The Perfect Trench

Is it fall yet? Is it fall yet? Is it fall yeeeetttt? Come on, fall! I am looking forward to sleeping with the window open, chilly weather, crunchy leaves, scarves, boots, apple picking, and eventually winter. And now, I’m even more excited because I’ve finally found the perfect trench coat:


I bought a trench coat at Target last May for our trip to Belgium in a pinch of last-minute packing anxiety, and it filled its role fine. It wasn’t anything spectacular, but it worked. I should have splurged and spent extra to get one that was waterproof and had a hood, though, and as a result I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for one that fit all of my criteria. It’s worth spending a little more to get a good investment piece that I’ll have for a few years versus one season. So when I saw this Calvin Kelin trench at Nordstrom a few weeks ago, I bought it immediately (after texting my mom for validation; she wrote back in all caps, “DO IT”). Waterproof, removable hood, zip-out fleece lining, mid-thigh length, and the perfect khaki color. I’m really picky, I admit, and this one is about 3x the price of the Target one, but it ticked all the boxes.

Now I just need the weather to dip about 25 degrees and we’ll be all set.

18 thoughts on “The Perfect Trench

  1. LOVE IT. That’s one of those foundation pieces that’s worth the money. It really is a three season coat, and a hood? A Hood? That’s the only thing my new trench (which I do love) doesn’t have. We’re meant to have a touch of fall this weekend, but not quite trench weather. Not yet.

    1. Hoods are so clutch, I am obsessed. The other coat I bought last winter for our March Paris trip was also waterproof and had a hood, and I cannot tell you how handy that came in. Everything should have hoods! xo

  2. Found you one yesterday on Cole Haan until I saw that it was only available in XXL and exactly how many times would you like to wrap that around you? It was stunning.
    BTW, your Mom gives great advice! She must be a wonderful woman!

    1. No need for another one, I think I’m set for a while! My mom would have been even MORE wonderful if she had bought it for me ;) xo

    1. DON’T EVEN JOKE, I would love to do that for a living. If you’re serious, gurrrl call me. xo

  3. ooo you had me at zip out fleece lining! and then a hood too aaand it doesn’t look like a parka! that is the perfect portland coat. sold. or not . . . i haven’t looked at the price. maybe target will get it together this year? xoxo

  4. i’m looking forward to fall, too! i somehow can’t pull off a trench-coat but i’m looking for long vintage kimonos for fall. can’t wait!

  5. i am so looking forward to fall too! it rained last night so i busted out some boots and it felt so good! i cannot wait to wear them with skinny jeans on the regular again. pair it with the perfect trench and i’m happy too! i have yet to find the perfect one, but this is lovely!

  6. So happy you posted about this! The world has the right to know. The is a perfect trench coat out there people!

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