Somewhere Along Rue Lepic…


Bonjour, lady in the window.

I love Google Earth.

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September 2, 2013 / Travel / LEAVE A COMMENT / 10


  • I love Rue Lepic!

    • It’s such a good street! It circles the best bits of Montmartre. xo

  • me too.

    • Me three. Wait. Me one? Haha xo

  • nice :) me too!

    • Ha, the neatest things are hiding in there! xo

  • Ah so awesome! Love Google Earth…glad I’m not the only Google Earth stalker! Ha!

    • Haha, impossible! I bet there are more of us out there. xo

  • I can see it in her head – it just figures that the Google car would be coming around when I’ve put my washing out to dry

    • “Oh look, honey, there’s a giant van with a camera attached to the top. You don’t think they can see–damn.”