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Remember when I said Inna, our wedding photographer, was magic? I’d like to upgrade that to be something along the lines of “Super-Talented Genius Fairy Princess.” Not only did she deliver preview photos the day after our engagement shoot, she had our online gallery up within a week, and mailed all of our high-res photos along with a few free prints this past Friday. I got them in the mail Saturday, and all my big plans for spending the day doing nothing but writing went out the window. I sent a few to Jamal (he landed safely in India late Saturday afternoon, and emailed me a photo of the Ladurée inside Charles de Gaulle airport, haha) but this is the first look!

Since we got engaged in Paris in the Musée Rodin gardens, it was important to us to include both our love of art and Paris into the shoot. The Art Museum and Parc, two of our favorite places in the entire city, felt like the obvious choices when it came to location ideas. I wanted something timeless and not trendy; we have precisely one photo of the two of us that we didn’t take ourselves, with one of our arms outstretched, holding the camera. We’re going to use a photo from this shoot for our Save the Dates, but we also wanted to have a nice selection of photos of us, at this moment in our lives, just for posterity. I am so in love with what Inna was able to capture that afternoon.

Herewith, a small sampling of our engagement photos. Damn, Jamal is a hottie. (I’ve watermarked them with ‘like / want / need’ in case they end up elsewhere, but obviously all credit/copyright goes to Peach Plum Pear Photography.)















Thank you so much again, Inna! And a big thank you to my friend Maurin for lending me that beautiful black dress.

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  1. I’m crying! You both are so gorgeous and Inna has the ability to capture your inside emotions as well as your outside beautiful. Much love to the both of you!

  2. You both look fantastically and utterly in love. Your wedding photographer did do a wonderful job and those are definitely timeless photos. I especially like the museum shots – that’s how I see you in my head :)

  3. Oh, bliss. I just LOVE them. Photos like this (even if I didn’t already know and love you guys) make me wish I was a wedding/engagement photographer. And you look so pretty with your hair pulled back in that head band! THAT makes me wish I could wear head bands! ;)

    I’m really, really hard pressed to pick a favorite. The light in those outdoor shots! Do I have to pick? I love them all.

  4. omg omg so many gorgeous ones. i absolutely love the 4th image down, of you two on the bench in the museum with your backs to the camera. in love! and the two of you dining at parc outside???? amazing! you two are so so cute :”) these photos are stunning. inna captured such beautiful moments.

  5. these are all gorgeous. there are so many things i want to say but for whatever reason what is really first on my mind is what a beautiful profile you have, and skin! you are just so pretty and you both are looking so adoringly at each other, so sweet. i love them. i think i really love the last one. and i also love the b&w at the museum too. but then i really love the one where you are maybe on the stairs and you are looking at each other. also the second to last one – that is such a cool angle. gah! i love them all!

    ps i looked at your friends portfolio and she does beautiful work. i am really impressed.

  6. Ahhhh I’m going to cry! (and I’m at work, so thanks a lot.) I love these so much! You guys are radiating love and rainbows out of my computer screen. I agree with Lauren – you’re killing that headband. So so so lovely. :)

  7. Well they were worth the wait – absolutely stunning!

    And you achieved your aim, as they are truly timeless. x

    P.S. Your complexion is flawless! Or is that photoshop airbrushing :)

  8. Awwww I love them. I especially love the museum ones and they came out very Parisian. So question on the wedding planning.. are you doing one of those Croque in Busch (I totally killed the spelling) I think if I could re-throw my wedding I would do one of those French delicious treats.

  9. Gary Oldman’s commented hahahahah ! Really nice of him ;-)
    Stunning, beautiful, perfect couple. Look how much Jamal loves you, his adoring glances….
    Aww you are both stunning. Did I ever tell you that you had lovely skin?
    I want to get engaged again xx

  10. Wow! The styling of this whole shoot – every last detail – is just stunning. You’re absolutely right, Inna is a “Super-Talented Genius Fairy Princess.” Most important is the moment-in-time and sentiment and love captured in each shot. I agree, it’s the wisest investment. xo

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