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I’m not one of those people who religiously follows “the shows” every season; mostly my wardrobe consists of black, gray, and navy basics with the occasional scarf, if I’m feeling wild. So it’s no surprise my favorites from the Spring 2014 Fashion Week in New York are mostly within my wheelhouse. Michael Kors’s collection was so spectacular this year: some masculine suiting pieces, tailored pants, lots of tie-neck tops. The looks all seem as though they stepped out of a 1940s London library. I’m in love. I’m anxiously awaiting that “Oui, mon cheri” top from J. Crew to make its way into stores, but the real heart-stealer for me this year absolutely had to be Tocca. I would wear any of the pieces in Emma Fletcher’s collection in a millisecond; that all-black suit number is perfection.

Have a good weekend, kiddos! What are you up to? I’m hopefully painting the living room tomorrow, but I’ve been saying that for months.

9 thoughts on “Fashion Week Favorites

  1. That Michael Kors dress with the slits? AWESOME. Except I’d have to catwalk everywhere to make the dress flow and swing like that.

  2. it looks like MK is channeling a little RL. but that’s okay because i love them both and i love these looks. i have to say the MK collection wins it for me on this page, probably because i have always love RL and i love the whole 40’s/ safari thing and i just love him. he is hilarious and i love that.

    but yes, ooo, tocca. pretty. good luck painting twinsy! xoxo

  3. Good luck with the paint job! Two weekends ago I finally got round to painting my bathroom – a full 8 months after buying the paint! Got there in the end.

    P.S. Totally know where you’re coming from – i’m not a very adventurous dresser either and tend to stick with the basics/classics with a few twists here and there. Quelle suprise you’re feeling the french text! x

  4. Oh, lovely choices! Just when I thought J.Crew was in a rut, they deliver a wonderful spring collection. The only problem: I now want it to be spring. Not really, but you know what I mean.

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