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My friend Aidan and I went to the Backstreet Boys concert on Friday night. If you’d like to tell me how exciting and amazing that is, you’ll have to get in line behind me, because I’ve been telling myself that every minute since the concert ended. My loyalties will always lie with the New Kids on the Block, but I’ll admit that I got swept up into the BSB mania in 1998. I even called in to a local radio station once (and made it on the air!) to try and win tickets to a concert of theirs (I did not win :(). This was back before anyone had the internet in their home, and you purchased concert tickets by going in person to the box office (the crazier parents camped outside in line for days for big concerts like this for their preteen daughters. My parents had more sense than that, though I resented them at the time). I don’t know why all these great 90s pop bands are having such a huge resurgence the past few years, but I’m not going to question it. Aidan and I have now seen all of our favorite bands from 6th grade together (yes, we’ve been friends that long!), albeit 16 years later; we saw the Spice Girls in 2008, New Kids on the Block this June, and now the Backstreet Boys. Our 11 year old selves are really, really happy. Say what you will about boy bands, these guys looked like they were having so much fun up there all these years later.

To share the love, today I’m posting the incredible and ridiculous and hilarious and nostalgaic music video for their hit, “Everybody.” Inexplicably, there are mummies, werewolves, vampires, a creepy haunted mansion, and there is, of course, awesome choreography. Enjoy!

Backstreet’s Back, ALRIGHT!

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  1. I was never much of a concert goer, then or now, but I have to share my one brush with concert-going fame. My neighbor Shay and I went to see Sting when he was on his solo tour, so 1985? YIKES. It was the “Love Is the Seventh Wave,” tour. Great, amazing concert. We moved out of our seats onto the floor very early on and had just the best time. Shay’s dad came to pick us up (and the other thing I remember about this night was the fact that I spilled my Coke in the back of his BRAND NEW car, but don’t tell, okay?), and we waited outside the concert for him to show. Remember, dear, this was pre-cell phone. There was a limo outside one door a few hundred yards down from ys and a flurry of activity that was very exciting, but Shay and I were (mostly) good girls (more me than her) so we stayed by the door where her dad wanted us to meet him. Nothing at that door but a boring old van.

    Except when out walked Sting and his gloriously tall and gorgeous back-up singers. It was great. Me, Shay, Sting. He shook our hands, we tried not to gush (or faint), and they got in the van and drove off.

    The. End.

  2. I was always a bigger BSB fan than N’sync (sorry Justin). Their songs are also part of my karaoke go-tos. Maybe it’s a good thing my throat is still hoarse or else I’d treat you guys to a song or two

  3. Did you father KNOW he could sleep camp out to buy you a ticket? Cause if he did, he would have set up his one man tent, with his little burner and tiny gadgets!

  4. i was went and waited in line outside of GI JOES for grateful dead tickets overnight. i should mention grateful dead played forever, this was the 90’s too – and i was a hippy, having just left the grunge stage or maybe it was before grunge. i forget. either way it was all appropriate for the pacific northwest. and just about everyone here is still a little of both.

  5. Backstreet’s back, alright! I remember my sister was playing them all the time and I felt like I was already too old for listening to them but secretly I enjoyed it. Ha, ha my parents would have never ever camped in front of a ticket window. Luckily my mom had connections to a ticket office and they would always put our tickets aside before the sale began, no camping out required ;)

  6. I love that your a loyal fan. No shame in that. We all have our guilty pleasures. I never fully got into the boy bands, then or now. (Which has me thinking: What music did I listen to back then if I didn’t listen to boy bands?) If anything, I’ll admit that I hold a soft spot for Justin Timberlake (post N’Sync). I may or may not have just recently seen him in concert. In a stadium. With 60,000 people. And then I felt old. ;)

  7. Everrryyyyyybooodddyyy! Yeaaaaaahhh! Oh-oh. I think you have ear-wormed me for the rest of the day! I’m actually a heavy metal and rock fan so I am blushing to admit this but I loved BSB (even with their undercut hair)! Kind of jealous… oh yes and your comment made me remember the time my sister and her friends sent my dad to buy movie tickets for Titanic and he had to stand in line for well over 2 hours. (It’s even more funny to me because back in those days, South Africa only used to get movies at least a year after the had come out everywhere else in the world)! Thank goodness for the internet.

  8. oh man! yes!! my cousins and i were crazy about spice girls back then. i was in elementary school. and bsb, we danced like fools. even now i’m still listening to bsb’s old songs, haha.

    1. They’re just ridiculously catchy! And somehow, despite all the years that have passed, I still know every word to every song. Weird. xo

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