

      1. Haha, I figured!! I DM’d you back, I don’t know if you saw? It was right after you sent it, I got all in a tizzy remembering how gut-wrenching that whole finale was. Where are you episode wise? I’ve been slacking! xo

    2. Fingers crossed!! But how’s this for crazy: the nyc Ladurée location has the macarons FLOWN IN from Paris. There are some rules about having them made in only specific kitchens, so they’re overnighted in to the store every other day or something. Bonkers, right?? I mean, they’ll do when a flight to Paris isn’t in the cards!

      Thank you so much, Samantha, that’s such a kind thing to say (and I’m getting a little weepy! I’m in one of those moods!). I will gladly take Josh as a loaner, if you’re sharing :) Can I just have Sam and then we don’t have to fight over him?? Everyone wins! xo

  6. I clicked on ‘those benefits’ which linked back to a post were Jamal brought back a fabulous haul of UK chocolate……made me chuckle cos I was actually in the midst of ramming another piece of Dairy Milk into my mouth at that exact moment. I think we may be two peas in a pod! x

    1. Haha, that’s perfect timing! I got some flack in the comments of that post for not having “refined” taste, but even the most ‘pedestrian’ chocolate you guys have in the UK is WORLDS better than anything we have here. Aero bars are basically all I eat whenever I go to London. They’re just SO GOOD! xo

  7. I hope he has a safe trip and comes back with tons of goodies for you. Maybe next time you can sneak into his carry on. I’ll be here to keep you company and entertained I hope!

    I know you say this every day but I really need to plan a Paris trip.

    1. I’ve thought about accompanying him on some business trip at some point, but the ones to India seem so out of my comfort zone. Sorry, ARE out of my comfort zone. You need a whole round of shots and a prescription of Malaria pills. Um, pass. I would have loved to fly to Paris and meet him there on the way back, though ;) xo

  8. oh, that’s a tricky situation.but you can be both, right, jealous and happy. and what is it they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. enjoy your two weeks sans-fiancé :)

    1. That sentiment is really true, in our case, haha. He travels so frequently we must be loved up for a while! I think it will pass quickly, it usually does. xo

  9. I would be totally jealous and I always went with my hubby on his trips whether he liked it or not.

    So when are you moving to Paris? I heard the visa isn’t THAT awful to get if you stay longer than 3 months.

    1. Haha I’ve surprisingly never been on a business trip with him! And he’s gone some really fun places. One day!

      I definitely need to move. The sooner the better ;) xo

  10. Wow! I would looove to be back in Paris for even just two days!

    My boyfriend used to travel internationally for long stretches here and there at his old firm and it was tough! I’d like to think I’m pretty independent and can enjoy some time to myself but after a while, you just miss your pal. Good luck these next couple weeks, and safe travels to him! I’ll be looking through your archives, glad I’ve found you. :)

    1. I know! I’d obviously prefer longer, but 2 days still counts! You can soak up a lot of Parisian wonderfulness in that time! I hope he does.

      I’m happy to run into someone else who’s “been there.” I will say his travel has reduced significantly in the past few years; before we met he was actually LIVING in other cities for 12-18 months in rental apartments on projects. Now THAT would be unworkable. India I can live with! I’m with you, I’m certainly excited to slather on a face mask and hang out in my ugliest sweatpants and eat cookies on the sofa, haha, but that gets old after a few days ;) xoxo

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