Sun-Drenched in Catalonia









Believe it or not, this isn’t Provence, as you might have guessed from all the French country touches of linen and wicker and peeling wood in this gorgeous house, but rather in the northeastern part of Spain. All that dreamy yellow sunlight pouring into every room and casting shadows across the stone floors is making me want to curl up like a cat and bask in a particularly bright spot (and you know I hate the sun). Beams in every room, plenty of wonderful outdoor space (do I spy a pool?!), and shabby chic details abound. Can you imagine having breakfast at that table out back, under that vintage pendant light, maybe wrapped in a scarf to fend off the early morning breeze? Heaven. I wouldn’t change a thing.

7 thoughts on “Sun-Drenched in Catalonia

  1. i might curl up like a cat in a basket in the sun too. and i hate cats. i don’t know maybe i should be a really sleepy puppy.

    i love the outdoor patio and the brick in the bed/bathroom. i could definitely spend many vacations here. it just looks so lovely and peaceful. xo

  2. the lighting in this home is so soft and bright at the same time! it’s stunning. and i would love to host a dinner party there, or some sort of networking/mingling event out on the patio. beautiful!

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