Engagement Photos: Preview!

The first thing I did after we got engaged was to email Inna, of Peach Plum Pear Photography, and book her immediately. Inna and I went to college together, only she actually put her Photojournalism degree to use after graduating and started her own wedding photography business. Her work is beautiful. No, it’s more than beautiful; it’s perfection. And I knew I wanted her to work her magic on us, so Jamal & I signed on the dotted line and then I proceeded to panic for the next 6 months leading up to our engagement shoot, because I’m awkward in front of a camera, and oh my god what would I wear, and ahh what if it rained.

We shot this past Tuesday in the late afternoon, and the weather could not have been more perfect (and I figured out what to wear, obviously). Somehow, Inna managed to send us a few preview shots by Wednesday afternoon. And we don’t look awkward at all! In fact, we actually look pretty good. See? Magic! Here are just a couple to whet your appetite:




You’ll have to wait a bit longer to see the rest of them (that includes me), but from what she sent so far I am SO, SO happy. Thank you, Inna!!

Have a good weekend, kiddos! What are you up to?

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  • See? This is why I’m supposed to take a break from sweeping dog hair! Well, I’m always supposed to take a break from sweeping dog hair, but SQUEEE! How utterly lovely. I knew they would be after you sent me the link to her blog way, way back, but that light! You guys look so serene and happy and just utterly lovely. I’m honestly hard pressed to pick a favorite. Maybe the first one? Oh my gosh, how can you WAIT to see the rest?

    Love, love love.

    • This is going to be the biggest test of my patience EVER, I know. Thank you!! xo

  • I totally love it!! You two are more than adorable (trying desperately to come up with a word for that but failing). Your outfit is so cute as well. YAY! Thanks for sharing!

    • Aw, thank you!! xo

  • Great photos!

    Will be watching the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend – in fact I am now waiting for the second half of the practice sessions telecast to start.

    • Thank you!! That sounds like a fun weekend! xo

  • AH! I am completely in love! Not only are you so so right that her photography is gorgeous, but you two are absolutely stunning! You make such a lovely couple. I could cry at how lovely these three shots are. I cannot wait to see the rest. Your outfit is perfect, and paired especially well with Jamal’s choice (unless you picked his outfit too? :) ). I’m not sure which photo I love most, but I can’t stop looking at the first one and what a pretty backdrop is behind you. Le sigh – I cannot wait to see the rest and I’m sure you feel more antsy than myself!

    • Yelle, that’s so sweet! Thank you so much! J picked his outfit out, though he did allow some gentle prodding on my part for those jeans. Just a few weeks and we’ll have the rest! xo

  • My favorite one is…………..NO, they are all wonderful! She is a master at depth of field. It would be almost impossible to take a bad shot of the two of you!…..she says—totally objective!

    • Well, she did go through 4 years with Dr. Trayes ;) Isn’t she great?? I’m beyond happy we went with her, it was the best decision we could have made. xo

  • Oh my, that last one is it! Such great work by your photographer and you guys look amazing…so ready to see the rest! Congratulations!!!

    • Thank you so much, Nicole!! xo

  • AB FAB!

    • :D thanks! xo

  • J&E! You two are gorgeous. Fwahhhhhhh.

    • Aww, shucks! Thanks, Süsk! xo

  • You guys look AMAZING! Love the whole feel of this shoot!

    • Thanks, Gloria!! I wish we looked this polished all the time! xo

  • Aww they are all beautiful, and so romantic. I think I love the first one the most though, something really gentle and even though you are far away from each other, you feel so close. Magic. Well done Inna. It’s our wedding anniversary today so I’m feeling extra especially gooey. Such a lovely post to share with us, thanks Erin, I’m off to put on my wedding dress again… it’s tradition in these parts x

    • Thank you, darling!! Happy belated anniversary to you and Den!! No wonder you’re so lovey dovey :) I want to see your wedding dress! I hope you two had a great weekend. xo

  • Awww?!!! You kids are just too cute for words. Look how loved up you both look! :D x

    • :D There was a lot of kissing and smiling at each other, it was fun to be so cheesy for a few hours again! xo

  • oh my goodness!!! these are so beautiful – and you look stunning. love them – thanks so much for sharing.

    • Thank YOU, Shoko!! xo

  • oh my gosh, these are gorgeous! i love the backdrops, i love your hair and your outfit and the sweet looks on your faces. you look so graceful in these and they have such a timeless quality that will no doubt be even more appreciated down the road. okay, i am going to get all teary if i go on. love. xo

    • Squeeeal, thank you twinsy! Thank you especially for adding the word “timeless” in there; that was super important to me, that they didn’t look dated in a few years and weren’t too trendy. I wanted these to be photos we could appreciate in 30 years (god willing!). xo

  • Yay! You look beautiful, they look beautiful, JAMAL looks beautiful, everything is beautiful :)

    • Thank you so much, Samantha!! Jamal says thanks too ;) xo

  • wow, you look gorgeous. and happy. and not awkward at all. can’t wait to see more xxx

    • Ha, thanks Petra! We’re always our own worst critics though! xo

  • Aww, you guys look so beautiful, happy and in love!

    Just realizing you reworked your blog, man I have some serious catching up to do… Right now I have my parents visiting, which is not the best timing when you are working twelve hours a day. Today we are going to Oktoberfest in Central park, tomorrow we are not sure. Trying to spend as much quality time with them as possible…Have a great weekend! xx

    • Aw, thanks Nina!! Yeah, I’m guilty of doing some blog tweaking for sure, haha, not that that’s a surprise to anyone. Your weekend sounded fab! I hope you got to spend some solid qualtiy time with your parents! How long are they in town for? xo

  • Beautiful shots! I bet you cannot wait to see the rest! And what a nice outfit, classy and timeless. X

    • Thank you so much, Hildi! Timeless is definitely what I was going for, awesome to hear it paid off! :) xo

  • Holy shit Erin, you look so effing classy!

    • Hahaha, thank you Lila! That made my day. xo

      • I thought about leaving a more refined/less swear-filled comment, but it just wouldn’t have been true to my reaction :)

        • As the girl who laughed during her own proposal, I totally hear you. It might not be graceful, but it’s real. I like real. xo

  • (Side note: Why can’t I give compliments like a normal person!? Seriously.)

    • Oh hush, that one was perfect! xo

  • You and Jeff look flawless and so in love!

    You really nailed classy and beautiful engagment photos.

    I can’t wait to see the rest of the shoot!

    • Thanks, Ais! So happy you liked them. Can’t wait to show you the rest over brunch hopefully! xo

  • I’ll try to watch my gushing and superlatives…Oh, nevermind! You look absolutely gorgeous, and you and Jamal look stunning together. Inna did an amazing job capturing this very magical and special time in your relationship. The location and light couldn’t have been more perfect. I can’t even begin to imagine how beautifully Inna will capture the big day! xoxo

    • Oh, Theresa!! Thank you so much! I keep forgetting that this just wasn’t a photoshoot to give us something to use for the save the dates, but really something that captures us right now, at this point in our lives. That’s such a sweet way to look at it. Plus, we have maybe one photo of us that we didn’t take ourselves, haha, so this is good! I can’t wait to see what Inna can do next year, either. She’s amazing! xo

  • I’m so jealous of how pretty and skinny and tall and young you are! You look amazing! i love your outfit too x

    • Shhh, you! My ego can hear you!! But seriously, that’s so sweet of you to say. Being tall is a blessing and a curse! All of my bridesmaids are a good 5″+ shorter than I am, so I will look like a giantess at the wedding. Oh well! xo

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